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All those worlds, yet none of them can be as perverse as the people of Earth.

Stargate SG-1Edit

  • Am I the only who thought Daniel Jackson looked much, much better with his hair long?
    • Not by a longshot, though this troper is a bandana fan.
    • Some prefer the boonie hat.
    • Don't forget the glasses. Good Lord the glasses...
    • Or the scenes with him, naked, on the ground, and this troper sitting at home wishing the camera would just pan a liiiiittle further down...
    • No you are not. Long hair and the bigger glasses, YES PLEASE
  • All the military trappings, including dress uniforms, BDUs (especially the black ones), big guns, thigh holsters, leather boots, and hierarchical society.
  • Daniel in white scrubs, barefoot and crying.
    • It doesn't hurt that you can't take your clothes with you when you descend from a higher plane of existence, and Daniel's done it twice.
    • Cold, calculating, totally-certain-of-his-dominance Daniel in "Absolute Power."
  • Jack O'Neill, mainly in seasons 6 and 7, was a walking Daddy/discipline kink to this troper, between the hot body, silver hair, uniform, and years of experience giving orders. His dark past doesn't hurt either, particularly the knowledge that he could kill you without breaking a sweat.
    • Yep. I'm gonna have to go with Jack on this one too. The man is hot. Despite being older. But I fell in love with him on Mac Gyver...
    • Mmm, agreed. Especially thanks to this troper's fetish for Generals. Then they had to go and make Richard Dean Anderson a General in real life.
  • Replicarter. Especially, naked slimy Replicarter stepping out of those Replicators.
  • Alternate universe Carter. You know the one with long hair...
    • "What's with the hair?"
  • There are those who like prisoner Daniel; in cuffs, tied up, Etc. usually bruised & battered. It must be that whole Hurt Comfort Fic thing.
    • For a more metaphorical imprisonment, see "Hathor". Yes, it was a problematic trope. Yes, there was a fair amount of Narm. But dear lord, is there anything as deliciously kinky for a hypnofetishist as his sudden abject horror turning to helpless submission?
    • Eheee indeed.
  • Just about anything between Daniel and Vala was likely designed to invoke this, and be funny at the same time.
  • Ascended!Daniel's combination of power and helplessness just presses all this troper's buttons.
  • Ba'al. There's something about the deep, Goa'uld voice coming out of Cliff Simon that just causes tingles inside.
    • Cliff Simon-as-Ba'al is hot enough, but then they had to go and put him in a business suit. And at the end of the same episode they reveal he's cloned himself by showing Ba'al and multiple clones of his in one room. This troper still starts giggling madly every time she remembers that.
  • There's just something about Cronus's hair...
  • Nothing about Vala's vaguely corset-like outfit? Her Girlish Pigtails? Her perky personality? The fact that her daughter, played by Morena Baccarin, seems to have roughly the same fashion sense?
    • Although I was angry about what the writers did to Vala, Adria was even hotter than her in some ways.
  • Anise/Freya likes her leather too. And so do we all.
  • Mitchell's battle with the Black Knight in a town square...a very muddy town square...where he gets knocked down repeatedly...nah, it couldn't possibly be trying to evoke mud wrestling. Or could it?
    • Mitchell also had a habit of losing his pants, done best in "Memento Mori" where Vala stripped him to his boxers and then handcuffed him to the bed. Mmmmmmmmm...
  • This Troper has just noticed half the Fetish Fuel in this section is about Daniel. Not sure what that says about the Tropers here...
    • It says we can see? Michael Shanks is HOT.
  • Sam Carter definitely does it for this troper.
    • What about Fraiser? You know, Hospital Hottie?Carter: You know, using seduction wasn't in any of the AF training manuals I've ever read.Fraiser: What, you think the Pentagon anticipated a 4000 year old alien walking into a base and drugging all men to make them...Carter: Libidinous?Fraiser: Yeah.Carter: I suppose they teach us to take advantage of the enemy's weakness.Fraiser: Exactly.Carter: Alright, let's do this.Fraiser: (knocks on the cell door) Airman, open up! We've got something for you.Soldier: What?Fraiser: Why don't you come in here and see for yourself?Soldier: No can do, we only take orders from Hathor!Fraiser: Gentlemen, there are five women in here... very alone...Carter: Why do I feel like I'm in a women-behind-bars movie?(guard opens the cell door)Soldier: What are you suggesting, ladies?Fraiser: (seductively) Whatever you want, airman...(the guard grins and beckons to the other guard)
      • So I'm NOT alone!
    • This troper can't help but wonder how hot Cassandra would be. She was already showing signs of it when she was still a minor but Shes All Grown Up now so the result should be impressive, to say the least.
  • Seth's Harem (one for the ladies AND the gents there)
  • Kianna Cyr's very cute haircut.
  • Nirrti's muscular arms. Paired with her attractive face, the effect is striking.
  • Female Goa'uld voices in general send shivers up this troper's back.
  • In an early episode we get to Carter in her tank-top when she's trying to seduce O'Neill. Even he was momentarily distracted by the sexy.

