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    Chun-Li and her Chunder Thighs are sexy, aren't they?

    The original Thunder Thighs herself: Chun Li from the Street Fighter series. In fact, when the new art style of the fourth game was shown, one of the first concerns of the fanbase was whether or not her legs would be thick enough. Rest assured, it was one of Capcom's concerns, too.
    • This troper (probably a million others too) pins Chun-Li down as the birth of his thing for legs.
      • If Chun-Li doesn't give you a thing for legs, Elena will.
      • Same here, although Cammy's bum was nothing to sneeze at....
      • Come to think of it, Chun Li is pretty much every fetish imaginable rolled into one. Specially-cut clothing? Check. Spikes? Check. Anime-style hair? Check. Cute little victory poses and sound effects? Check. And I mean, come on! She's a police officer, too! Plus it doesn't help that almost all of her moves involve spreading her legs, and the rest have her sticking her butt way out...
      • Chun-Li's muscular and fine legs not only made this troper have a thing for buff legs on ladies, but the ripped females of the Street Fighter IV series have virtually created his fetish for muscular ladies. He can't even see himself marrying anyone but an Amazonian Beauty now. Seriously.
      • Chun-Li's character designer has even admitted his thing for thunder thighs influenced her design.
    • Someone somewhere has to have a thing for Blanka.
    • There's also Ibuki the kunoichi.
      • Yes , her, Makoto,Elena and Juri are practically tailor made for foot fetishists, considering their apparent hatred of shoes.
      • ...and in Juri's case, you KNOW she'd get off on people worshipping her feet before she murders them.
      • It's more than foot fetishists who Juri caters to. Depraved Bisexual Goth in Vapor Wear. Yes please...
    • Images-8- part kunoichi, one part fighter, all parts sexy.

      Ibuki arm's are a turn-on for those into female muscle. Just look at how defined they are! They're definitely a turn-on for this contributor as well as her unique hairstyle, her clothing...
    • How about the fact that Ibuki's outfit shows her bare hips, and those cute toes....
    • For the girls, Fei Long's shorts costume in IV, Zangief's chest hair, beard, scars and Speedo, Vega, and... Seth.
      • And let's not forget Cody and his handcuffs.
    • The newest character for Super Street Fighter IV is Hakan. A Turkish wrestler drenched in oil. So much that his grab moves involve squeezing the opponent until they slip out of his grasp, and/or sliding them all around his body. This troper is certain that's a fetish for somebody (and hilarious for the rest of us).
    • And then there's Sakura. Joshikousei and panty shots.
      • Don't forget Sakura's schoolgirl... ness.
      • Karin's schoolgirl-ness and awesome Princess Curls. Because it's nice to have something to hold on to (and Cammy is too obvious)...
    • Don't forget Rainbow Mika!
    • Elena's barefootness.
    • Cammy has refused to wear pants up until they revealed her Cat Suit outfit... though this just opens up a whole new can of worms here. Also, that wonderful ass...
    • I immediately went for Cammy upon first playing the game, and about five minutes in I found myself asking, ElizaDushku "Wha...what's this feeling?" The pigtails might have had something to do with it. Or her woobieness. Or the fact she's just sooo cute.
    • This contributor thinks Cammy's muscles are extremely hot.

      Cammy, just for those who can "appreciate" a British badass buff babe.

    • Juri wears that Taekwondo equivalent of ass less chaps combined with a top that revealed a lot of sideboob. It doesn't help that in the early build of her model, the straps of her shirt looked more like tatoos. Combine that with her overall attitude when fighting with all the lip licking, sultry voice, flexibility and supposed lesbian tendencies, and some of her quotes..., and we've got a bona fide Fetish Fuel Station Attendant.

      Juri wants you too.

    • Juri's bisexuality and flexibility are also turn-ons for a certain contributor...

Videos Edit

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