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Supernatural has one of the fastest-growing fanbases on It's easy to see why. (Note: The writers of the show have noticed.)

  • Considering how often the guys get pinned to the wall or tied up in Supernatural, it's not suprising that they've got a lot of bondage fans in the audience.
    • This troper finds that it's the little details that make watching them being restrained so fun; like Dean getting his head jerked back when Gordon is gagging him in Hunted or Sam's wrists being bloody when he's trying to get untied in Long Distance Caller or, hell, even them struggling so much when they get pinned to something nearly every damn episode.
      • Oh, c'mon: Sam tied to that table in Jump the Shark, wrists slit and him struggling against the ropes while he's bleeding out quickly? The writers are definitely playing to our fancies.
  • You've got a choice: you can either be disturbed by Dean being an almost-brainwashed, good little soldier and following his father's orders without question or be turned on. This troper chooses the latter option.
    • Why not both?
    • Actually any time Dean goes into whipped puppy mode is kind of disturbingly hot.
  • Because of the rather... insane nature of the Supernatural fandom, even body parts get fetishized. That would be Jensen's "cocksucking" lips and Jared Padalecki's hugeness in all areas.
  • You've got Shifter!Dean tying Sam up and laying his hands on his thighs, Demon!John leaning in real close to Dean and emotionally torturing him, and Meg!Sam holding Dean's head steady while s/he emotionally tortures him, Dean is so devoted to his family that they might as well have him on a leash, and Sam and Dean are so clingy it's scary.
  • There's the many, many, many instances of gore, two pretty boys being put through emotional hell, batshit crazy little girls and Sam's kinky sex scene, where at one point he makes a face like he's getting * ahem* a bit of dominating himself.
  • Future!Cas: his stoner looks, his stoner attitude, his sweaty, unkempt appearance. Oh, and the fact that he tells a group of girls to prepare for an orgy. Cas!Girls go Squee!
  • In Season 4's "In the Beginning," there's kind of a long scene where Sam and Dean's grandfather (played by Mitch Pileggi, Squee!) leans in very close and appears to be sniffing Dean's face and/or hair while possessed. Not to mention kissing his daughter.
  • Despite being a powerful angel, Castiel is always getting beat up and bloodied on-and-off camera. They even duct-taped his mouth shut in one episode. We also get to see his chest carved up.
  • Three Words: Dean. In. Pain. Whether he's covered in blood, being torn apart by meathooks or going through emotional hell, the prettiness just increases when he's being put through any kind of agony.
  • Shh, don't tell anyone... but this show has given this troper a huge fetish for batshit crazy little girls. Missy (a 13 year old cannibal) and Lilith (the new big bad) being the most prominent examples.
  • The episode with the dude who has the ability to make anyone do anything by giving them a command? And even with boy on boy action?
  • There is a reason why there's so many Shifter!Dean/Sam, Demon!John/Dean and Meg!Sam/Dean noncon fics, Dean is so devoted to both of them that they might have as well have him on a leash and he's also a surrogate mother/wife to both of them, they're obsessed with each other's sex lives (and there's plenty of Voyeur!Sam jokes in Season Three) and the fact that they are both pretty broken, completely co-dependant basketcases? 'Nuff Said.
    • Links to fanfics plz?
      • The subtext became practically text in In The Beginning. Sam and Dean are named after a married couple (Samuel and Deanna), Dean thinks his mom is a babe and gets his YED-possessed Grandaddy pinning him to the wall, leaning in far too close and sniffing his neck. And not forgetting Mary committing necrophiliac incest to seal her deal, which was Squick, this and tear-jerking all in one.
        • What kind of parent names their children after their married parents unless they want them to hook up? In other words, Mary Winchester was a bro yay yaoi fangirl and possibly so was John as well. Or at least that's what this troper chooses to believe. Just imagining Sam/Dean with voyeur!john...
