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  • Toon Link. I mean he's just... Eee! He's just so cute, and his little "Hyas" are all... All... EEEEE! :Glomp:
  • This editor is probably not the only one to notice that amount of Rule Thirty Four for Samus Aran seemed to have grown threefold shortly after the announcement of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and the inclusion of Zero Suit Samus. Which is odd, because it didn't when the Zero Suit was first introduced in Metroid: Zero Mission and Metroid Prime 2. I suppose there's something to be said for the power of graphics.
    • Worse yet, the boss battle in Super Smash Bros Brawl where Samus and Pikachu take on Ridley has garnered quite a few fans of them getting to know one another in the "animal husbandry" kind of way. For those who lack the ability to comprehend subtle remarks, heres a hint beastility!
      • A friend of This Troper has a movie on his Wii of the two of them, well, you know. He may or may not have made it himself. It is not clear which option would be more disturbing.
      • This troper wants to know if your friend has a website.
      • At least the "Male" half of the equation is sentient...
      • This Troper can't figure out if the male being discussed is Ridley or Pikachu, but she's definitely seen both paired with Samus.
    • Or for the power of instant, fully rotatable freeze-frame and the posing opportunities that creates.

Peach: Please tell me you're not trying to look up my dress.

    • Dickhat Kirby! [1]
    • This troper went through every single one of Peach's animations and took pictures of every one that allows a Panty Shot. The best ones are her down throw, her neutral L-cancel, and a couple spots in her Final Smash animation.
    • Speaking of Zero Suit Samus in SSBB, even this otherwise-totally straight female troper is fascinated by ZSS and her incredibly agile moves with her Plasma Whip.
      • Everyone is lesbian for Stupid Sexy Zero Suit Samus. (I.E.: This troper, too. To quote from a girls-only SSBB play session, said by ANOTHER normally totally straight friend: "Bring back hot chick Samus, dammit!")
      • This troper is another straight female who is pretty much obsessed with ZSS. Have you seen her down taunt? (She spins, twirls her whip and purrs "You're miiine.")
      • Or all of her taunts. The one I like best? "Try me." Stupid Sexy Zero Suit Samus.
    • Not to mention all the close-ups the game provides of Solid Snake's ass.
    • Peach. Sure she's frilly, but some people like that. Not to mention the hip-check of doom. And her Final Smash puts foes to sleep, as well as producing lots of her eponymous fruit. * ahem*
      • Try flinging her into the air, then pause, focus the zoom camera on her and seek out the right angle (this troper did this with Zelda in Melee, and even took a picture).
      • Peach has a lot of Ass Kicks You attacks. To the point where one wonders whether the developers noticed that "peach" is a slang word for "ass," and they just rolled with it.
      • Where's that slang from?
      • While Daisy isn't available, Peach does have a recolor to make her look like Daisy, which covers Clone Yay on top of Foe Les Yay for Daisy (and Peach, and DaisyXPeach) fans. Although you could just play with four Samuses, four Snakes (in Brawl), two Sheiks and two Zeldas, or any combination of characters and duplicates, the alternate-character Recolor is the point of this.
    • The incredibly tight Metal Zero Suit Samus.
  • Super Smash Bros Brawl, as a whole. Only in this game can you have Solid Snake grow three times his normal size, turn Fox McCloud into liquid metal, and then have Manaphy make Marth and Kirby swap bodies. Not to mention bunny ears for everyone; pallette swaps; one Final Smash which causes random, uncontrollable status effects; one Final Smash which makes everyone fall asleep; and Peach's lacy panties. The cast contains three beautiful women (one of whom can roll into a ball and one of whom can do a very convincing imitation of a man), three muscular older men (two in incredibly tight outfits), three Bishonen, eight furries, five shota, and eight monsters (ten if you count Kirby and Meta Knight), and that's just for starters. There's a reason there's a tremendous amount of Rule Thirty Four for this game.
    • Kirby in his original incarnation probably inspired quite a few voreaphiles.
