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  • In Mario Kart Wii, Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina wear skintight jumpsuits when riding bikes. And then factor in their body movements when they perform stunts...
    • Not to mention the skintight armor with daisy dukes (no pun intended) Peach and Daisy wear in Mario Strikers Charged. Daisy doing the finger-lick-hip-steam thing doesn't help with that one bit.
    • It was better/worse in the original Super Mario Strikers. No armour-just skintight spandex.
      • Not to mention that Daisy seems to be aimed at all the guys out there with a thing for the derriere. Sir Mix-A-Lot would approve.
      • Also, while they race in jumpsuits while on bikes, they wear their dresses on the carts. And all of them have tricks where they just swing their legs back, giving the player a panty shot. I suppose that's one way of encouraging players to use tricks.
    • Weren't panty shots also unavoidable on some tracks if you were playing as Daisy, Rosalina, or Peach?
      • And in Mario Party, believe it or not. But it's just a black hole.
      • Given the reason certain people think Peach "allows herself" get abducted by Bowser so often, that's hardly surprising.
    • Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is all over classic transformation fetishes for Peach. Get the potion wrong and she shrinks/grows to half/twice her size (sadly temporarily), get it right and she's an Invisible Streaker! And of course, the optional shower scene... Peach takes her clothes off a lot in this game. And a computer falls in love with her.
      • In the sequel, you can do the same thing with apples. She can get a mustache, grow, shrink, turn into a peach, not to mention one that makes her fall asleep for (as the game puts it) an eternity.
  • Yoshi and Birdo, for the oviposition (read: egg-laying/inserting) group.
    • And to add fuel to the fire, Birdo's also got a gender in a perpetual state of flux, switching between "male", "female" and "other" depending on the game and the region.
      • Birdo's a species. Like Yoshi.
      • The character Ron Standard in his game review parodies has an obsession with Birdo which he considers 'perfectly natural'.
      • I don't think so - in Japan, Birdo is named Catherine and is always a cross-dressing male.
    • And don't forget Yoshi's long tongue.
    • Worse: Yoshi are male. No, really.
    • Birdo. Oh, god, Birdo. That ribbon, her claws, her cute chubby legs, stubby arms, and tail. Birdo's too good for Yoshi. At least, this troper seems to think so.
    • Bowser. The guy's thick as a post, wears those spiked armlets and collar, and in Mario Party Advance, he introduces the player to his "summer retreat", which is decorated in PURPLE AND PINK.
    • This troper most certainly does not get squiggly feelings for Waluigi and his stick thin figure, his Badass Mustache, or the fact that he is incredibly flexible! Not. At. All! Stupid Sexy Waluigi...
      • What about his crotch-chop thing in Super Mario Striker? This tropette could watch him do it all day. And in "charged" he sometime tease us, starting to do it but then change his mind...
  • Mario And Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story seems to point to the fact that someone at Nintendo is into vore. I mean Bowser ate Mario and Luigi (and pretty much everyone else) and he can eat enemies to let Mario and Luigi kill them inside of him.
    • Vore, macrophilia, inflationism, muscle growth... Expect to see Bowser Rule Thirty Four increase exponentially as more furries get their hands on M&L3.
      • Super Mario Galaxy 2 seems to only further the point— Bowser spends most of the game the size of a building!
    • They added vore elements to Kuribo's shoe, for crying out loud!
    • Vore has always been part of the M&L series; the first game had the final boss battle take place in Bowletta's stomach, and Partners In Time had an entire level take place inside a Yoshi-Shroob hybrid's gut!
    • Now that you mention it....
    • It goes back even futher. One of the Nintendo Adventure Books was a Fantastic Voyage Plot involving Yoshi.
    • At one point, Bowser's back is sufficiently cramped to put him out of commission. This leads to an overly long sequence in which the brothers use their drill move to dig deeper and deeper into his spine for several minutes, complete with heartbeat-like sounds and pulsing visuals that continue to intensify. There is nothing sexy about the scene at all, but between the location, imagery that builds to a crescendo, and the idea that the whole scene is done to soothe Bowser's pain... Mario and Luigi may have spent the majority of the game doing various things to Bowser's body, but this is the sequence that truly makes their actions feel intimate.
  • Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door also had a Toad Waitress that talks in complete Valley Girl language, plus the fact that she's a WAITRESS and has Anime Hair (purple) makes her incredibly hot. Goombella and Ms. Mowz could count a little too.
    • Also, Vivian. Yeah, I'm aware of the Shes A Man In Japan thing.
    • Possessed Peach.
    • What about Jolene? Up until TTYD, this troper never really had a thing for Toads considering them kind of childish and too young looking. But then he reached the Glitz Pit and his heart skipped a beat when he saw the sexy Kuudere Jolene. Bonus points for her being the woman at the juice bar, a Cool Big Sis to Mush, and eventually taking over the Glitz Pit herself. This troper would return to the Glitz Pit a million times just to see that beauty.
    • On the subject of TTYD, I wish to clarify something: Goombas are not sexy. Adorable little annoyances, but not sexy. The exception to this rule is Goombella, an intelligent member of their species and no less badass. And good LORD is she cute! Those little blush stickers on her face, that adorable archaeologist getup, that ponytail of hers, she's got a self-aware sense of humor which always leaves me in stitches, and she even has her own little completion sidequest. Of special note is her "Danger" animation when she's at 5 HP or lower: characters at that health tend to pant heavily as if they're not going to make it. As much as one could see this defenseless stance as fetish fuel in and of itself, Goombella's animation in particular takes the cake: she just looks so dreary in this state. I am not ashamed to admit that I wished her crush on Mario was on me instead. I was a strange little 10-year-old when that game came out...
