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Sonic The Hedgehog: the official video game series of Furry Fandom.

  • Actually, his buddy Tails would be more appropriate here, thanks to the double whammy of "cub" and being a fox, the universal species of "slut" in the Furry Fandom.
    • Wait, Tails is a whore? Holy shit.
      • He had four love interests in different continuities: Cream, Mina, Cosmo, and Fiona.
      • Note the latter.
      • And even Rouge hits on him occasionally.
      • Not to mention, that age-old question of: "is tails the only thing he has two of?"
      • Well, I'm pretty sure he had both his eyes....
      • I always crushed on him in the Sonic Adventure game for the Dreamcast. He was smart, competent (he built a plane and a freakin' runway, not to mention saving Sonic), defiant against Egg-man, and yet oddly innocent. His huge man-crush on Sonic gave me confusing feelings as well.
    • To complicate things more, Tails was originally going to be female. Whether this adds to or subtracts from the fetish potential is debatable.
      • This is actually a common, but still untrue, rumour. The idea that Tails was ever female comes from Spain where he was mislabeled due to "Tails" having a female connotation in the language (Colitas). The character has always been Miles Prower, even before he was Tails. Miles, is a male name.
    • Plus there's some fan arts of him that are... lemony. A Date With Rosie Tails?
    • It gets worse. If, while playing any of the Sonic Advance games, you pause while Tails is flailing about in the air (usually in the Windy Valley type places), you can actually get a shot of his lovingly detailed anus.
  • This troper isn't big for furries, but finds Shadow smokin' hot for some extremely weird reason. To make it all worse, he's naked.
    • This troper here can second that, and I'm a straight male.
    • Don't forget Rouge the Bat, for a more deliberate example...
      • No kidding. In Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, if you run fast enough, jump, or fly as Rouge, her boobs jiggle around like crazy. It's even worse if your in the Chao Garden, because you have the ability to zoom in on anything you want...
      • Rouge's wall-climb pose is a bit... inappropriate, as well.
    • And while this troper doesn't get anything out of it, given the panty shots we get of Amy in the 3D Sonics so far...
      • And Cream. * shudder*
      • Are we really harboring paedophile furries now?
      • 3D? Even Sonic Battle does it, which means they actually drew visible undies on her sprites.
    • Don't forget Sonic himself. Ho Yay with Shadow and sometimes Knuckles, Straight kiss with a human princess, hints with a genie, and painful groaning scattered throughout the cutscenes of Sonic Unleashed. This troper never found Sonic that attractive until she saw him writhing on the floor.
  • For some reason, this male troper enjoyed Sonic's breathing in the Ice Cap Zone in Sonic Adventure a bit too much. I dunno, something about him suddenly having the appearance of working respiratory system made him all the sexier to me. And when he clings his arms and legs around those giant icicles... and seeing that first-ever panty-shot of Amy Rose on her character select screen (I was the same age as she was supposed to be at the time).
    • From the same game, the shower rooms in the casinopolos stage. Normally, most characters just stand under the water like they would anywere else. But when Sonic is in the shower, he hams it up and washes his fur and moans and sighs... He looked like he REALLY enjoyed the shower...
    • Ooooo, on a related note, this troper was turned on by seeing Sonic eating food in Brawl. Finding out he had a working digestive and better yet, URINARY system put all kinds of dirty bathroom images in her head...
  • There is an episode of AOSTH in which sonic is inflated by poison flowers. i want to fantasize about it being used on newer (read: much sexier) characters.
  • The creators of Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog seemed to have a thing for Tails bondage, judging by the ridiculous amount of times the foxboy gets tied up in the series.
    • Seriously. Not to mention the number of times Sonic crossdresses in that series. I've counted at least ten so far.
    • And. Uh. Breezie. She got herself tied up once, too!
      • What about all the female characters in Sat AM and the Archie Comics? Most of them clearly have boobage: Sally (who's nude no less), Bunnie Rabbot, et cetera.
      • This troper surprised himself with his newfound love for Rotor, of all characters, after Word Of Gay outed him. Must be the kind of "toys" a gadget guru like him could make, in his spare time...
  • The Cute Ghost Girl from one of the Sonic Unleashed animated scenes was very, very popular. So much so that within minutes of her likeness being witnessed by the denizens of a certain image board, racy fanart of her was posted.
  • Vanilla, Cream's totally Hot Mom. Just ask Vector. Her Fetish Fuel potential has made her an Ensemble Darkhorse despite barely appearing in the games.
  • No mention of Lien-Da's skintight oultfit?
  • Knuckles was given a Nice Hat in the Sonic OVA; said hat has made an appearance in Sonic Underground and the Sonic Archie Comics. Then, during the "Mobius: 25 Years Later" storyline of said comic, he was given an outfit to go along with said hat. What outfit? A skintight gray jumpsuit, brown leather explorer vest and boots, and a brown leather belt with stirrups. You may now commence drooling.
  • Julie-su's refusal to wear pants.
  • Nicole. Man, those HIPS. She is also a barefooter.