  • Never mind Jensen Ackles in scrubs, this troper's "In My Time Of Dying"-related squiggly feelings came when he was sitting cross-legged opposite Sam and the camera showed his bare feet blackened with... something. Yummy!
    • Oh, deff. And at the end of that episode just before Papa Winchester spills the beans the light hits Dean just right and he just glows... Massive squiggly feelings right there. Damn, that man is pretty.
  • This troper was really glad she was alone in her room watching "Mystery Spot" on the computer, because the scene where Sam pulls a bullet out of his own chest and then stitches up the wound...with barely a flinch was soo hot, and she can't really figure out why...maybe because it was amazingly Badass, maybe it was the fact that you got a really good look at Jared Paladecki's body, or maybe it was because it made me want to go "Oh you poor baby" and cuddle him...excuse me, I'll be in my bunk.
    • Or maybe it's that it's easy to picture him, once he's sewn up, heading out to cap off his evening with a few drinks, a bar fight, and something forceful and wet against the wall of filthy alley.
    • Also in Mystery Spot when Dean says "Sammy, I get all tingly when you take control like that." He's not the only one.
  • Sam begging the Trickser/Gabriel in Mystery Spot gave this troper a little bit of a fetish, and a ship before I even knew that they were supposed to be enemies.
  • The Benders is full of this stuff: A strong woman carrying a big gun, a dirty little girl that looks innocent but is actually quite batshit, the family shown to be incestuous and the implication that they might have kept Dean (Papa Bender saying "Only reason I don’t let my boys take you right here and now" while Dean is tied up and they're leering at him like he's a fine bit of candy doesn't exactly disinvite ideas) and Sam getting kidnapped, stripped down to one layer and getting locked in a cage. And as for Dean, hoo boy; he gets cuffed to a police car, gets his pretty face bloodied, gets tortured while tied to a chair (and squirming very nicely) and ends up being the one in need of rescue while Sam got out easily.
  • It might have disturbed the hell out of some people but Hunted was definitely one for the powerplay fans. Sam leaves Dean in the middle of the night, treats him like a badly behaved puppy and gives him a basic ultimatum of either leaving him or protecting him. Does Dean punch him? No, he responds the way he would with John: being a good, submissive little soldier.
  • Fresh Blood - For a guy who hates evil things as much as he does, Dean looked surprisingly into being slammed against a wall and having a pair of vampire fangs in his neck. Filthy pain-slut.
    • Oh, you don't know the half of it. Remember the bit at the episode start where they're hunting the vampire in the alley? With Dean as bait? (No, not that kind. Okay maybe that kind.) Dean rolls up his sleeve, exposing a, er, remarkably healthy looking forearm (Forearm porn!), pulls out a huge-ass machete (Knife porn!), and slashes his own arm with it to lure out the vampire. Pain-slut indeed. And then, comes the phrase that will utterly destroy all Dean!girls:Dean: Smell good, don't I? I taste even better.
    • Dean's pain-slut tendencies also makes one think how he truly felt about his torture in Hell. Added with the fact that he thought he deserved to be punished and the unclear extentto how he was tortured and you have some serious fetish fuel.
  • And how is it that the famous Heart sex scene hasn't been mentioned yet? Saint Sammy needing to dominate, obvious anal and, judging from the look from his face, she's fingering his ass offscreen... it's got it all. And to make the Sam!Girls even more desperate for their bunks, most of it was improvised.
    • Sam's general willingness to use his body aggressively during sex is a huge turn-on. It's not uncommon for particularly tall and/or muscular men to feel they might break a woman, particularly a very slender one, but not Sam—you'll take everything he's giving you, give him things you have never given anyone else, and then beg for more, because he's holding down your wrists and ordering you to. And he'll stare menacingly into your eyes the whole time.
