Han y Leia

Chances are that if you didn't want one, you wanted the other...

Robin: "So you're saying these purity balls "made you gay"?"
Leslie: "Oh, nonono. Princess Leia, Return Of The Jedi. Age eight."
―Shortpacked, April 30th, 2009


The Phantom MenaceEdit

  • Not much Fetish Fuel here, but one can't say that Shmi Skywalker wasn't a particularly fine lady. She should be glad she was enslaved to Watto and not someone humanoid...
  • I remember seeing a fan painting about the time this movie came out of Natalie Portman with the Amidala make up holding up her breasts. Granted, her breasts in the painting were considerably bigger than in real life, but, yeah. Also, her hair was messed up and unkempt, which is kind of a turn on for me.
  • My girlfriend told me that Zabraks are the Spear Counterpart to Twi'leks—in that there's a large Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade, similar to how popular Aayla Secura is.
    • While this more falls into video games, this explains some of the KOTOR fans having a real yen for Bao-Dur. Of course, we are dealing with geek girls who would appreciate an engineer, and, to some, the other two "options" for a F!Exile are nothing to write the Enclave about.
  • Sebulba had twin Twi'lek slave girls!
  • Padme's decoy, what with her pale white face and all, looked positively vampiric to this troper, catering to his fetish for said creatures.
  • Can I get a yes for Audio Erotica with Darth Maul's voice?
    • Those tribal tattoos ain't bad, either.

Attack Of The ClonesEdit

  • Even for those who hate the Prequels, Amidala's outfits are still this (even when one is cringing every other minute).
    • Her midriff-showing, ripped jumpsuit from Episode II.
    • Padme... in her midriff-ripped jumpsuit... laying in the desert unconscious... moaning.
    • The bondage queen outfit corset dress in the same movie.
    • Her midriff-baring, psuedo-Arabian Tatooine outfit.
  • I much preferred Blue-Skinned Space Babe Aayla Secura, in her artfully ripped clothing, and double lightsabers.
  • I found Obi Wan's "Jedi Mullet" to be quite appealing, and especially when paired with the Perma Stubble. Only Ewan McGregor could make a hairstyle last seen on an 80s rock star so damn sexy.
  • The scene with Obi-Wan in the nightclub paired with the first remark in the A New Hope section got my brain thinking very dirty thoughts.
  • Both this, the following movie, and the Clone Wars series probably did something to contribute to my taste for... Uhm... 'Clonecest'.
  • Shaak Ti. Like Aayla, but red!
    • And stripey! Everything's better with stripes
  • In both Clones and Sith, Anakin Skywalker in bed, shirtless and sweaty. Gorgeous body, and those who have a thing for comforting wish they could cuddle the nightmare-having Bishounen Jedi.
  • Jango Fett anyone? Manly man, badass, lots of scars and permastubble - being a freaking Mandalorian dosen't hurt things either!

Revenge Of The SithEdit

  • Judging by the prevalance of Slash Fic featuring the two of them, I am definitely not the only person who found Anakin continually referring to Obi-Wan as "master", even after he ceased to be his student, relevant to my interests.
    • What about the regular "Master" thing the padawans do? The slash has shades of Parental Incest.
      • The whole "Master" thing is lampshaded in the New Jedi Order books. During an intimate moment, Mara playfully calls Luke "Master".
  • Clonetrooper uniforms. That is all.
  • Obi-Wan. This troper blames her enjoyment of men with well-maintained facial hair on Ewan Mc Gregor in this film. Damn you, Ewan. Just...Damn you.
  • Despite her brief screen time, opera-goer Koyi Mateil'sAbsolute Cleavage was impressive even by Twi'lek standards.
  • Force choking Padme maybe?
  • Pregnant Padme, even though she only looks it in one or two scenes. The Mustafar outfit especially. And in the same theme, her birth scene can also work for some people.
  • Hayden Christensen-Very cute, but unfortunatly cannot act very well in theses movies.

