This rod will be your doom!


Soul Edge/Calibur is a boiling pot of kink.

  • I have created female personifications of the Seven Deadly Sins in Soul Calibur IV. I'd provide images, but A. I don't have anything to take a decent picture with, and B. page says "No images, thanks." >.<
    • Whoa, you too? Well, actually, not all of my "Seven Deadly Sins" characters are female; I just made them the way I thought they'd look as humans. : / Still, I'm sure some of them (if not just Lust) would appeal to you guys. If I could post a photo of each one, I would.
  • Sophitia Alexandria is widely noted for her "Holy Cracker" (while facing forward opponent B+G) and "Heaven To Hell" (during Holy Cracker 2A) throws, which involves her locking her thighs around her opponent's head in that direction and (after proper input)slamming them to the ground with a flip. It is hard to recall/see/perform it without thinking "What a way to go..." (which may have been the point).
    • This is if anything topped (perhaps literally) by her special throw "Heaven's Arch" (66A+G) the love of face-sitting fetishists everywhere.
    • Then again, her other well-known throw ("Widow Maker") is a Groin Attack, but whatever floats your boat...
      • Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.
    • It's worth pointing out that, as the Soul Calibur series has progressed, Sophitia has become progressively more beatific in her personality — and progressively more scantily clothed. It's this troper's opinion that, come Soul Calibur 5 or 6, Sophitia will be clad in nothing but a couple strips of gauze and a laurel-wreath halo.
    • And wouldn't you know itm, come Soul Calibur 5, though she's only there as 'Elysium', she pretty much has. Good prediction.
      • One of the hidden costumes in the very first game, Soul Edge, was Sophitia fighting in her underwear, so this is hardly new. Before Ivy's introduction she was competing with Taki for the position of Ms Fanservice.
  • On another note. Ivy, just... Ivy.
    • One of Ivy's throws has her sitting on the enemy's back side-saddle style - rather reminiscent of Pony-play. Another has her foe on his/her knees with her foot on their backside and the Whip Sword around their neck like a choke-chain, and she's snarling "Beg for forgiveness!" Yes, ma'am!
      • Eventually, this troper found himself saying "Thank you, may I have another?" After that throw was used on a female character.
    • It may just be the imagination of this Troper, but he could swear Ivy's breasts have gotten bigger and bigger with each installment. Even if that's not the case, though, it's easy to say her outfits have become... "skimpier" as well.
  • Or Taki's painted-on Spy Catsuit.
    • Taki has breasts the size of a watermelon, with her nipples standing out about 2 inches from her suit, and the suit is what you're paying attention to?
      • It's what the suit emphasises. This troper recalls a GameFAQs thread discussing the crotchal area of said suit, though.
  • For some Voldo - the scrawny creature in a gimp suit is not sexy at all, but this troper is sure someone is wanking off to the creepy contortionist.
    • I've met them. You know how you can modify which characters are in which spot in the opening of the Dreamcast version? Well, nothing prepares you for playing a friend's copy and seeing Voldo staring at you lustfully.
    • He's in a gimp suit; he can bend his body in ways that defy anatomy. Even if that's not your thing, you gotta recognize.
    • Then you can give a similar costume and identical moves to something much less nightmarishly ugly through character creation. Oh, yes indeed.
    • As this Troper's friend once put it: "Sure, I'm beating him, but I don't know if he's enjoying it or not."
    • This troper made a female custom character who fought with Voldo's contortion-like style......he changed it quickly.
  • You got the cute, ex-Monk Kilik running around Shirtless/Traditional Chinese-style costumes with a a very long, very rigid weapon who apparently has an entire sub-section of the fandom fetishing him getting stuck in Quicksand. Not to mention the constant Ho Yay between him and his best bud Maxi
    • "This rod will be your doom!"
      • The back cover of SC 4 has a screenshot of Killik striking Xianghua between her crotch with his manly rod . This is particularly funny as Xianghua is his love interest, and a lot like his sister....
    • Pair all this together with the fact that the attacks ALWAYS seem to take off the shirts, and you'll have this troper losing many a Killik vs. Maxi fight just by ogling misty-eyed at the screen.