      • To say NOTHING of King Dedede, in ANY of his incarnations, for this troper. C'mon, people: giant inflatable penguin who apparently has an ARMY of servants to wait on him hand and foot and a tendency to swallow his rival whole, who typically ends up mind-controlled by an amorphous Cosmic Horror. That is every single fetish I have smashed into one squooshy, blue, semi-spherical package.
      • That is amazingly frightening.
    • This editor remembers a certain promo screenshot of Snake manhandling Ike causing quite a stir for some people. And she doesn't remember if it even came up in the game at all (unless it's part of Snake's moveset), so she's still confused as to the purpose of it...other than the obvious.
      • It's his grab move, based on the CQC grabs from Metal Gear Solid 3.
      • Oh is that why This Troper keeps making a point to grab Peach and Zero Suit Samus whenever possible?
      • Is it this one?◊ This editor's 10-year-old sister was quite... fascinated by it. They start young, don't they?
      • As was this troper. He recalls spending several minutes staring at the picture. Combine the position with the fact that Ragnell is phallic even for a sword...
      • On 4chan's /v/, the day that picture was released someone wrote an entire sex fic of it, and including Link and Samus, who take advantage of Ike's predicament in the front while Snake handles the back.
    • This, of course, isn't even mentioning that you can view the trophies of any character at any angle, including up their skirts (Interesting Fact: Zelda wears pants under the dress)
      • Funny, could've sworn that was pantyhose...
      • Tights, at least.
      • Well, in Brawl they caught on to the possible Fetish Fuel. Zelda wears decidedly less sexy tights and Peach's trophy has that area lightless. Even with these precautions, one trophy still has a very good panty shot. Which one? AMY ROSE
      • Sometimes in the actual game you can catch upskirt shots as well. Admittedly the realization of this was the first time I ever found Princess Peach to be sexy.
      • For the record, Lyn has a nice trophy shot as well.
    • This Troper has always been a little disconcerted by Bowser's Grab+ Down. He throws the opposing character to the groud, where they squirm and writhe rather disturbingly, then spreads his arms and legs into a Spread-Eagle and falls onto them. That can't be an accident...
      • This Troper calls Bowser's grab+ down the "Sodomy smash".
  • Melee and Brawl both have a "Training Mode" where you can basically just play around with the characters and items. You can also zoom in on your character, put it in slow mo, and just watch the character's taunts, idle animation and them just... jumping around.
  • This troper has no idea why but he really loves the sound Zelda makes when she jumps. Really, really don't know why I find it hot, but I do.
  • The Wii homebrew hacking community has discovered many a cheat code, including ones that allow you to take certain things even further. Ever wanted to see any of the characters grow beyond the normal limits of the game? Cheats can make it possible! Other codes include being able to change the sizes of Pokeball pokemon and assist trophies, and an unrestricted camera.
    • the link is obsolete, please update.
    • On AR Central, there was a cheat for Melee like this. Wouldn't be surprised if someone hacked Brawl with the same results. I recommend debug mode for the Melee cheat, however, because if you keep growing and shrinking repeatedly, your character doesn't go back to their original height each time, becoming ever so slightly smaller and smaller each time. Debug mode has a command to manually adjust mushroom growth/shrinkage spurts and to reset your size to default. Regardless, if you have a fetish or not, it's extremely fun to become so small that you can't be seen or so huge that your basic A combo obliterates everything on screen.
  • No mention of Captain Falcon's up + B move? This pretty much sums it up, except it's even more suggestive in-game.
    • This troper once played as Falcon in classic mode, where one of the stages was to fight giant Samus. Using his Up+ B against her caused him to, rather shamelessly, grab her boobs.
    • You know, I didn't see anything wrong with that move at all... until now, damn you.
      • And now, for extra breakage - keep in mind that Ganondorf does the exact same thing. Now, have him fight Link. So long, and thanks for all the Foe Yay.
      • Speaking of Ganondorf, one of his moves (possibly his mid-air grapple or something) is to grab the opponent around the neck. His knee is in a very inappropriate place. Finding out about this while playing as pretty-boy Marth... Let's just say jokes continue to be made.