A New HopeEdit

  • Three words: Jedi Mind Trick. You WILL have sex with me. You WILL forget this night ever happened.
    • Actually, I would rather it be, "You will never forget this night!"
    • I blame that... possibility for his "interest" in telepathy based Mind Control.
    • You can really fetishize any Force power if you try. Telepathy pretty much assures Mara always gets something out of it. Psychokinesis? Try having sex floating. Or using the Force to touch other parts the way Vader touches an Imperial officer's neck. Lightning practically writes itself. Call it the, ahem, Emperor's Hand. And since Beauty Equals Goodness (and how: Compare Luke in Inferno orOutcast to Palpatine in The Phantom Menace), you can have a sixty-year-old's sexual history with a teenager's body. Not to mention body manipulation just asks for some Force uses.
  • Just Luke. This troper developed a thing for innocent blonde boys with blue eyes after watching this film when she was eight. Eight. And already developing a fetish. Damn you, Lucas.
  • I'm sure someone enjoyed Leia in a white dress swimming in garbage. Possibly the Ur Example of George Lucas's Dirty Old Man tendencies.
  • Grand Moff Tarkin consistently melts my knees. I have now developed a mild case of gerontophilia, especially after reading what it was like for Carrie Fisher to work with him.
    • He smelled like "linen and lavender"? Oh, my...
    • Careful. He's Daala's. Granted, Daala can't really talk since he's married to another girl, and Daala only got her position because she was sleeping with Tarkin, but still...
  • My girlfriend found a lot of interesting Luke/Han subtext. Most tellingly, Han comes back for Luke. In Empire, Luke (not Leia or Chewie) being in danger is his personal Berserk Button, my friend, and Luke always lists Han's name first when talking about "Han and Leia". In Jedi, Han says "You love him, don't you?", implying that Han recognizes how easy it is to love Luke. (And it is very easy, both in the sexual and non-sexual varieties.) Which, all things considered, is Better Than Canon.
  • Luke lying unconcious in the sand anyone?
  • Han in Stormtrooper armor. What?
    • Han Solo was the originator of many of this troper's clothing fetishes. Vests, long duster coats, belt buckles...oh my.
  • When Vader - before he (or we) knew he was Leia's father - brought the floating torture ball into Leia's cell? With the close-up on the hypodermic needle? And his comments that she "resisted the mind probe"? Just messed, um, some people up for life.
    • The radio version of this scene was considerably extended.
  • This Troper blames her fetish for fighter pilots on the battle of Yavin. Luke Skywalker, a gorgeous blue-eyed blonde, combined with Wedge Antilles? Oh, this troper was a happy fangirl after watching this battle. And she was eight when she first saw it.
  • I swear, watching Han Solo in these films sub-conciously started my Lovable Rogue fetish. Which is odd, since I never remembered having any feelings for him first watching Star Wars, but now re-watching the films i've got a huge crush on him and Harrison Ford.

The Empire Strikes BackEdit

  • Post-torture Han Solo? Frick yeah.
  • I'd bet someone enjoyed Luke's diaper-clad dip in the bacta tank.
    • I did. Though I had no idea why at the time. Diaper lover all the way now. Also had a thing for the scene where Vader strangles Admiral Ozzel for a while.
    • Diapers Squick this troper something fierce, but she was fascinated by the scene at four, and has a thing for People Jars now. Coincidence?
    • Foot fetishist here, and I love this scene because it allows for a quick glimpse of Luke's precious little toes! Specifically, here.
  • Considering what's revealed about their relationship in the next movie, the full blown kiss Leia gives Luke.
    • I believes the Jedi didn't tell Luke about his relationship with Leia because of an Adam And Eve Plot. Not a personal fetish of mine, just an Alternative Character Interpretation, considering the Jedi ordered Luke to kill his father and bred an army of clone slaves, among other Travissties. I also believe that Palpatine saw that only the grandchildren of the Chosen One could defeat the Yuuzhan Vong, and the Emperor's Hands were there to produce said grandchildren.
  • Luke's cybernetic hand. I am asexual, but finds cybernetics unspeakably fascinating and tends to get a little thrill whenever she sees/reads about them. Dude, Luke can pry open his forearm to get at the workings of his hand! He did it in The Thrawn Trilogy!
  • The entire carbon-freezing sequence was just a pornacopia of things that should never, ever be considered erotic and yet just ... were.
    • Between the carbon-freezing, the torture sequence and Luke hanging underneath Cloud City, let's just say certain parts of that VHS tape got more wear than others from my adolescent self.
  • Dagobah Luke, appealingly scruffy, wearing a sleeveless shirt that shows off some surprisingly nice arms.
  • For some reason, I was turned on by the shock-and-awe scenes where the Empire shows off how powerful it is.