    • In Soul Calibur 4, his secondary costume is is made of a tiger. Mmm, manly.
  • Raphael is the epitome of the dominating, ruthless fencer; some of his win quotes would not be out of place in an S&M session ("Stay down, it suits you"). Not to mention his devotion to his adopted daughter Amy, and that his critical finish in IV just confirmed fan theory that he was turned into a vampire.
    • His critical finish forces the other character onto their knees, as he declares "I will make you one of my minions!" before biting down on their necks, then as he gets up and licks his hands, he mutters "Perhaps I shall make you Amy's pet!". Squee.
    • The S&M aspects are why Ivy/Raphael is this troper's Crack Pairing.
      • Surely you mean Ivy/Voldo, right? Watching those two in action is basically BDSM in game form.
  • Tira, when she's not The Scrappy, could be fetish for those who like bat-shit crazy but flexible girls wearing nothing but scraps of cloth.
    • Oh yes , Tira... The crazy girl who swears absolute loyalty to Nightmare, who she also over-obsesses about. Makes one kinda wonder what else she'd do for him...
    • Not to mention she's a little too focused on Sophitia's children.
    • Her critical finish has her forcing a character onto their backs, and delivering a Kiss Of Death as they struggled and squirmed against her. And she can do this to ANY character...
    • Interestingly, this troper wasn't so much affected by any of those things (Tira/Sophitia is hot enough to be an OTP, however...) so much as... pigtails. Tira got like a billion times sexier once she had pigtails.
  • Speaking of Critical Finishes... you know Cassandra? Sophitia's kid sister? Butt Attacks, series thereof, to the sounds of "Do you want more?"
    • All topped off with an epic face-sitting, complete with lots of hearts flying around and Cassandra asking, "Do you like this kind of stuff?" This tropers dares everyone to tell him that wasn't done on purpose.
    • This troper is still stuck on the fact that she wears thigh-boots and no skirt. Suffice to say Cassandra only ever used her second costume when he was playing SCII. He was also rather happy to find out about her first costume in SCIV, though he was rather disappointed that that meant none of those pieces went into character creation.
    • On the other hand, this troper is a pantyhose fan/fetishist and was disappointed by Cassandra's short skirt+pantyhose getup was relegated to alt costume status in IV.. at least until realizing that meant the legwear could be used in alt costumes galore. *_*
  • One of the shopkeepers in Soul Calibur III looks rather suspiciously like Chun-Li given a makeover with cute glasses and an apron. She even has an unique move that mimcks Miss Thunder-Thigh's signature kick.
    • And the other two dressed like maids, one baring her Taki-worthy breasts when she bows.
  • Norio Wakamoto voicing for Yoshimitsu? Great, I think I'm gay for Yoshimitsu. He's given me an odd affection to full-body suits, as MOST of his costumes display... I think. Odd, considering you usually have to see flesh to get turned on. Unless you're into THAT kind of thing...
  • My girlfriend, of all people, has fetishized Talim, with some Tira on the side. I prefer Amy, though. Probably something to do with the whole quiet Gothic lolita thing.
  • How many fetishes does Amy hit? Let's count!
    1. Youthful appearance, especially in the artwork◊.
    2. Gothic style dress.
    3. It's a mini dress.
    4. Dress has tons of frills and lace.
    5. Fishnet stockings.
    6. Boots.
    7. Zettai Ryouiki, grade B.
    8. Vampire.
    9. Beautiful red hair.
    10. Girlish Pigtails.
    11. Hot Chick With A Sword.
    12. Moves in graceful, dancer-like attack paterns.
    13. Emotionless Girl.
    14. Deep emotional loyalty to a much older man.
    15. Potential to become a Defrosting Ice Queen in the future.
    16. Low neckline.
    17. Only the thick fur of the neckline prevents us from seeing everything.
    • Golly, she really is something. Even though this troper is more of an admirer of the MostCommonSuperpower, he was blown away by Amy. She is my new favorite character.
  • 3's "Create a Soul" allows the player to make various videogame characters, then strip them half-naked.