  • Bowser, anyone?
    • Bowser single-handedly got this troper into furries.
    • This female troper (now 23 years old) have a crush on Bowser since she was 4 years old. Of course, at the beggining, it was more of a "Why do the princess want to be rescued? Bowser's cuter than Mario..." thing but as time passed, it became a real crush to the point of writing smutty stories... Bowser is without doubt my first fictionnal crush EVER.
  • I don't want to say I find Smeeches attractive, but the way they stretch when you try to lick with them on Yoshi's face implies he's doing some DEEP tonguing...
  • Mona from Wario Ware, a Fiery Redhead who, due to constantly changing jobs, has a variety of cute uniforms.
    • This tropette love Mona paired with Wario. Not to mention that in the gamecube "Wario Ware" Mona's bio pretty much stated that she had a weird thing for Wario...
  • On the border of the Marioverse, there is the Donkey Kong series. In it, there is Tiny Kong. This◊ is her in Donkey Kong 64. THIS◊ is her in Diddy Kong Racing DS.
  • Dare anyone bring up the live-action movie and some of Koopa's and Lena's outfits?
    • If we're bringing up other media, then I'll be first to say Princess Peach looked surprisingly hot wearing Luigi's clothes in Super Mario Adventures.
      • And the reverse looked hot too. He makes a good princess.
  • What about hungry Lumas? Constantly begging for "MOOOOREE", eating until literally exploding...
  • Luigi is just so adorable.
    • Not to mention the sounds he makes when he pushes/rocks objects in Luigis Mansion...
  • I'm pretty sure Red Brief J from Wario World has gain a few "fans", if you know what I mean.
  • This troper really likes Peach's long blonde hair. It sometimes borders on Rapunzel Hair . It's sort of annoying how it's always in a ponytail now. All those aformentioned outfits with her hair down would be heaven.
  • How is it that nobody has mentioned Mario himself? Him and Luigi both played huge parts in this troper's bisexual awakening with their round bellies, moustaches and cute asses. I dare say that at least whoever produces the concept art for most recent Mario games seems to agree on the last point.
  • This troper finds the piano from Super Mario 64 is really sexy. It is shiny and black.
  • In Paper Mario, there is a part where you visit the Koopa Village and Fuzzies have stolen the residents' shells. The townsfolk are basically walking around in their underwear. And if that's not enough, one of the Koopas seems to actually derive his own fetish fuel from this exhibitionism - after giving him back his shell, later on he says: "What'll we do if those Fuzzies come back sometime! They might take our shells again! Those rascals! How strangely thrilling... Oh... my heart..."
  • Inflation fetishists have no shortage of fetish fuel in the Mario series. Almost every single Mario game posesses inflation in some form or another, be it featured as a powerup or as a method of defeating enemies. Super Mario World's P Balloon powerup alone is probably responsible for creating an entire generation's worth of inflation fetishists.
    • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island had a miniboss in world 2 known as Bigger Boo. An already enormous Boo who would swell larger each time it was hit by one of Yoshi's eggs, until finally it could take no more and would burst in a shower of rainbows. This troper couldn't count the number of times in their youth they played through The Bigger Boo's Fort solely to experience that satisfyingly explosive battle.
      • Similarly, the very same game contained a minor and somewhat rare enemy known as a Boo Balloon. Defeated in much the same way as the boss mentioned above, yet posessing a much more gratuitously strained appearance when all blown up. The enemies would also deflate back to their normal size after a short while, allowing Yoshi to repeatedly toy with them. This troper thinks they must have either been really intent on beating Yoshi or just really enjoyed being blown up.
  • Not about anything that's ever happened in-game but regarding some fan portrayals of Rosalina smoking cigarettes (either though cosplay or fan art). This troper doesn't have a smoking fetish at all, not repulsed by it either, he just sees it as entirely mundane like changing the batteries in your remote or drinking a can of pop. However, any depictions or mentions of Rosalina smoking is a huge turn on for him. It has to do partly with how she looks like the ultimate symbol of graceful and delicate femininity with such a beautiful feminine dress and sweet sounding voice (even to an extent with her personality). The fetish only works of Rosalina's wearing her elegant princess dress while smoking a cigarette. The idea of sweet, delicate, uber-feminine Rosalina lighting up is way hotter than it should be. Look at this picture for example. It really gets this troper hot.
  • If you're into brunettes, there's Pauline from the Donkey Kong games. Unlike the other Mario girls, she also wears eyeliner, which could be a turn-on for some people. Some artists draw her with sexy chestnut hair and usually make her the most well-endowed of Mario's potential love interests. This troper wants to see Pauline in a 3D game or even a non-Mario vs Donkey Kong game just to see her in full 3D glory.
  • Anyone else have a thing for Dimentio? manipulative bastard harlequin who is about as sadistic a character can get in a Mario game. To some, (at least this trooper) the super villainess nature of the character can be a huge turn on.
  • I can't believe Wendy O' koopa ( hasn't been mentioned here yet. You have a bratty, chubby Shortstack miniature BBW/loli/scalie with a thicc body a demanding and domineering personality and cute little shoes and a ribbon. And fanon rule 34 pics are fond of making her even more heavily obese and or thicc. I'd pick her over Daisy or Peach any day.

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