Return Of The JediEdit

  • Leia's metal bikini in Return of the Jedi. It was deliberate Fan Service, and it worked for a lot of growing boys (and hopefully some girls), launching a thousand kinks.
    • Carrie Fisher actually complained that her costumes in the previous movies didn't show off her figure. Most of her costumes in this movie appeared to satisfy that issue.
    • In the Super nintendo game based on the movie, there's a stage where you can PLAY AS Leia in the slave outfit, and her weapon is the broken chain which she uses as a whip. You can also use a debug code to play THE WHOLE GAME that way.
    • I was more interested in Oola's fishnet stocking.
    • Oola-la.
      • Ditto, specially after I noticed it didn't quite stay in place.
  • Let's be honest, the sheer number of chained up nubile women in Jabba's palace is probably a major reason why bondage is so popular in the internet generation.
    • Not to mention the six-breasted Yarna.
  • I'm surprised none of those wacky Supernatural fans have yet said anything about Luke and Leia and how she's "always known"...
  • I enjoyed Luke's torture at Emperor Palpatine's hands a little bit too much as a little girl. Hurt/Comfort anyone?
    • I had the same experience, also as a girl... but never put two and two together until reading this entry, just now.
      • Me as well. I read that bit in the novelization over and over again.
      • You too huh? I was wondering why I liked re-reading that bit so much as a young'un.
      • Looks like there are LOTS of dog-eared copies of those pages out there.
      • This troper girl loves the sight of pretty people writhing in pain, and was most displeased that the torture of Leia in New Hope and the torture of Han in Empire took place offscreen.
    • While we're speaking of fetishes, does anyone else think Palpatine's main fetish is bending people to his will?
    • The end of Return of the Jedi was basically Palpatine leaving an impotent father for his younger, more, ahem, "powerful" son.
  • I kept replaying the scene in Return of the Jedi where Luke turns himself in to the Empire when she was little. Yay for the implications of dark side seduction and then winning the bad guy over!
  • The Sarlaac. I have seen Vore porn featuring one. * shudder*
  • Amazed no one has brought up helpless, shaking Han Solo during his rescue. Asdfjk.
    • And clearly Leia herself is not immune:"Who are you?""Someone that loves you." *sexymakeouts*
  • Jabba the Hutt covers a few of his own, not the least of which is being the big master of all the slave and bondage going on here. This is completely aside (and maybe opposite) from the fact that he is a huge, fat, stationary slug. I've always got a little jealous when he pulls Leia to him after the Rancor fight, and Leia shows us just how cushy he is.
    • Anyone who has seen Return Of The Jedi wants to take Jabba's place. NO EXCEPTIONS!
    • For added fetish, it's mentioned in several sources that Jabba sometimes had male dancers and pleasure slaves. Hutts are hermaphrodites, after all, and Jabba found beauty in many races and both sexes.

The Force AwakensEdit

  • Daisy Ridley as Rey, swarthy, British sounding, sweating in some scenes, especially her neck, already pretty badass at the start, beating up on Finn when she first meets him, then at the end fighting with a lightsaber, and, of course, there's the scene where she discovers the Jedi suggestion ability.