    • 4's goes one further, allowing body shape and size manipulation, and allowing all the characters' C2's for use in the character creator for all the other characters. See that picture of Amy at the top of the page? Imagine that on Ivy.
      • The body manipulation feature unfortunately doesn't actually do much though. It basically just lets you determine how toned the guys' muscles are and how big and jiggly the women's breasts are. And even then there are preset limits.
    • Or Tira. Go ahead, try it out. You won´t be disappointed.
    • If you like the lads, then Rock in Voldo's Gimp Suit is also an option.
      • Raphael in the gimp suit. Picture that, ladies.
    • Chronicles of the Sword allows you to have an army of half naked fighting women.
      • Or men, if that's what you're into.
      • Bikini Girl Army, attack!
  • Valeria, the item shop girl. Fiery-hair,extremely well endowed, and you can bounce those things like they're beach-balls.. Oh, and she's a Meido.
    • This troper used to exit/enter the inventory really fast to watch her bend over and have her boobs bounce. Awesome.
  • Am I the only one here turned on by Xianghua having Haruhi Suzumiya's english voice?
    • This troper is far more turned on by the knowledge that Xianghua's voice is provided by the voice of Faye Valentine.
  • Rock. I likes 'em nice, and beefy.
    • Extremely buff man wearing nothing but a few animal skins? And he handles long, hard and very heavy weapons? And his voice, specially when grunting? This Troper will be in his bunk...
    • Makes a lot of wrestling fangirls a lot more hotter when you realize his SC 4 design looks a bit like Triple H.
  • Darth Vader in Soulcalibur IV. A Star Wars and have-crush-on-video-game-girls nerd's wet dream.
  • No mention of SC 3 Raphael's Vurkolak Envelopment (A+B A+G/B+G)? He forces the opponent down onto their knees right in front of him, makes a 'Oooooh!' sound, arches his head back, pushes them away and says 'Not bad!' Especially kinky if done to Amy.
  • No mention of Setsuka, either? This troper always hoped one of her tits would fall out of that kimono in Soul Calibur 3. Also, in Soul Calibur 4, her appearance makes more than obvious her Most Common Superpower, as she is just as well endowed as Ivy and Taki. Also the whole Samurai motif was pretty damn awesome.
  • Soul Caliber is also a great series if you're into women wearing sandals. Sophitia has consistantlywornstrappy◊ sandals lacing up to the knee since SC 2. Cassandra had similar on her SC 3 2P costume and in the console version of SC 2 she cosplayed as Valkyrie. Setsuka wears thick geta with her kimonos. Talim's latest outfits have also included sandals along with toe rings◊ and ankle bracelets◊. And then you have the CAS mode to play with...
  • This troper has a breast fetish, so I always make my create-a-fighters with the with the biggest boobs possible, than cover them up in a tight top, and let them get hit repeatedly, so it breaks. When the other player sees them, he's like WHOA! where did those come from!
  • This troper noticed that Soul Calibur is just filled with Fetish Fuel everywhere - even when its incidental! Like in Soul Calibur 4 you have the Cervantes/Ivy expy Shura who says things like “Yes!” and “Where do you like it?” in a seductive tone. Hell, when this troper played Raphael who opened with something along the lines of “Let us play!” in which Maxi replied “Now, now - don’t get too excited,"
  • If you're into furries/scalies, half of Lizardman's outfits in 2 show off his hot body. In this troper's opinion, he isn't quite as hot in 3 and 4.
  • This troper just had to take advantage of the Character Creator in 4 and make use of all the Fetish Fuel he could utilize. From that he created a whole team of female characters with Boobs Of Steel and Stripperific outfits (and fortunately, there are sets of outfits and accessories that can raise these girls' stats enough to achieve Boobs Of Steel status). His favorites among them are these two, utilizing Seigfried's and Nightmare's templates respectively, seen in this "sparring session" video ripping each other's throats out until Clothing Damage sets in.
  • Who could forget the fact in Soul Calibur 4 you can strip all of the Soul Calibur characters (not just the character creations like in 3) into their pantys. Even the under aged ones like Amy and Talim show as much flesh as the adults. Whatever Soul girl you have the hots for can be stripped down. If this isn't fetish fuel I don't know what is.

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