• Secretary
    Does it count if it's a guy who has nice legs? 'Cause mine would fit (they're long and slim, but muscular).
  • This bisexual troper happens to think women have way better legs than men do.
    • This similarly bisexual troper agrees with the above. The zettai ryouiki fetish doesn't help.
  • My legs may not be particularly long, but they seem to attract lots of attention. I was once talking to someone while I was sitting down. When I stood up, he stared at my legs (I was wearing a short-ish skirt), stopped midsentence, and just said "Damn," appreciatively. My own mother frequently talks about what nice legs I have. It's a little lot creepy.
    • Same here. I once had a personal trainer comment on how long my legs were (albeit non-sexually) and my mom keeps talking about how long my legs are. Occasionally she sings the ZZ Top song to me.
    • Considering that the original song was about the songwriter's daughter, it's not that strange.
  • Sunny V has these. It's quite nice.
  • This troper's legs are significantly longer than the norm and create the illusion of being much taller than 5'5", which is great because she has the proportions of a runway model while still remaining appealingly shorter than most men. This troper is also a runner, which means those legs are in damn good shape.
  • This troper (now referred to as me) has a straight female friend, who, in a conversation, turned to her boyfriend to comment on how nice my calves were.
  • This troper gets more attention from her legs than anything else, since they're very long and skinny.
  • This troper's father once commented "Wow, you have great legs." He then justified it with "What? I can say that: I made you!"
    • Yeah, cause that makes it not creepy.
  • This male troper has been told he's got the right legs to wear a kilt. Not sure what that means, though.
    • That said, when one of my female friends showed up in a short skirt and a corset, I was just about struck speechless. She's the same height as me, but a couple of inches shorter when seated. Looong legs.
  • This long legged troper recently took to wearing short skirts/dresses and black tights. This was the world's reaction. She isn't sure whether or not she's flattered or freaked out.
  • There's this really hot girl at this troper's parents' church. She has amazing legs, rounded calves, and just the right cup size. I was watching her in the auditorium earlier today. She crouched down between the chairs to do something with her niece and I quickly rushed closer to see more clearly, but unfortunately there were still some chairs in the way. My point is that I'm really attracted to crouching girls. It really turns me on for some reason, especially if they have rounded calves. Another example is when I was in high school, there was a girl wearing an extremely short skirt and she crouched down in front of her open locker. I naturally rushed up to watch her, and I got a clear view this time. The line where her calf and thigh were touching was perfectly straight, but at the end when it got to the back of her knee, it suddenly shot down at a sharp angle. It was hot.
  • This troper gets this on a constant basis. I'm often asked if I'm a dancer. (I'm not-I'm the most ungraceful person I know). My bum also gets a fair amount of attention from both genders.
  • Isla Fisher's about 5'3", and roughly half of that is taken up by those stems.
  • Emma Stone has a nice pair of legs, with a nice, round ass at the top.

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