Expanded Universe:Edit

Knights Of The Old Republic'Edit

  • Bastila's pseudo-British accent was just intoxicatingly sexy to me.
  • Also, let's face it. We all know what those massages are really about at Davik's place.
  • Is it wrong to think sexy thoughts about your Female Revan? It's the curse of the Third Person Seductress.
    • I also got the Third Person Seductress effect with Mission. She's supposed to be 14... what is that in Twilek years? She looks all grown up to me. And I'm usually not into Twileks.
  • Carth Onasi's voice
  • How, how, how did no one mention Juhani? Especially with that accent.
    • Because she's half cat? I know, I know, some people like that.
  • In a comic adaptation, there is Jarael the sexy sexy Elf Girl who loves Cosplay.
  • Handmaiden's underwear based training sessions in the second game. The fact they are actually Fetish Fuel to her is hilarious.
    • And Handmaiden in general
  • Also from the second game, Mira's green leather ensemble, complete with Bare Your Midriff]].
  • And under NO circumstances should the Blind Seer Visas Marr be forgotten. Dem thighs, dem hips, Dose curves.... DAT VOICE! Ohhh, but that breathlessly devoted voice... * pwhooooo*
    • Not to mention her extremely subservient and borderline masochistic personality stemming from many years of servitude to Darth Nihilus. (Who's probably fetish fuel for someone himself.)
    • Dem lips too.
  • Bastila in nothing but underwear on Malak's flagship. Dayum.
  • When your group gets captured and imprisoned and tortured, and all their equipment is in storage lockers ... including their clothes! And you know they didn't just ask them nicely to disrobe.
  • The Twin Suns. Twin Twi'lek dancers-turned-bounty-hunters who attack you a couple of times, bringing a combination of Twin Threesome Fantasy and restrained violence... What's not to like?