  • This troper loves the pose Zelda takes when she gets grabbed in Melee. The other character grabs her wrist, and she just sort of squirms and struggles. So yeah...
  • I remember when Samus was a (nude!) Green Skinned Space Babe in the original SSB. Samus would be hit with electricity and then you'd pause... Of course, the graphics made it hard to enjoy.
  • People with a size-changing fetish get a lot of use out of the Super and Poison mushrooms, as well as the hacking codes mentioned above.
    • A website devoted to video game "giantesses" cites Melee as the number one game where the creators had the "courage" (...because all appearances or absences of giant females can be traced back to a designer with that fetish, apparently) to include, er, giant girls.
  • Snake kicks high, VERY high - almost to the point this proper thinks it should be anatomically impossible for a man, not to mention his lovely hand-stand upwards stomp. He's proving to be veeeery flexible in Brawl.
    • Falcon and Ganondorf also have Up Smashes that cause them to do a completely straight axe kick. Ironic that the three largest men seem to be more flexible than the bishies.
      • Especially Ganondorf. This guy is wearing heavy armor and still manages to get his leg straight up (for several seconds, no less).
    • I would just like to point out that being male does not inhibit the ability to kick for the reasons most people think. This Troper is a guy and can do splits and high kicks that make several of his female friends cringe.
    • Regardless of what you say, it still looks strange/uncomfortable.
      • With Snake, he has to be flexible to fit into those boxes so neatly. :)
  • Jigglypuff's final smash makes her inflate... and inflate... and inflate... until she covers practically the whole screen. The appeal of the move to inflation fetishists needs no explanation.
  • Panty Shot. Nuff said. Recently, this troper, who will remain anomynous, has realized that Lucas's down throw provides very good shots. Then, said troper combined Super Mushrooms to make the shots even better.
    • Um... Who's panty shots? I'm assuming you mean who Lucas is throwing...
  • As with the Metal Gear section, Snake's ass - the camera is there to snap some very good shots of said ass when the timing's right. In Fandom, he seemed to be the male Launcher Of A Thousand Ships (and he crushes on Samus - the female one)
    • And if, for whatever reason, the sight of the holy ass is still too hard to catch on regular play, there's also his final smash which puts both cheeks front and center for all to see while he nukes other characters to high hell. As if the Metal Gear series didn't have enough ass.
  • My father and I make a continued practice of diving into the Sound Test and playing through all of Ike, Captain Falcon and Zero Suit Samus's voice clips to make suggestive noises. I love my dad.
  • In the original Super Smash Bros, this troper would purposely shatter Link's R-Shield, just to hear him panting. * drooool* His snoring after Jigglypuff put him to sleep, wasn't too bad, either.
    • Wait, scratch that: his sleeping noises in Brawl, by comparison, are nothing short of heavenly! * swoon*
    • Also, don't forget to break his R-Shield in Melee for even more sexy panting! This troper will be in her bunk...
    • This troper would do the same thing...only with the younger Link.
  • Ganondorf's Volcano Kick attack (his non-smash Up A attack) has him hold his leg in a position that would be a real accomplishment for an experienced gymnast, let alone a large man in full armor. And while he does this, a force pulls other characters or items towards his crotch.
  • Diddy Kong's Monkey Flip move has the little monkey leaping at an opponent's face and hugging/attacking it. Diddy doesn't wear pants....
  • While only a theoretical idea, if HAL ever included the P-Balloon in a Smash game, this troper would have trouble containing himself whenever any human female characters were present and items were turned on. Not much sexy about an Italian plumber blowing up like a balloon, but Zero Suit Samus, Peach, or Zelda might just be too much.
    • This troper, not being much of a fan of spherical inflation, thinks that'd be great if it included the process of inflation, which, considering how cartoony the Smash series tends to be, probably wouldn't happen. It'd probably just be from normal straight to round, a la Super Mario World or Super Mario 64 DS. Might inspire some very nice fan-art, though. ...Which now has this troper wondering why there isn't more Peach/Daisy + P-Balloon fan-art. How unfortunate.
