Soul Eater's Blair.
  • With Soul Eater, you can't help but wonder if Black Star is as big as he says. There's also the whole S&M angle with Stein (not to mention the stitches), the geek attaction with Ox, the teeth with Soul (can't help but wonder what he'd do with those), Maka's dad/Spirit/Death Scythe has red hair, Blair could satisfy more than enough needs as well. Then there's the hinted Soul x Black Star Ho Yay...among other things.
  • What about Medusa... It doesn't help that this troper likes snakes...
    • I'm noticing a lot of focusing on her bare feet too.
    • This Troper always found Medusa's Slasher Smile more alluring, than scary. At least in the manga. In the anime it's a little more scary.
    • All above, seconded. Also, school nurse Medusa...oh, yes.
    • As always, potential Fetish Fuel has been spotted and utilized by Fan Fic writers. So far this troper has come across examples of writers taking the fact that Resonance = utterly connected to it's logical conclusion and one instance of someone giving a whole new meaning to the term weaponkink.
  • This troper hates to admit it, but something about Crona's painful shyness, woobie factor and androgyny makes him/her...special.
    • S/he's also inherited Medusa's adorable bare feet. And turns attractively confident when in Ax Crazy mode. And then there's the barely decent picture of him/her in chapter 60...
    • This Troper enjoyed the scene at the end of episode 21, in which Maka was comforting Crona, way too much.
    • The fact that Ragnarkok lives inside Crona's body.... That sweet delicious body horror...
  • Doctor Franken Stein grabbing Maka, exposing her deliciously smooth belly, and marking it up for an incision... It's obviously supposed to be creepy, but...
    • For that matter, almost everything about Stein.
      • With the technique he uses on Medusa to restrain her, you can add probably add 'bondage' to that list. Oh, and soul wavelength control is apparently Spirit's specialty.
  • No mention of the Thompson sisters and how Death the Kid glomps their breasts? For shame.
    • Don't forget the brown-skinned mummy nurse!
    • And on the subject of the Thompson sisters, there's this (toned down in the anime). (If the link doesn't work, it's pg.116 of Prologue 3: Death the Kid, in the first volume.)
      • Notice how, while Liz quite obviously doesn't like their predicament, Patty seems to be at the very least just a little curious.
  • Is it wrong to find Maka attractive? If it is, how wrong is it to find her even hotter when she's under the black blood?
  • The manga has a huge focus on Soul's mouth, particularly his tongue, particularly when he's slurping down souls. The anime compounds it by adding some really extraordinary sound effects.SLURRRRP.
  • Asura. His hair, his eyes, his Slasher Smile, those skin scarves he wraps up in that still expose a good deal of his body, his high-pitched laugh. And a few scenes that show his descent into madness are Fetish Fuel-tastic.
  • For some, the panels in the manga that show Kid all chained up. And rather dishevelled.
    • This troper has a thing for BFG and Wave Motion Guns in particular. So Kid's Death Cannon, especially the super-powered version we get in Episode 50... as if he wasn't hot enough, that pushed him straight into Fetish Fuel.
  • The first chapter of Noah's Book of Eibon genderbends people. He also uses it to keep prisoners and various other collectors items in. Do the math. Lord only knows what'll happen when they get to the gluttony chapter.
  • How come Tsubaki hasn't been mentioned. Black Star lifting her dress should change your mind.
  • At one point in the manga, Maka and Soul learn to fly. They do this by having Maka straddle the shaft of Soul's scythe form. Hmm.
    • Also, Soul's scythe form in general is Fetish Fuel, what with its rigidity and phallic shape. This troper has seen Rule Thirty Four of Maka/scythe!Soul.
  • How has nobody mentioned this.
  • ...Seriously? No mention of Blair yet? I mean, yes, she's not the brightest character in the series, but... LOOK AT HER! Up there in the picture! How come that's her only presence on this page?
  • There is Mizunes, a group of small mice-witches. They can combine into a buxom babe that rivals Blair for hotness. Blair and Misune even have a "breasts-off" where they press their breasts together and argue who has the worse ones.
  • Mizune also can turn into a more loli form by combining fewer witches.
    • I'm surprised no one's mentioned Arachne yet. Her thread spell has serious S&M potential. The whole sophisticated aristocrat thing is a turn on for me. Then add to that her choice of clothing.
  • Call me weird, I often found myself very excited whenever seeing Giriko's bare shoulders in the anime. Especially when he's naked and shown from the shoulders up in weapon form...

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