Sucker punch
After being institutionalized by her abusive stepfather, a young girl tries to find the courage to survive retreating to an alternative universe. Hookers, hot action girls, nurses and the threat of being lobotomized. Will Baby Doll escape to Paradise?

Did I mention the hot action girls?


Baby DollEdit

  • A hot school girl played by Emily Browning.
  • The long-socks-short-skirt she wears in the action world.
  • Who else was dying to see her dance?
  • The button being ripped off her pajama shirt during the opening sequence by The Stepfather, exposing some of her cleavage. Wow...




  • Is it just me or did her and Baby Doll have a lot of chemistry?

Sweet PeaEdit

Vera GorskiEdit


  • While she's in her mind world, Baby Doll has all the power. Think about it...
  • Probably the outright hottest scene in the film was in the extended ending. I'd say more, but spoilers. Just know that it consists of things not traditionally considered "sexy", but they seem to, um, work just fine.

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