And so, the legend begins!

  • The initial teaser poster for the premiere of Smallville showed Clark half naked and tied to a scarecrow post. This may have gone a long way to attracting girls to the show.
  • Seeing Lana electrically tortured in a thin tank top. Well, honestly, the idea of seeing Lana tortured is deeply pleasing in a non-sexual way too.
  • Chloe being examined by Luthor's goons, strapped to a medical table. And made worse because Lex Tivo'd the examination.
  • Red Kryptonite.
  • Clarks' misuse of X-Ray Vision is Lampshaded in its very first appearance, when he sees into the girls' locker room by "accident".
  • Ahhh - Red K + Misuse of X-Ray Vision = us learning that Chloe Sullivan has a birthmark on one of her "cheeks."
  • Hmm, there's been mention of Clark/Lex Foe Yay everywhere else, so why not here?
    • Lex is a freaking fountain of fetish fuel. Damn.
      • I am SO not into bald guys. I am SO into Lex. Especially with Zod's Kryptonian powers. S'cuse me...
  • The "hot for teacher" hottie with love-potion breath.
    • It's Krista "Emmanuelle" Allen. EVERYONE wants her.
    • Clark's vision is better than normal humans, meaning he can see more than we can. What sets his heat vision off is him being turned on due to the heat and looking at Desirée Atkins. There's even a close up of her sweaty cleavage as he does so. Meaning that, while we mere mortals get turned on by seeing stuff that excites us, Clark can see even more detail than we can, meaning there's much more for him to get turned on by. If there was one power of Clarks that i wanted, that would be it.
  • Don't forget the open right after the titles in the "Hot for teacher" episode: Clark had just set the classroom on fire with his heat vision. Everyone's outside the school and Lex pulls up in his sports car, jumps out and runs toward Clark saying, "I just heard. I got here as soon as I could. Are you okay?" Clark started to respond, but Lex runs past him to the hot teacher. Definite Ho Yay moment - or as Television Without Pity puts it - The gayest scene in the episode.
  • One episode had a busty naked woman in a bathtub, being drowned by an invisible person.
  • I'm sure Bizarro sparked someone's cylinders; two Clarks for the price of one.
  • Wasn't there an alien plant-woman with animated vines who raped men? And the vines had thorns, no less. Ouch.
    • There was. She raped Jimmy Olsen, for added Fan Service.
  • It's actually spelled out in canon that Clark's heat vision is tied to his... drives. Talk about "burning love".
    • In fact his first use of the power is when he "has an accident" in class due to the hot teacher, leading fans to coin the name "eyejaculation". The scene in question isn't even slightly subtle about it, either.
  • How many times has Lana been near-raped by her stalkercrushes? Usually while in bondage?
  • Les Yay between a red-vinyl-catsuited Lois and the wrestling chick.
  • Aquaman, shirtless (natch) and strapped to a table, desperate for water. Clark turns on the sprinkler system. Cue Aquaman ripping out of his restraints accompanied by copious amounts of moaning, sex faces, and flexing of muscles. That must be some kind of kink. Or several. Not to mention that all this is preceeded by Lex teasing Aquaman with a tall glass of water, just out of his reach...
    • The above was accompanied by him calling out to Clark, "Wet and ready, bro!" Um...
  • Lois in a French maid outfit...and hiding a flash drive in her bosoms...I'll be in my bunk.
    • And the above to this was accompanied by the new bad girl Tess Mercer stroking Lois' frilly collar and jokingly asking "So you like to play dress-up?" Crazy Fetish Fuel right there.
  • Oliver Queen, in or out of his Green Arrow getup. But his Green Arrow getup does draw attention to those lovely arms of his...
  • Clark's countless scenes of pain in the presence of Green Kryptonite, including bound to tables, chairs or in Green!K cages. Also included - hip-thrusting, bicep flexing and pained (sexual?) expressions.
  • Am I the only one who found it sexy when Brainiac split himself into four enitities in a late Season 5 episode? The idea of four James Marsters is just plain hot.
    • There was also a self-twinning Meteor Freak early on, played by the kid from Home Improvement, I assume that also set some panties to a'droppin'.
    • Chloe getting ready for her wedding where Jimmy accidentally walks in on her. Damn that Jimmy is one lucky SOB.
  • Davis Bloome is the new Oliver Queen, his clothes are taken off at almost every turn. This tropers personal favorite is the shower scene involving a horrifying amount of blood *runs off to bunk*
  • This Troper was actually a little disapointed that Mxyzptlk did't force Chloe to do MORE than just kiss him.
  • Although seeing the shapeshifiting chick turn into Lex just after she stepped out of the shower left me disturbed, I know it had to set some fans' interests.
  • This Troper is AMAZED the Season Eight episode, "Stiletto" has yet to be mentioned. Erica Durance, hot as she was ALREADY, spending almost the entire hour duration of the episode in tight spandex, and stilettos (hence the episode's name).
  • What about Maxima, one of the hottest villainesses in history. First, her black, Stripperific outfit, then that green dress. Then, her foreplay with Clark in the elevator...