Star Wars: Empire at War — Forces of CorruptionEdit

Star Wars The Clone Wars/Star Wars Clone WarsEdit

  • In the newest animated installment, Anakin's Padawan Ahsoka Tano seems like pretty hot stuff, what with that sassy attitude, that exotic orange skin, those big, soulful eyes, flushed, pouty lips, lithe body and skanky outfit... until you realise that the character's supposed to be fourteen years old. If that's not squicky enough, it just gets worse when you learn that Lucas intended the character to be only ELEVEN!
    • Of course, for some folks, that's actually a plus.
    • Ahsoka's been in a slave outfit◊of her own. It's popular.
      • I'm sure it can't be worse than her normal... ...I'm sorry, you were saying?
      • Her slave outfit in "Slaves of the Republic" isn't too bad either
    • Um, aliens? Has it been confirmed that her species's "14" is equivalent to our "14"? Not that I'd complain if it was, I'm just saying...age doesn't really mean as much when you're dealing with other species.
    • When Anakin is first being notified that he's receiving a padawan, I joked to my friend that he was being assigned a concubine. Nearly every line of dialogue exchanged between the two is bizarely consistent with that idea for the next few scenes - she calls him "Master"! He calls her "Snips" (which sounds even worse when said after a word that ends with "s." Say it out loud quickly: "If we survive this, Snips...")
    • Her current outfit anyone? It isn't as revealing as her original outfit, but she's now much curvier to compensate. She's also looks more like 16 years of age, so being a Ms Fanservice is more acceptable
  • I recall a certain "Slaves of the Republic" comic where Ahsoka just got the absolute lion's share of fetish fuel. Knocked out in battle, tied up very tightly on an enemy ship, going undercover as a slave, pretending to have been captured by Anakin, also undercover, in an outfit just under Leia's slave outfit in terms of skimpiness, getting electrified...The works.
  • Asajj Ventress gained not only a boobwindow and Hartman Hips, the back of her regular outfit is open as well. She wears the standard Sith skintight bodysuit, and the animators have given her a decided...waggle. And she won't stop flirting with Obi-Wan.
  • They also gave the already-hot Aayla Secura a French accent. And Kit Fisto, with those tentacle...things...on his head, is apparently Jamaican.
  • I just finished watching an episode of Star Wars The Clone Wars, and I've just realized that the Republic has an army composed of hundreds of toned, nigh-identical men with New Zealand accents. I'm fairly certain someone's into that sort of thing.
    • To be honest, I was too busy being distracted by Asajj Ventress to notice.
    • That has not been lost on me, who also has a weird thing for armor and BF Gs. I enjoyed Clone Wars much more than the movies.
  • I mentioned this on the general Western Animation FF page initially, but for some, inexplicable reason, Cad Bane sets off nearly every fetish trigger I have. Let's see... blue-skinned alien? Tall and skinny? Cowboy clothes? The voice? Yeah, watching a majority of Season 2 is going to be * very* awkward indeed.
    • Let's face it: Cad Bane is a walking fetish. And he is a damn fine one at that.
    • Season four Cad Bane clad in a wonderfully...tight orange convict jumpsuit. And for the greater portion of episode 15's jailbreak escape anyone? I hope I wasn't the only one squirming in my seat as he wriggled around.
  • Amidala in her snow planet suit. Just the way the fur cape wraps around the Latex Spacesuit.
  • Riyo Chuchi from "Tresspass" has proven surprisingly popular. This may have something to do with her being designed on the same Doe-eyed, large-lipped lines as Ashoka and Bariss, but without theSquick of being underage. Speaking of the latter two, there's been some femslash, some with Riyo. Yes, that's right, all three of 'em.
    • Actually, according to the wikia (though it may be a little different here), Barriss is actually a little older than Anakin. So not underage, but still very young.
  • The clones frequently have posters of skantily-clad Twi'leks in their barracks, and one the Weequay pirates that capture Obi-Wan, Anakin and Dooku has a decal on the side of his bike of the classic "mudflap girl" silhouette with Twi'lek headtails instead of hair. I love the idea that Twi'leks aren't just dancing girls, they're also the GFFW's models, sex-symbols ... possibly porn actresses?
    • Considering the Bad Guy Bar in "Lethal Trackdown", almost certainly. We have strongly implied Twi'lek strippers, fer cryin' out loud.
  • Kit Fisto has gained alot more fangirls with that smile◊of his, and his almost Jamican sounding accent. Even if he is a fish-alien.
  • Savage Opress. Darth Maul expy? Prehaps, but the fact that he's practically the lithe Maul on steroids makes my stomach flutter. His whole transformation scene proabably counts too. With everything stretching and getting so much bigger. Plus you hear the horrifying sounds of his bones pulling farther apart to accomodate. I just want to stroke his big lumbering feet and watch him stomp that Jedi's face in again and again. *Sigh*
  • Nelvaanians. The fact that these women and children are all afraid and begging to get the male Nelvaanians back really gets to me. I just want to hug, squeeze and comfort them. Oh, and did I mention that the male Nelvaanians get turned into giant, imposing mutants :3?

The Force UnleashedEdit

  • Has anyone else noticed anything odd about some of Starkiller's many outfits in The Force Unleashed? Specifically, that most of the Sith-affiliated ones seem to feature very prominent belts, straps, and bindings... lots and lots of belts, straps, and bindings. Especially the Light Training Gear, whose top consists of little more than black bandages over Galen's bare chest. Oh, and the downloadable Sith Training Gear adds chains to the mix, too. I am not particularly into that kind of stuff (not too much, at least...), but I'm certain someone out there is.
    • Sith outfits often feature some sort of chains or straps. On women, they're frequently skintight. I wonder why.
      • Not always. The outfit specifically designated "Sith Robes" are as conservative (if darker) than their Jedi counterpart. Now, being able to ensnare, choke, electrocute, and fling around everybody in sight? That might be something else.
      • Are you suggesting that the Sith might be sadomasochists? Great, now we're going to get implications of Jacen and Ben being Kissing Cousins.
      • And I thought I saw everything after that one idiot spammer on /co/ last night...
    • Juno Eclipse... with the accent and the cleavage. And Maris Brood.
    • Also, Shaak Ti in the game. Sexy indeed.