  • Speaking of voyeurism (we weren't but what the hell), there's plenty of that going around. The watching vampire in Dead Man's Blood appears to be very much enjoying seeing Dean get violated by vamp tongue, Sam watches Meg change in Shadow when he's trying to find out about her and things get slightly odd in The Magnificent Seven where Dean seems to be putting on a sex show for Sam while Sam takes it in his stride.
    • Also, Castiel watching Crowley make out with that business man? And who knows what else he's seen...
    • Maybe not quite a voyeur, but the things Crowley heard (from the back of the Impala)? We all know that he wasn't talking about the apocalypse, and there's something extemely hot about him overhearing *insert your favourite pairing here*, when they have their sexy times in the back of a car.
  • For a show airing at 9pm on The CW, they pushed the sexual tension between Dean and Demon!John in Devil's Trap as far as they possibly could. Add the at-least-95% certainty that if it was airing on... HBO, for example, that the demon would have raped his meatsuit's son while Sam would have been forced to watch to the blood, Dean in massive amounts of pain, the "Daddy, please..." and also their long tradition of pinning their leads to the wall and you've got one of the most hottest, most disturbing scenes in television.
  • If it was any other fandom then she would feel ashamed but when it comes to the Impala? Orgasm-Of-A-Car is really the only way to possibly describe that thing.
  • Do I even have to mention the two Deans in Dream A Little Dream of Me? Or the fact that one of them is evil?
  • Ruby: "Put a leash on your brother if you want to keep him, Sam." Can you really blame most of the fandom if a really dirty image went right to their brains at exactly that point? I think not.
  • Umm... "Born Under a Bad Sign", anyone? You know what I'm talking about: "My Daddy shot your Daddy in the head..."
    • While Meg-In-Sam stroking Jo's hair with a knife was sexy in a creepy way, the Internal Homage in Long Distance Caller of the Monster Of The Week doing the exact same thing to a tied-up Sam gave this troper smooshy feelings.
      • Heck, how about before Jo got tied up? Sam brings his obscenely-tall-and-broad, very-good-at-looming self into the otherwise-deserted bar, chats her up in a friendly way that quickly turns a bit cruel, and then tells her he can give her what Dean won't. He pushes her hair back and leans in closer to her face, easily countering her resistance, until he finally grabs a handful of hair and uses it to turn her back to him, and then yanks her head back...this troper approves.
  • The whole Preacher-healing-Dean scene in Faith. Heavy breathing, Dean swooning and going down on his knees... Hey, it's hot even in context. Don't judge me.
  • Fourth season, second episode: "You should show me some respect. I dragged you out of hell. I can throw you back in." Or, in other words, Castiel just totally made Dean his bitch. Now that's hot.
    • In episode 4.21, Dean "willingly signs up to become the angel's bitch (or sucker, as Bobby thinks Dean prefers!)"! (Maybe he didn't mean "the angel's" but "the angels'", it's a bit ambiguous, but that would be half as interesting.)
  • This Troper keeps mistaking the Dramatic Pause the brothers take to gaze at the match before torching a set of bones for some cue that they're about to be tackled from behind, or somehow prevented at the last second. It never happens. Guess they're just into fire, huh?
  • The matching uniforms! Cop uniforms, firemen, and of course, the priest ones. And the fact that in the gag reel Jensen and Jared actually showed up as priest themed Chippendale dancers.
    • But please tell me the teddy bear doctors disguise didn't turn anyone on...
      • W-well the regular SamnDean clothes... A-and the badges...
  • Alastair. Bad Marlon Brando impersonation aside, he's like that stalker ex-boyfriend that nobody in their right mind would want to have. And let's not even get into the implications of his "poking and prodding" thing with Dean.
    • Dean tortuirng Alastair was also High Octane Fetish Fuel. The look on his face when Alastair says (with mocking reassurance) that he's never been disappointed in him--GUH.
    • I'll be in my bunk.
    • Also, Alastair calling Dean 'Daddy's little girl', and Dean very, very...slowly sliding that knife into Alastair's...abdomen.