      • Don't forgt inflating Snake, Captain Falcon, Ganon, Link, Ike, Marth, Lucario, Fox, Falco, Wolf, Pit, Bowser, Charizard, and every other male character.
  • One this this troper loves to do in both Melee and Brawl is play on Super Sudden Death mode and just...hear everyone scream as they turn into a shooting star. Being the Shotacon she is, she often did this with the younger Link, with Ness, Popo, Lucas, Pit, and even Kirby.
  • I'm surprised this hasn't shown up yet. Choose Ike in Brawl and he will tell you to "Prepare yourself" in a sexy voice. I'll be going to my bunk now.
    • There's another bit for the leader of the Greil Mercenaries. His Final Smash, which you just have to think about a little. He takes you to a place of his choosing - and then proceeds to wail on you with his big, big sword. Need any more be said?
      • Okay, I'm glad I'm not the only one incredibly turned on by the thought of being "Great Aethered" by Ike.
      • Seconded! And you'll get no sympathy from him. Off to the bunk!
      • And then there's Marth speaking, in and incredibly sexy voice, entirely in Japanese.
  • Luigi's Final Smash. Just... his Final Smash. Everything about it, from the simply erotic way he danced to the soothing chanting to the greenish bubble that covers him and everyone around him, just makes me want to... well, you know.
    • Absolutely seconded by this troper. Just watch it in slow motion and try telling me you don't find everything from the sensual twirling to the jingling music just... wow. Even better, when playing against your friend after spending days convincing him you totally don't crush on Luigi try not to let your mouth hang open too much when watching that Final Smash.
      • I'm quite well known as a Luigi fancier. When I got Brawl that Final Smash just managed to up it.
  • The camera's showing off Fox's ass on the "Stage Clear" screen in Brawl's Classic Mode made this Troper realize that he's a furry.
    • Oh God, Wolf's howl. Makes me shudder...
      • Wolf's ~everything~ is Oh God to this troper. And one has to wonder if Nintendo purposely gave Wolf more revealing clothing than any incarnation of any other Star Fox clothing, ever (except Krystal, but neh). His vest is open, he wears a low-cut tanktop, and if you can get a good look under his arm, you'll be able to see sidepec. Sometimes this troper just loves to play Stamina Brawl against three Wolf's, knock one out, knock him on his back, and zoom in on him. ... I believe I have a nosebleed now...
    • This troper has had the hots for Fox since the original Super Smash Bros. The hots got hotter with each incarnation (to the point where this ~male~ troper would kill Krystal for a chance at him).
      • I've always found Falco hot and something about Brawl made him so much more. Maybe it's the voice...
    • This troper found Mewtwo to be sexy, especially in Melee. Along with the obvious possibilities of disable and psychic abilities, this troper had a thing for his long, thick prehensile tail, and would go on training mode in slow motion while watching it move, looking at it from different angles. The location at which the tail starts doesn't help either.
      • I'm with you on that. Not so much where it starts (lol) but the tail itself is extremly sexy. I have spent a long time looking at it thinking about what it would feel like to have one like that.
  • The sound test menu has every groan, pant and taunt for every character. If you play them in a certain order, this can lead to very interesting conversations and interactions of your favorite characters.
  • Yoshi's neutral B move. Watch it in slow motion. Vore, big bellies AND oviposition? Probably the most gratuitously vorarephile-appealing thing in video game history. Oh, and don't forget this◊ picture from the official website.
    • Don't forget Yoshi's neutral grab, taste-testing the opponent... He could be licking anywhere...
  • Forget pantyshots. They were easy enough to do in Melee, but that game isn't nearly as moddable as Brawl has turned out to be. First came texture mods; now as of a few months ago, model hacking has been making astonishing progress. See the mods available at Brawl Vault, turn the safe search off at the bottom of the page and look through the Character mods (particularly the female characters and possibly Pit's Final Smash). Perverse Sexual Lust doesn't begin to describe it.