The Courtship of Princess LeiaEdit

  • Hapans. Dathomiri. Luke gets the chance to kriff both. The Dathomiri even uses the Force to give him an erection against his will and rape him.
    • She did not. Quit saying Teneniel did. (She wanted to, and thought about it in enough detail for him to pick up on it, but she didn't do it.) In fact, she explicitly tells Isolder that she won't make him sleep with her. And as an aside: Teneniel Djo does not need the Force to arouse men.
    • On the other hand... Hapan soldiers. In fact, Hapans in general - they're explicitly bred for beauty. remember?

The Thrawn TrilogyEdit

Shadows Of The EmpireEdit

  • Prince Xizor very nearly manages to bed Leia using pheremones!
    • The Falleen race in general - with Zeltrons and Twi'leks, they complete the Holy Trinity of Star Wars Fan Fic Porn.

New Jedi OrderEdit

  • The Yuuzhan Vong have an entire culture revolving around pain and biotech- I don't think a book went by without someone getting tortured, or eaten by a giant slimy tentacle monster. For this Troper, Traitor stands out in particular- Stover's descriptions combined with the whole "enlightenment through pain" philosophy was... influential.
  • Vector Prime. Jacen Solo. Danni Quee. Nearly naked. Crammed together in a spaceship built for one.

Bounty HunterEdit

  • Komari Vosa is half the reason this troper realized that he liked FemDom. The woman has the looks of a punk rocker, the fashion sense of a lounge singer, and the attitude of a dominatrix...with all the powers of a Dark Jedi to back it up. This scene, where she tortures a helpless Jango Fett while sighing and cackling erotically, was always a personal favorite of mine. "You will be my slave..."


  • This.
  • I have always had a kidnapping and bound-and-gagged fetish, so when I read "The Approaching Storm" with the part of the four Jedi being tied up, gagged and blindfolded, I thought, "this is getting good."
  • The Corellian Trilogy. Han's cousin is his exact double. And they both look like Harrison Ford.
  • Never really noticed it in The Thrawn Trilogy, but Hand Of Thrawn had some serious student/teacher Ho Yay vibes between Pellaeon and Thrawn.
    • But of course. As a fangirl once said, a brain that's figuratively the size of a planet is very sexy.
      • Thrawn is known for picking up on interesting things about a person's psyche by studying what art they collect, what they look for in architecture and decoration and so on. There's a fanfic where he does this to the Emperor... by taking aside one of Palpy's decorative-but-useless courtiers and examining her.
  • Seriously, nothing from the Jedi Apprentice series yet? Not only the thought of a younger, teenage Obi-Wan Kenobi roaming the galaxy along with a younger Qui-Gon.. Seriously?! That was too hot for this girl, especially with all their... Moments... Together.
    • Oh, yes, I do believe the fangirls loved those books. Either as parental, friends, or... something else.
  • I tend to get way more excited about lightsabers than is really necessary.
  • Serra Keto in the Episode III video game adaptation...especially dark Serra Keto in her Sith togs and double red lightsabers...
  • In one of the young adult books, Prophets of the Dark Side I believe, there's a part where Luke and his apprentice get webbed up by giant spiders. And there's even an illustration for it. I used to look at that picture all the time as a kid...
  • High Inquisitor Tremayne .  Perhaps the ultimate Soft-Spoken Sadist .   Imagine this: A handsome, cybernetics-laden man is tasked with finding you and develops a... very unprofessional obsession with you while tracking you down.  And when he does, he is so charming and charismatic you'll think of him as your friend even while he's torturing you in mind-bogglingly horrific ways.