  • The amount of times the boys get their pretty faces bloodied. Hell, even Castiel gets beaten to a pulp in "On The Head Of A Pin". And the scars and bruises never last so that's even better.
    • This troper wishes they would last. Sad day.
    • "On the Head of a Pin" turned this Troper into a blood fetishist. Why are you so pretty when you bleed, Misha?
      • And then he (or maybe Dean?) carved the angel banishing sigil in his chest. People say Fan Disservice. Not in my world.
  • What about the ghost rape in the car? You know, where Sam gets raped by the ghost chick? She only kills unfaithful men and he was a faithful man so he informed her of that, which triggers the response, "That can be changed." *rape starts* (Not too sure exactly what she said, but it was similar to that line.) No one mentioned that and its in the first season! Come on people!
    • The first episode, actually.
  • Is it too early to mention the part in Lucifer Rising where Castiel slams Dean against the wall, pulls out Ruby's knife, and slices his own arm open? This troper was never really into bloodplay, but damn. She half-expected Cas to force Dean to drink his blood in some kinky reversal of the thing going on between Sam and Ruby. For some reason, she finds the little nod that Dean gives to Cas really hot; he's at the angel's mercy but Dean still trusts him in spite of everything. Sigh...
    • Re: thinking Cas would force Dean to drink his blood: This Troper didn't think that at the time, but that idea in general? aslkdfjfdlksdjfohgod
  • In "Lazarus Rising," when Dean says somethng along the lines of "And you became some demon's bitch boy?" to Sam.
    • They keep using that kind of terminology. Angel's bitch, demon's bitch, groped by an angel... think something's coming through here?
  • This seems to be the first example of Fetish Fuel on this page geared towards straight males, which is sad, but here it is:
    • Dean: How do you sleep at night?
    • Bella: On silk sheets, rolling naked in money.
    • It doesn't matter that it isn't actually shown, it's still hot as hell.
      • Hell, this troper is a straight(ish) female, and that already sounds really good. Uff da.
      • I'm a gay male and that even made me think of Bela in a sexy (well more sexy) light.
  • From "The End", Dean convinces Future-Dean of his identity by talking about the time the girl they were interested in made them wear her pink, silk panties. And he kinda liked it.
  • The flashback of Ruby's seduction of Sam in I Know What You Did Last Summer. She's an evil bitch, he was acting like a complete asshole at the time, the whole thing is absolutely marinated in pain and bitterness and self-loathing, and oh, let's not forget that she's a demon riding a coma patient's body, for heaven's sake. Everything about that scene is just so very, very wrong. And yet so very, very right.Ruby (in a throaty voice): "I told you, it's all me inside [this body]. There's no one else in here. And it's - nice inside this body, Sam..."
  • This troper got a bit excited in Abandon All Hope.... Firstly, Sam and Dean being grabbed from behind by Crowley's minions was a MASSIVE turn-on because it's not often they are effectively restrained without bindings or supernatural powers. Secondly, Castiel being trapped by Lucifer's holy oil ring of fire was also really hot (no pun intended) because, even though he wasn't physically restrained, it's not often that Castiel is held captive at all, let alone in the same method he used more than once on other angels. The latter is a turn-on for similar reasons to the Meg!Sam/Long Distance Caller parallel.
    • Hell, Crowley himself. From his Affably Evil affect to his Wicked Cultured ways to his sexy, raspy, lower-class British Accent, altogether topped by not only being an Evil Brit but also a Mean One, he's practically a collection of fetishes. By the time he got around to screaming at the brothers, This Troper was more than ready to have him yell "HOW ABOUT YOU DON'T MISS, OKAY?! MORONS!" to one of them (or hell, both of them) in bed....
  • How has nobody mentioned the comparison between Bloodlust and Hunted, where Sam (in Bloodlust) and Dean (in Hunted) both get kidnapped, tied to a chair AND gagged? It was hot when it happened to Sam the first time, but when it was essentially re-created to give Dean a go as well... phwoar.
