A long-standing comedy goldmine dating back to the days when Fetish Fuel was in extremely short supply. The spoiled princess is acting stubborn, willful or childish, and the straight man decides it's time to put his foot down. However, instead of doing it with a quiet word or a dope slap he takes her over his knee for a good, old-fashioned spanking. Hilarity naturally ensues along with a generous serving of Just Deserts. Of course, it's not limited only to heterosexual couples; the polarity may be reversed and your age difference may vary according to the scenario.

Bonus points may be earned different ways, such as:

And so on.

A sister trope to don't make me come down there, sometimes a sub trope of cool and unusual. Happens quite often to Enfantes Terrible and Bratty Half Pints. Despite the name, not at all related to Breaking or Corrupting the Cutie. Or to spanking anything else, though that may happen as a result.


  • Blue Hawaii (1961): Elvis turns co-star Jenny Maxwell over his knee.
  • Donovan's Reef (1963): John Wayne spanks costar Elizabeth Allen. This is something of a recurring theme in Wayne's work.
  • Dottie Gets Spanked (1993): A short film by Todd Haynes in which a kid takes a special interest in a tv show whose female star is spanked. Fetish fuel within the film and without. How meta.
  • Exit to Eden (1994): A boy is bent over a counter and spanked by his European Nanny. Extra points: he enjoys it.
  • Lady Jane (1986): Helena Bonham Carter is whipped with a birch.
  • Live Nude Girls (1995): Dana Delaney fantasizes receiving an on-screen, bare-bottomed spanking from Don Corleone. During a several-minute-long discussion of spanking fantasies, Cynthia Stevenson recalls a spanking she received from her father.
  • McLintock! (1963): John Wayne spanks Maureen O'Hara on her underwear. Patrick Wayne (John's son) spanks Stefanie Powers. It must run in the family. Two spankings and an exclamation point in the title.
  • Places in the Heart (1984): Sally Fields is a spanking mom! She whips her son with a belt for smoking.
  • True Grit (1969): John Wayne stars, but in a change of pace, it's Glen Campbell who takes a switch to Kim Darby's behind.
  • True Grit (2010); Matt Damon has the Glen Campbell role and Hailee Steinfeld stands in for Kim Darby.
  • The Bad Seed (1956): Patty McCormack as Rhoda, an evil young girl, receives a good spanking at the"curtain call" ending-scene of the movie.

Troper TalesEdit


NB: While this section is anecdote-friendly, please remember to keep your descriptions PG-13. We don't want the moral guardians getting trigger happy again, do we?

You know how back in the good old days, little girls were always spanked on the panties? Well, this tropette grew up at a time when miniskirts were commonplace and spankings were almost mandatory. Southern exposures were the natural consequence of a short, sharp trip to botty-land, and one may rest assured that a tightly-stretched layer of polyester offered very little protection from the avenging hand of justice.
Nor was this an isolated phenomenon; many of tropette's best friends suffered panty-spankings at regular intervals (many of which were described in vivid detail at school the next day). In some cases, punitive measures were practiced well into a girl's teens - tropette received her last spanking while still in high school (the result of a bad grade and a protracted dispute with the powers that cook).
Although the majority of tropette's misdemeanors were rewarded with the classic one hit wonder, serious offenses required a more vigorous form of behavior modification (affectionately referred to as "the sunny-bottomed jig") delivered in the form of a ruler, a hairbrush or the business end of a feather duster.
  • Speaking of which, the ruler was applied both at home and in school, depending on where the misbehavior had taken place. At home, tropette was required to lie face down on the bed with the panties on open exhibition. Swift justice would descend after a prolonged scolding, and you wouldn't believe how much a plastic ruler could sting when layed across the top of the thighs. Tropette's mother was a world-class practitioner in the punative arts, and never failed to produce a virtuoso performance on demand.
  • A wooden ruler was employed in the classroom, usually for missed homework or unauthorized chattering (the latter being the most common violation back in the day). In most cases, Tropette was made to bend over teacher's desk with panties revealed to the entire class, while the cheeks were tanned the color of a ripe strawberry (plainly visible though said underwear). A formidable instrument in its own right, the ruler paled by comparison to The Dreaded Yardstick, which was brought out for those special occasions where the infraction deserved a little extra attention.
  • The panty-shot isn't the only sort of "southern" exposure that can be invoked in this trope. It wasn't unheard of for this troper's underwear to join his pants around his knees.
  • Social Networking site Facebook has several "groups" that are right on-topic, including one entitled "My parents didn't put me in time-out, they whooped my ass!" This troper was gratified to see a few attractive ladies he knew were members. AliasPseudonym 13:59, February 22, 2011 (UTC)

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