You KNOW it's sad when you're getting turned on by this show.

  • The episode Squirrel Jokes had a scene where Spongebob is inflated by Sandy filling him up with water.
  • In Overbooked, Sandy gets a Panty Shot.
    • But...doesn't she get them all the time...?
  • This troper finds the scene in the episode Ghost Host where Spongebob turns into an octopus oddly.... appealing, to say the least.
  • One episode had Spongebob nude.
    • That's happened more than once.

      Nice bra.

  • There is a furless scene of Sandy
    • You must be thinking of "Survival of the Idiots", because "Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy" has Sandy spend most of the episode furless, not just the ending.
    • Pretty much any scene where Sandy is in the treedome, where she is shown only wearing a bikini.
  • Two words: Maid Spongebob.
    • With no back to the costume!
  • Whenever Sandy flexes, especially in Karate Island.
  • Of course, there must be some fans who watch this show purely for the ridiculous amount of Ho Yay].
  • Recent episodes have a lot of Foot Focus.
  • This troper likes Spongebob's burglar costume from the episode "Gift of Gum". It looks so cute on him!
    • This troper has the same thing towards SpongeBob's hall monitor outfit.
    • SpongeBob's clothes from "Suds" as he waits for Sandy to take him to the doctor. Awwww.
    • We also can't forget SpongeBob's jellyfish convention hat. It is so adorable on him.
  • There was an episode where Spongebob and Patrick turned invisible, but had to get naked first. The end had them revealed in front of a crowd of all the people they pranked. It's probably one of the things that started this troper's voyeurism fetish...
  • Did anyone think Patrick as it looked licking the side of Spongebob's head in "The Smoking Peanut" was arousing?
  • In one of the more recent episodes, (This troper happened to come in during this scene, so he doesn't know which episode exactly..) Sandy gets an inflation scene.
  • In Krabby Land when Spongebob is torturing himself to amuse an audience of children, there is a scene where he is tied up and forcibly fed lima beans...
  • In The Fry Cook Games during the bun wrestling Patrick did sit on top SpongeBob and took off his shoe and began licking his foot. Patrick licks the foot slowly while SpongeBob's was screaming if it was killing him.
  • For anyone with a deep voice fetish, three words: "THE HALL MONITOR!"
    • Even though it is terrifying to look at, the talking drop of hot sauce's voice in "Karate Choppers" probably turns on a lot of deep voice fetishists. And that's terrible.
    • "But I can't let my heroes down!"
    • You can't forget the entirety of the Dirty Bubble scene, can you?
    • In "Sandy's Rocket", SpongeBob goes into an air vent and gets a deep voice. "Put me in the brig, I don't mind!"
    • In "Neptune's Spatula", when SpongeBob gets turned into a god, he gets a deep voice.
  • For anyone with a fetish for itching, "Fungus Among Us". Can we mention that This Troper loves the short part where SpongeBob is filter feeding?
    • "A Flea in Her Dome", too.
    • And "Nature Pants", especially that it's SpongeBob solo. Yes, "Fungus Among Us" has SpongeBob solo at the beginning, but it happens to other characters as the episode progresses, while "Nature Pants" has it happen to other characters at the end.
  • If anyone has a fetish towards Larry, This Troper wants you to go home and rethink your life.
  • "I Had an Accident" features SpongeBob filter feeding like in "Fungus Among Us".
  • "Suds", for anyone with a fetish for either sicknesses, sneezing, or adorableness.
    • In that same episode, SpongeBob's eye rolls down his face and he pushes it back up.
  • Those two random scenes from the first season where Tom Kenny is in the shower. Especially in "Suds" ("Neptune's Spatula" may be Fetish Retardant).

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