Arcueid Brunsteid. Strongest of the True Ancestors, survived being killed by a guy who can kill anything....and manages to look really cute in a sweater.

Usually, most people don't consider sweaters sexy. Most just consider them what you put on to keep the cold at bay.

Regardless, some people, women especially, manage to make sweaters look sexy(especially taking them off).

Perhaps its the fact of how it adheres to the body of the wearer. Maybe its a combination of the conservative nature of the garment mixing weirdly yet nicely with the figure of the woman in question, resulting in a kind of sexy that is fairly wholesome yet has it's own kind of appeal.

In any case, maybe your fetish fuel couldn't be better......especially if its a girl in a sweater.


Anime and MangaEdit

  • Namie Yagiri of Durarara has an unhealthy fixation on her brother and a dour disposition, but she does look good in a green sweater.




A school sweater is a standard article for Hogwarts students, but also in the movies character tend to wear sweaters alot.

Live Action TVEdit


Video GamesEdit

  • The page picture is Arceiud Brunsteid from the visual novel Tsukihime, walking proof all vampires don't need to wear leather to look sexy.

Web OriginalEdit

Western AnimationEdit

  • In Total Drama, Dawn (arguably the most Moe girl on the show) wears a green sweater that just looks adorable on her.
    • Similarly, Bridgette (one of the show's many Ms. Fanservices) wears a small blue hoodie that bares her midriff.

Real LifeEdit

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