  • Why has no one mentioned Sam's demon blood habit? Him throwing Ruby onto the bed and cutting her to get his fix in When the Levee Breaks after detoxing makes him desperate is definitely one of the hottest moments of the show. This Troper also reaaally liked the scene in Good God, Y'all in which he runs his thumb over Ruby's knife after killing what was not really a demon, and then just sort of stares at the blood on it until Dean bursts in.
  • Cas in Changing Channels: duct tape!
    • And the fact that the second time he shows up, just prior to the duct tape, he has a nice trickle of blood down his nose without explanation of how it got there. Leaves things open to interpretation; where, exactly, did the Trickster send him, and what happened whilst there...?
  • This Troper sees opportunities in Castiel' utter bafflement at, um, pretty much everything to do with humanity. The fact that he's a virgin just means that Dean can corrupt him.
  • Drunk!Sam in Playthings. For one thing, he clings to Dean to the extent that at one point he pretty much looks like he's about to kiss him (until Dean slaps him away). Then he rolls onto his stomach and nuzzles his face in the pillow, and his shirt rides up to expose a strip of skin. YES PLEASE.
    • And a similar thing in Sam, Interrupted: a tremendously giddy drugged!Sam gets his face quite close to Dean's, then touches Dean's nose and chirps, "Boop!", grinning like an idiot. And Dean STAYS THERE for a moment. This Troper's never been into Wincest, but I couldn't help thinking they were gonna kiss for a second there...
  • I can't believe nobody's mentioned Sex and Violence yet. You've got a hot (male) siren, a creature who manipulates his prey sexually, and he's making both of the boys FIGHT OVER HIM by playing on Dean's brother issues (among other things.) Not to mention Sam's sex scene in that office, and the grabbing/knifeplay that the Siren is forcing Dean to do toward the end of the episode.Siren (whispering in Dean's ear): "Why don't you cut him, just a little, on his neck, right there."

... I'll be in my bunk. Forever.

  • Sex and Violence actually has a Missed Moment of Fetish Fuel, as the original script had the Siren stroking Dean's hair during the scene in the boys' room. What Could Have Been
  • "The Song Remains The Same" is essentially bookended with Castiel whump. Not helping is the fact that Dean and Sam are all over him after he collapses and Dean puts him up in the honeymoon suite.
  • Ahem. "Swap Meat", people. Grand Theft Jared Padalecki, anyone? With all the flexing that entails?
    • And then we had Sam tied to a post for a good portion of the second-half of the episode. Struggling very nicely, I'll have you know.
  • It may not rank among the greatest hits of the series, but one thing "Red Sky At Morning" did oh so very right was put Dean in a tuxedo. YUM.
    • Not to mention Bela's "angry sex" line. Oh, the images...
  • This troper found old!Dean of The Curious Case of Dean Winchester to be even hotter than regular Dean. I'm not sure whether it was the grey hair or him realizing how many painful things his "new" body can do to him; maybe both.
  • It might be a bit too early to mention Dark Side of the Moon, but Sam and Dean being grabbed from behind out of nowhere by Zach's cronies was great, and then Dean's ball-gag line...
  • Dean and Castiel's permanent eye sex. Maybe even lampshaded in 5x18:
    Dean: "Last person who looked at me like that, I got laid."
  • It may be too soon to mention but, Lucifer!Sam talking to Actual!Sam in Swan Song. Evil Is Sexy and Mind Game Ship combined, even if we don't actually get to see it:
    Lucifer:Sam, Come on. I can feel you, scratching away in there. Look, I'll take the gag off, okay?"
    • On a similar note, the scene where Lucifer appears to Sam in a dream (first as Jess, his dead girlfriend) and then as his current (backup) host. The forced complicity is ridiculous.