  • Eggman. Awesome boots, Badass Mustache, Cool Shades, is a Mad Scientist? Yep, this guy gave me most of my fetishes.
    • You too? I though I was the only one to like him...
  • Normally This Troper doesn't really like furries. However, upon stumbling onto this picture of Blaze in a schoolgirl outfit◊... Just... yeah...
    • yes. just yes...*drools*
    • You know, a short trip across Deviantart or Google Image Search would show just how much of a Fetish Fuel Station Attendant Blaze really is. Here are somewonderful examples. Careful, some of these links are mildly NSFW.
    • This troper learned about and got interested into Blaze because of this .
    • This troper thought Sonic Rule 34 was just wrong, because I've always liked the franchise and I've never wanted to see art of it. I've also never really liked furries. Turns out Blaze is the single exception to my own rule. WARNING. VERY NSFW.
    • Blaze being a fetish magnet really isn't surprising, considering she's a cat girl
    • Blaze the Cat is the character that transformed me into a furry that's how hot she is to me. I consider myself a furry, but mainly for Blaze. The tight white stockings that expose her crotch, her flat boobs that emphasise her well rounded posterior, the slim body shape, her hot stilettos for shoes, her moody face giving off this sense of sexual frustration within, her really fluffy tail *drools*. She's just so hot with her dress sense, her slim figure and that well rounded posterior of her's.This is is why I love the Olympic games...
    • This troper was extremely turned on when he found out that in Sonic Rush, when Blaze is on the bottom screen, you can tap her and she'll react with a kitty tantrum and promptly turn her back. Worst thing is that her tail keeps waggling
  • Don't forget Tails, most who consider him their first crush were too young for the Squick of his young age to be an issue to them at the time.
    • While were on the subect of Sonic The Hedgehog, this Troperess finds Shadow the Hedgehog quite attractive.
      • Let's not forget Rouge...
      • Rouge and Amy gave me confusing feelings before I knew I wasn't just a straight girl.
    • Oooooooo! I know how you feel! Shadow's got a horrible past, check. He's very muscular, check. AND, he's got a damn sexy voice! this Troper just can't see besides the billions of squeeing fans and self loathing why people hate him.
    • When you think about it, Sonic Adventure really did give both genders some Fanservice; Rouge with her most noticeable assets and Shadow being a furry version of the previous generation's most desirable Fetish Fuel, the ever so present chest hair.
  • Knuckles has always been prime Furry Fandom Fetish Fuel material, but it wasn't until fanart of him in his Mobius: 25 Years Later outfit◊ that his popularity as the sexiest Sonic character leaped through the roof.
    • I never understood why so many people were hot for Knuckles until I got my hands on the rare Knuckles' Chaotix for the 32X. This Troper was thoroughly converted, especially after seeing those climbing and gliding animations...murr.
  • The Werehog. Mind you, I'm not that much of a werewolf fan or into extremely hairy guys, but he's like an adorable puppy when he runs on all fours. I just want to take him out for a walk sometimes. Plus, stretchy arms. Can he stretch anything else as well? He's also Sonic, so double the fun.
    • Amy rubbing up against his considerably larger and fuzzier chest was the first time I took any interest in those two being together.
    • Ive saw 10 hentai werehog pics, and im still finding more.
  • An episode of Sat AM involved Robotnik using an old wizard's computer/crystal (can't recall which, it's been a while) to do all sorts of amazing stuff, like teleporting Bunnie, Sally and Sonic to his fortress, and then bathing the former two in a light that puts them under mind control. This freaked me out as a kid, but as an adult looking back, I realize this is what triggered my hypnosis fetish.
  • This tropette has quite a liking to Silver...
    • Hee, you're probably gonna love him even more now that his new VA's been confirmed as Quinton Flynn...
      • Unless your only previous exposure to Flynn is his stint as Dr N. Gin.
  • I dunno if this counts, since I wasn't turned on by it at all but...I really like Sonic's animation when he gets an air bubble in Sonic 4 for some reason. So much so that I often deliberately steer him into bubbles even when they're not needed, just to watch it...
  • This Troper has a thing for Erazor the Djinn. Shirtless, blueskinned and muscular, that cocky voice and arrogant attitude, not to mention he's the BAD GUY (Yeah, this troper has a thing for villains.) and he's large in size (also has a thing for big guys). Imagining him with any of the characters (be it Shahra or the 'blue rat' himself) gives this troper tingles...
  • Nothing about Espio yet? He's a purple chameleon ninja that can become invisible, can stick to walls and he have a very long tongue, not to mention his sexy voice.
  • Princess Elise is definitely a weird choice considering her history, but Elise is shown to have some really long slim legs, sure during the in-game cutscenes they look a lot like carrots, but in the CG cutscenes it's a different story.
  • Sonic is the most sexiest thing I've ever seen. I'm a girl and I masterbate to him everyday while using my talking Sonic Plushie.
  • I can't help but stare at the one shot of Payback Fox and Scarlett Rabbot after their Cores were removed.
  • Fuk.

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