  • Pit. Seriously, the kid wears spandex shorts.
  • How about all of the Audio Erotica in Brawl? Ganondorf, Captain Falcon, Marth, Zero Suit Samus, and Snake to name a few...
    • The fact that they gave Meta Knight, an adorable puffball, the deepest and hottest voice in the game is just plain unfair. Honest to God, that voice causes all women in the nearby area to just melt into a puddle of squee.
    • Oddly enough, Ike's, Marth's, even Meta Knight's voices don't cause this for me. Instead, it's Lucas. There's just something about his cute, little voice...
  • Does anyone else find the female wireframes hot. The blue alloys in Brawl aren't as sexy, but this troper still finds them appealing.
  • Tabuu. Giant naked blue man in space. And yeah, he does have Anime Anatomy, but it looks like there's a bulge shape there, so he could be a giant thong wearing blue man in space.
  • One of Snake's grab moves involves gently laying his opponent down on the ground. Come on, you know you want to be in that position. This troper certainly does.
    • ...doesn't that move imply that he's incapacitated or outright killed them? Well, not in battles, but in real life that's how it'd seem.
  • Not my fetish, but it could be yours: Looking up Young Link's skirt. There's a reason he's called "Shota Legs".
  • Alright, look, I'm a straight male, and I'll just admit that there have been times where I've... well... over Pit, or Adult Link (or BOTH...). They're both just... *shivers* Plus, I've got a foot fetish. Pit wears sandals... Link has boots... Oh God, I'll be in my bunk...

(For anyone interested, I first realized I'm in lust with Pit's feet by reading this...

  • Trying to get the characters in the most awkward positions possible then pausing and taking pictures can be just as much fun as actually playing the game. Bonus points for the crackier pairings.
  • Bowser's Down+B. You get an amazing view of his crotch, belly and feet, and then the (un?)lucky victim gets squished beneath his massive rump.
    • Not to mention the way Bowser sits when he's grabbed on the ground... Nice inviting view of his taint.
  • Smash bros is one of my favorite games for my tail fetish. I like to imaging having a tail and that is the main drive of my fetish. There are a lot of playable characters that have tails and they even attack with their tails as well! I'm more about the large, thick tails however, so Mewtwo in melee and Charizard in smash 4 fit that bill extremly nicely. Charizard's tail in smash 4 especially is one of the sexiest tails I've ever seen, it's thick, very long, and just all around sexy, and his new back air tail attack is extremly sexy, I love to look at it in slow motion in training mode. Yoshi's tail attacks are also suprisingly amazing for me as well! I even have a gallery whereI just took pictures of Charizard's tail which you can find here
    • Don't get me started. Once Tanooki Tails were announced, I began filling a gallery of Marth and Ike wearing tanooki tails and ears. And now that Roy's back, I've taken some pics of him. Imagine rubbing those cute little ears and watching his tail swing slowly while getting ruthlessly fucked...
  • Bayonetta's addition to Smash 4 opened up a serious can of worms. An attractive, domineering woman who preys on Angels(and is Fetish Fuel in her own right) in the same game as Pit, an innocent young male Angel(whom is himself already beholden to an attractive older woman with a devotion bordering on a crush). The fan artists were all over that one in a flash. Also Dark Pit, to a lesser extent.
  • Pretty much all the girls in Smash are this, to an extent, and they got all the bases covered, but recently I've had a bit of a thing for Female!Corrin. I don't know why; maybe it's her voice being pure ear sex, maybe it's her armor that shows off her...very curvaceous assets, maybe it's the fact that her dragon form could cause some power perversion potential for some (I wouldn't mind being Male!Corrin in bed, if you know what I mean~), or maybe it's all of the above. Long story short, my skepticism with Corrin really went down after I started using them...oh, and it helps that they're fun to play as. That might also be important.
  1. Eat Jigglypuff. Jump. Pause and rotate while he's on the way down. Puke all over the place.

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