  • I can't belive Folsom Prison Blues isn't on here. It's a real live Prison!AU, with convicts yelling "you're mine, baby" in the boys' direction and Dean reassuring Sam that he "won't trade [him for smokes."]
  • The Trickster is seriously sexy. As a reality warper, imagine how simple it would be to summon up a few copies of himself ([1] anyone). Also imagine the possibilities of even simple things like causing slight vibrations in all the right spots, [2]s, etc. Even without the shapeshifting this troper will be in his bunk.
    • Not to mention him kidnapping Sam, Dean and Cas in Changing Channels, then gagging Cas with duct tape...
  • Lucifer killing gods was ridiculously hot because a) CRAZY BADASS and b) Mark Pellengrino's forearm got covered in blood. Unnnfff da.
    • And it led to him cradling Gabriel while killing him!
  • It might be a bit early to mention The Third Man, but I'm going to anyway; for starters, Cas is super!BAMF and, therefore, super hot, and also, Cas' line about having a "profound bond" with Dean made me all smooshy, and I'm not even a Destiel shipper. Okay, maybe I'm a closet Destiel shipper.
    • In addition, there's all of the Cas/Balthazar stuff. This Troper is now a Castazar shipper and wants Cas in on one of Balthazar's "ménage à... how do you say twelve?"
      • I'll second that, especially when Balthazar all but admits he's very much an admirer of Cas.
  • Maybe a Missed Momentof Awesome, but this troper is really turned on by the fact that Bela had to make out with a girl demon to make her deal, even if/especially because Bela was only 14 at the time.
  • Live Free or Twihard. Dean being jumped in an alley by a big burly vampire who thought he was pretty, who then proceeds to smear his blood all over Dean's face? YEAH.
    • Also, Dean's face when the Big Bad vampire smears the blood on him, teetering between being converted and unconsciousness.
  • Ruby. Just in general. But especially that bit in season three where she tough talks the scary demon/witch chick. Oh the Foe Yay...
  • From the 6x08 promo: Dean shooting a sniper's rifle. UNF. Coupled with the glimpses we saw of future!Dean, This Troper has a huge hankering for a cold-blooded, paramilitary Dean.
  • From 6x07 episode: Family Matters - You have Sam all tied up to a chair and bleeding, while Dean and Castiel are in the room discussing what to do with him. I'm not usually someone who thinks of these things, but a lot of dirty thoughts ran through my mind during that scene. Especially when Cas gave Sam a belt to bite down on, while he stuck his hand inside his stomach, dear lord did I turn red.
  • Do clips from the Season 5 gag reel count? First there's the blowjob motions Jensen (Dean) makes while he and Misha (Castiel) are filming the infamous "Blow me, Cas" scene, and then Jared (Sam) grabbing Misha's face and trying to drag him into a kiss while Jensen makes a :O face in the background...could double as a Crowning Moment of Funny, but they made a good chunk of the fandom very happy in a whole different way.
    • Also, the bit where Jensen and Jared are growling at Misha and he points at them and says, "You guys!" If you listen closely, Jared says "jerking off in the hallway". Um...
      • Mmmm, the implications of Jensen and Jared teaming up on Misha.....
  • Gabriel/Trickster. Oh, God, this troper loves the way he smirks just before he's about to do something particularly devious or cruel.
  • 6x10, Caged Heat. Pretty much in its entirety, whether you like the episode or not. Sam and Dean knocked out, kidnapped and tied to chairs by Big Burly Demon. Meg straddling Dean's waist and her several references to their "kinky" situation and how she likes it. Meg telling Dean not to deny that he likes being tied up, Big Burly Demon leering at Dean, and Dean asking Big Burly Demon if he's going to kiss him. Cas watching porn and getting a boner, with Dean noticing AND commenting on it. THAT KISS. Love it or hate it, this episode was fanservice to the highest degree.
    • But mostly, THAT KISS. After two episodes of name-calling and rough foreplay and barely-concealed UST mutual disdain.