Maxima: (Is about to murder Lois, but Clark intervenes and slams her into a wall. She just laughs.) Finally! A man with some fight in him! None of the men on my planet have the stamina to keep up.Clark: Maybe you shouldn't come on so strong.Maxima: You don't seem to mind. You came back for more.Clark: I came to stop you from killing Lois! What would have done to her if I hadn't stopped you!?Maxima: I couldn't let her have you, you're my soulmate!Clark: (incredulous) You don't even know me!Maxima: When I was a little girl, I heard stories of the brave and gallant men of Krypton...Men worthy of standing by a Queen's side! (sadly) When I heard your planet had been destroyed, I prayed for survivors. (happily) Then I saw your beacon!Clark: The beacon didn't come from me.Maxima: It doesn't matter. I found The Last Son Of Krypton and you're everything I wished for. A man...(Takes Clark's hands and places them on her waist.) who is my equal. When we kissed, I felt your passion so much stronger than I have ever felt in any other man. And I could sense you were as desperate as I was to find a mate. You want much as I want you.Clark: I don't want you.Maxima: Are you sure? Because no one on this planet will be a better match. I know the loneliness of not finding your soul mate. You come back with me, and you will never be alone. It's our destiny to be together.

  • There's the good ol' Showing Off The New Body Shirtless Scene when Lionel Body Swapped with Clark...
  • No Mention of Alicia in her wedding dress being stripped down by Red K!Clark in Unsafe and their entire foreplay in the scene? Or even Alicia teleporting into his room at night to make-out wearing nothing but a nightie and panties. On second thought teleporting girlfriend is sufficient fetish fuel. Why date Lana when you can have a hot girlfriend who can teleport herself and you anywhere in an instant?
    • Oh my goodness, the teleporting girl. When she teleported behind that, wow. Time to dust off the S4 DVDs...what's this, no dust at all...
  • Let's see... this show features a number of attractive young women who are in near-constant need of rescue, and are often knocked unconscious and restrained in the process... yeah, I'll be in my bunk.
  • The episode "Supergirl" has Kara in what basically adds up to her Supergirl outfit only missing the S. Also, Lois Lane in Catwoman-esque Latex.
    • Lois Lane in Catwoman-esque latex getting put on the rack by Darkseid to lure Clark out.
  • And this version of Darkseid is so sadistic, and so pleased with it, that it basically makes every scene he's in an instance of I Have You Now My Pretty.
  • Mera: Innocent Fanservice Girl and a redhead.
  • That supposed to be extinct flower who's spores caused people to release their inner inhibitions. Lana seducing Clark. Best episode ever.
  • In "Masquerade", when Desaad has Chloe, in a dress with only one shoulder strap, hanging as he circles her. He closeness to her and the fact that he holds the dull side of his knife to her chest doesn't exactly work against it. Oh and did I mention she's wet?
  • No mention of Tess Mercer? She's sexy, in charge, competent, and an Action Girl who knows how to kick ass. This straight female troper thinks that she's at her sexiest when she's threatening someone with bodily harm.
  • Braniac!Chloe kidnapping Davis Bloom had a strange effect on this troper. Maybe it's because of how authoratative he/she/it acts towards Davis. This had to prompt tons of Aliens Made Them Do It fanfics.
  • During the episode in which Chloe is doised with truth-telling gas, Clark has to adminster vital medicine to her to prevent the effects becoming fatal. However, she is not only unconcious during this, but the serum must be adminstered directly into the heart, resulting in Clark tearing open her shirt, revealing an impressive cleavage in a pink bra, and stabbing the needle between said cleavage. A very out of nowhere bit of fanservice, butn o less welcome.

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