• Before all the other examples, a certain Saphine Grace MUST be mentioned. Every damned line she had ever uttered was sexual in nature, her voiceovers in battle having her moaning in the throes of orgasm, and she engages in Foe Yay with damn near every good guy! Even her mech is Fetish Fuel, seeing as it has a naked woman as part of the motif. If that isn't enough, she even goes topless in Shu Shirakawa and Masaki Andoh's presence at one point to presumably embarrass the shit out of Masaki and turn on Shu (doesn't work for him, though). Also, her outfit, while nowhere near Lamia Loveless/Xine Espio/Kaguya Nanbu levels, still manages to highlight her feminine charms quite well in official art.
    • It's actually Stripperiffic enough, since she IS SRW's original stripper. But her champion fetish moment is during the tenure of Super Robot Wars Gaiden, where she kidnaps Princess Monica, ties her up and applies a ball gag on her. This woman is real kinky.
    • She literally orgasms when hit with Perfectio's Despair Wave, and finds him glorious for some reason.
  • Despite the development and personality depth she's got, this troper just cannot deny that Lamia Loveless is Fetish Fuel incarnate. She's a Ridiculously Human Robot girl, who dresses up in one damn sexy-tight suit (and still available for Panty Shot if there's Dramatic Wind to boot), a collar, has a tattoo, very huge breasts (theorized to be largest out of all Original Generation), and was at first created as "an android who only follows orders". When the OVA rolls in, one more thing was added: she's stripped naked and tied up. This troper think that out of 100 people, only one person would think about just how this will affect her character and all, while the rest are just too busy drooling over her extremely shapely, sexy, butt-naked body. And OG Gaiden adds up with another fetish about her being Brainwashed And Crazy. That's really lots of Fetish Fuel examples as shown in the main page that she adheres...
  • There's something for everyone in Super Robot Wars! Lolis, Elegant Gothic Lolitas, women in uniform, Tsunderes and Yanderes, Cloning Blues, Humongous Mecha, Naughty Tentacles, Brainwashed, Ridiculously Human Robots, "real men riding each other", good old-fashioned fanservice...the list goes on and on and on...
    • Wait...a Yandere in Super Robot Wars? Tsundere may be aplenty, but this troper can't recall if there is a yandere amongst the OG Numbers
      • Try Aria Advance from Super Robot Wars W; she hates Kazuma Ardygun (the game's protagonist) and wants to steal his sisters from him. It helps that she's Kazuma's Opposite Sex Clone, hence the jealously to become the new head of the family, following their father's departure.
  • Speaking of Elegant Gothic Lolitas, now that this troper thinks about it, Badass Lolita Latooni Subota has found herself subject to a lot of Fetish Fuel. During the scene where she first gets her trademark dress, she's mentioned as having had worn a "baby doll" style dress before that. Note that official lineart◊ of said first dress exists. Also note the stuffed animal and the handcuffs. Also, in Divine Wars, when the relationship between herself and Mad Scientist Adler Koch is revealed, the viewers are treated to a short scene of Latooni's prior conditioning: strapped to a metal chair in a skin-tight suit with a brainwashing headset over her head, huge cables leading from the suit and helmet, all but wrapped around her body, and Latooni of course, is breathing so hard her chest is heaving. Does This Remind You Of Anything?
  • Lets not forget the fact that, if this troper is thinking of the same thing, the "real men riding each other" bit involves one mech wielding a giant sword and the other turning into a horse...Yes, I went there.
  • Lo and behold Asakim Dowin of SRW Z. He wears a bunch of clad black bondage gears, is a Death Seeker (Emo to the max!) and has a pretty look that could make girls Squee in delight and get dreamy about him. That is, if you can get past his sadistic tendencies. Those fangirls got past it already, though.
  • Then there's Xine Espio, who seems to be following Asakim's dress code as she walks around in LINGERIE with a Horny Devils theme. Her Most Common Superpower easily rival's Lamia and Kaguya Nanbu's, and if her battle quotes are to be trusted, she's probably into night rape. Not that any guys would complain...