      • Okay, that and Dean and Sam's reaction to it. They basically ogle the entire thing, with supposedly-soulless Sam looking affected and Dean making weird clutching motions with his hands like he doesn't know what to do with them. And later on, in spite of everything that's happened and the discovery that getting back Sam's closesoul won't be as easy as they thought, Dean can't help throwing in a snide remark (after he says he's going to kill Meg) referencing her kiss with Castiel. He's clearly still thinking about it.
  • Season Five. Episode 18 (Point of No Return): When Cas gets so pissed off at Dean's intention to say yes that he goes and beats him up, saying "I gave everything for you, and this is what you give to me?" And generally throwing him around the alleyway, with Dean being like a limp punchingbag. Well, I was a bit too gleeful over that scene, and had to school my expression into something a bit more appropriate since I was watching with my parents... I dunno, but there's just something hot about Cas getting his rage on. And the fact that it's Dean on the receiving end of it.
    • Add that all of Dean's close relationship with males tend to eventually become dom/sub with him as the submissive one either mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically, or all the above and you have some great fantasies on your hands.
    • It's kind of Fridge Fetish Fuel when you realize that considering he beat Dean to basically a bloody pulp on the ground, and Dean woke up just kind of sore... not only did Cas fix Dean up with powers after he was done with him, but he intentionally didn't heal him all the way so that he'd still feel it in the morning. So basically... if punishment is your thing: hnnnnng.
  • This Troper was never a Sam fangirl. Ever. It was Dean all the way. Why? Where do I start? Those oh-so-kissable lips, the fact that he's a master of the "beat puppy" look, the attitude, the hidden pain, the clothes, the car...Everything about him. So even though this troper knew about Castiel before she saw season four, I was fairly sure I wasn't going to deviate from my obsessive DeanGirl vibe. Was I ever wrong. Castiel pushes all my innocent/soldier/deadpan buttons. And there's the Badass Longcoat. Then there's Gabriel/The Trickster. I have a thing for Tricksters, and Gabriel pushes that button on so many levels. I'll just go be in my bunk for a while.
  • Was I the only one turned on by Sam and Dean exorcising Meg in Season One?
  • This Troper has developed a creepy new fetish thanks to "Bloody Mary". The part where Sam looks up at the mirror to see his black-eyed Evil Counterpart hissing at him about how it's all his fault as both their eyes bleed in the dark...It's hot.
  • This troper got very hot and bothered during that one scene where Azazel massacres the nuns and then gets down on his knees to talk to Lucifer. Anyone else get a daddykink feel from that?
  • Two words: thigh holster. Who knew a few nylon straps would bring on such lurid fantasies?
  • Awfully soon to mention, maybe, but Slash Fiction. Every scene with Leviathan!Sam and Leviathan!Dean. Especially that video of them in the diner. Good God, but they're sexy when they're evil.
  • A word to the wise, Mark Pellegrino. Don't practically purr your lines about making Sam "your little bitch in every sense of the term." In less making this Wiki Contributer feel incredibly creepy about her reaction to it was the goal.
  • Dean in 1940s attire. That's all.
  • Sam's first flashback in "I Know What You Did Last Summer". I'm sorry, but was I the only one who was paying attention to the fact that Sam - who was drunk and desperate at the time - was more than ready to seal a deal with a male crossroads demon?
  • Leviathan!Castiel at the end of Season 6/start of Season 7. I may have hated what they did to his character, but holy hell, evil!Cas could do whatever he wanted with me.
  • I know it's odd, but I have a MASSIVE attraction to Death and War. I wish someone could help me figure out why.
  • That scene in "Heaven and Hell" where Alastair tortures Ruby?Oh, Her screaming,and almost being able to see her bare breasts. And then there was that shot of her bare feet, angled as sexily as possible...I'll be in my bunk, and I'm probably never coming out.

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