Stargate AtlantisEdit

  • Teyla. Yow. za.
  • Not to mention that "Hot" seems to be an automatic companion to "scientist" on Atlantis. Carter & Keller, among others.
  • Colonel Sadist—er—Sheppard's brushes with the dark side can be worryingly hot.
    • What the hell? Only one Sheppard-hungry troper? Come on, if this man were any hotter, he would combust into flames. And am I the only one who loves to see him kneel in front of the Wraith Queens? And see him going from absolutely adorably cute to... well, dangerous? And evil Sheppard? (Y'know in "Doppleganger") Creepy.. but hot.
      • Agreed on every point. Evil Sheppard was particularly attractive in Doppleganger but my favorite was in "Conversion" when he pushed Teyla up against a wall and kissed her. I already sort of wanted to be Rachel Luttrell but that moment definitely solidified it.
  • Torri Higginson from Stargate Atlantis was once asked whether her character would go on any more off-world missions. She pointed out that the first mission involved her being kidnapped, tied up and blindfolded. "So if it's up to her... yes."
  • Keller, including the time she got tied up with thick rope.
  • The ultimate Mind Screw from Stargate Atlantis: All of the Wraith Queens and most of the prominent male Wraith characters were/are played by very attractive actors. In particular, the shirtless scene from Vegas has caused this troper to become extremely confused about her species preference.
    • We need a trope called Stupid Sexy Monster.
      • Indeed.
      • I'll help if you'll help.
    • Wraith Queen mind control! An encounter with any Wraith queen starts with being made to Kneel Before Zod just by having her wave her hand in front of you, and can go... uh, use your imagination.
    • Not to mention that for queens, form-fitting white gowns appear to be the standard. It doesn't matter most Wraith are fugly, they are still good-looking. And I think they aren't called queens of a hive species for no reason... Some of them just beg for Interspecies Romance.
  • Broken Ties. Shirtless Jason Momoa. Screaming. Guh.
  • I forget the episode name, but they were all shot down on a prison island and tied up... with these little leather collars that didn't do anything. They weren't attached to anything anywhere, didn't seem to have any special bits for ensuring compliance, the very pretty cast were apparently just collared to give kinksters gleegasms.
  • Doctor Zelenka. Just... cute geeky guy, glasses, wild hair, sexiest accent in the goddamn UNIVERSE... Yum.
    • Don't forget he's an engineer, meaning he is very good with his hands.... and the accent is real David Nykl is from Czechoslovakia
    • Although should be pointed out that while he does speak Czech in real life, the accent is affected. And he's technically Czech, since its not been Czechoslovakia since 1939... (since that small event called World War Two that no-one ever seemed to notice)
  • Why hasn't anyone mentioned Ronon Dex yet? Among other things, he has sexy arms, a honeyed expression in his eyes, and is the best hand-to-hand fighter in the show besides. And dear God, his voice...
    • Even Mc Kay notices that Ronon is insanely hot, and complains that while even he works out, "I'm no Ronon ok? I'm not going to be on the cover of Shape magazine anytime soon!"
  • I swear, Sheppard's hair is its own kink.
  • Any scene where Teyla fights. Especially with Sora in The Eye and any time she spars with Sheppard. Especially the episode she kicked his ass even whilst blindfolded and wearing a long skirt.
  • The episode where Ronon and Teyla spar for the first time and Ronon pins her down and she's all flushed and sweaty... And then Sheppard starts manhandling Ronon. Mmm.
  • Thigh holsters. Particularly on Sheppard.
  • All of Sheppard's interactions with tsundere Larrin. Particularly the moment where she shoots him with a stunner as she's kissing him.
  • This troper vividly remembers one scene where Teyla is doing the splits on her bed. Wonder what other interesting positions she could get into there...?
  • How on Earth has there been no mention of pregnant Teyla, strapped down to a table with Michael threatening her in that low, growly voice?
  • Atlantis satisfies This Troper's kink for attractive people carrying/being carried bridal style in a big way. We've had Ronon carrying Rodney twice and Ronon and Shep have both carried Teyla.
  • When pregnant Teyla forces information out of that guy who knew where Michael had taken the missing Athosians, including her kid's daddy.
  • Ronon being strangled by that alien lifeform in The Seed. And I'll bet someone liked it growing all over Keller too.
  • Shep and Rodney, both soaking wet in Doppelganger.
  • Also, Shep soaking wet in The Storm and The Eye.
  • Teyla and Keller getting tied up and shoved in a cage in Missing.
  • Listening to Teyla sing'Beyond The Night' in 'Critical Mass' gives me a major case of the squiggles.

Stargate UniverseEdit

  • Chloe Armstrong provokes major protective vibes for this troper.
  • Three words: bodyswapping with aliens. Not Human Aliens, either, catfish ones.
  • Rhona Mitra. Leather. That is all.
  • No mention of Rush yet?
    • OMG, Rush. Sexy accent. Geeky talk. Cutthroat attitude towards getting what he wants. Tormented past. Definitely seems to have a sadistic side (might be wishful thinking on This Troper's part, though). MM Mmmmmm, yummy!
  • Vanessa James knows she's this, since with her Boobs Of Steel she is the hottest woman on Destiny
  • The Lucian Alliance wear a lot of weather and if you're not a hot scientist, you need not apply (or get shanghaied)
  • Ginn is all about this trope, hot, redheaded, a geek, wears leather. Damn.
  • Rush getting tortured by the Lucian Alliance. Dem chains. Dat hair.

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