  • Being set in a number of fantasy worlds, Endless Frontier naturally has Fetish Fuel you can't find elsewhere in the series (...yet?). Going from the little that this editor knows, there's Ridiculously Human Robots (some of whom are Stripperific enough to expose their cleavage in battle), Cat Girls, mermaids, furries, gay furries that hit on the male party members, mecha, girls in corsets, a heroic White Haired Pretty Boy who's into hitting anything that moves, expies of expies, Double Entendres, Innocent Innuendos, FANSERVICE, etc. That's not counting what the crossover characters might bring, what might happen in the plot, or Aschen's "giant tentacle molesting the planet" comment
    • Tentacles...Einst...Stern Regisseur's the size of a planet (or a moon; close enough): do the math. And yes, doujinshi material uses this concept to appease the tentacle fans
    • Also, this troper, having not played Namco x Capcom, was rather shocked to discover that Reiji's preferred method of disciplining Xiaomu is spanking. Particularly one scene where he does it to her in the middle of an extended conversation while nobody was looking. As a matter of fact, there's a rather surprising amount of spanking in this game PERIOD
  • Kaguya Nanbu is mentioned a lot, but why hasn't she been described here? Let's start: she's a half-naked princess with gigantic boobs the size of Lamia and Xine's that jiggle around gratuitiously, wields a BFS, her clothes are tight and reveals her ample bosoms and she's WAY too innocent to just about anything. Not good enough? Well, she's also got Moe Moe and Zettai Ryouiki, but what about the fact she makes a Shout Out to one of the most Badass men Banpresto has ever concocted in the franchise? Or, perhaps the fact her Running Gag of being called a "cow" or "werecow" because of how she dresses up, while possessing huge "tracts of land"? Did we also mention the hero wins her heart in the end...and maybe a little more...?
  • For loli needs, if you're not satisfied with only Latooni, there's also SRW's title holder of "Loli Queen": Alpha 2's Irui Gan Eden. A super shy, adorable little girl who you just want for a little sister, until it turns out she can go One Winged Angel, transforming into an adult and is butt naked all the time, having grown longer hair, with her boobs dramatically increased in size. Any wonders that everyone, Sanger included, becomes loli for Irui?
  • Another from Divine Wars: of all things, Ryusei's outfit in the first two episodes. He's wearing a sleeveless hoodie, and clearly isn't wearing anything with sleeves underneath that. This particular troper has a thing for guys with bare arms. A + B = C = mrowr.
  • How the HELL did this page got here without a single mentioning of Excellen Browning? A well endowed female with flirty personality that likes to tease everyone around non-sop and is known for walking around ship/military base in a Playboy Bunnysuit "to rise morale of the troops". Have I mentioned that she apparently swings that way too? And let's not get started on OG 2, where she gets Brainwashed And Crazy, gets a Loli clone and both her and Alfimis mechs are basically made of tentacles with some armor strapped on top. Details of said brainwashing are left to interpretations.
    • And then there's the I Call It Weissy vibe she has with the Weissritten; this troper somehow finds himself envying that mech, and not just because it has a huge rifle.
    • Excellen will pretty much flirt with anything that has a pulse, but the Original Generation games otherwise keep her faithful to her partner, Kyosuke Nanbu. But even THEN, she's pretty up-front about how she'd make an exception for the Tall Dark And Bishoujo Villeta.
  • Xiaomu! Foxgirl◊ in a sexy, tight Chinese dress that has a slit up to her waist. She has a giant zipper attached to it implying she could show less skin but chooses not to. She wears a vest over the dress and on top of that she fights in sexy high heeled sandals. She also has a flirty and playful personality upfront (she is based on Excellen) but has her Mama Bear tendencies towards Reiji and an adorable caring side as well. Additionally, one of her specials implies she can use magic to change into any outfit she wants (which she has done with: a maid outfit, gym bloomers, a Hadaka Apron and a wedding dress).
    • If we're put the Namco x Capcom originals with SRW due to Endless Frontier, then we can count Saya too. Oh my god Saya◊. Busty and is courteous enough to tell you her measurements, cool and sultry and will shamelessly flirt at any time. Her outfit involves a tight jacket held together by three belt straps, Bare Your Midriff, high socks and hot pants.
      • Actually it's four belt straps. Top one is just not fastened together.
  • Who isn't Ryusei for the Valsione?
  • No love for Neige Housen? Acts like a Tsundere Ojou toward Aledy, huge tracts of land 2nd only to Kaguya, dresses like a Meido, and is a blue-eyed blonde elf girl.

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