Sweeney todd ver6

How about a shave?

  • This troper has had a thing about old-fashioned straight razors since watching the 2007 version of SweeneyTodd. I mean, seriously.
  • This troper became rather... agitated when Judge Turpin pinned Anthony to an armchair and basically called him a slut. "Would you say you're practiced, boy?"
  • Oh God and when that boy is whipped...
    • For this troper, it's definitely the part where Anthony gets up off the ground all bedraggled and spitting blood... and then walks away still singing, smeared in blood, almost in a Dark Reprise of what he was singing just before (though by far not the darkest) and looking slightly Joker-ish. It presses buttons I really didn't want to know I had.
  • "Epiphany". Johnny Depp with a razor to Helena Bonham Carter's throat, singing about how they both deserve to die. Worth it just for the look on her face, but with the added layer that they're being directed by Tim Burton, best friend to Depp and husband of Bonham Carter.
  • The sight of Sweeney absolutely drenched in his enemy's blood in the movie's closing scenes is WAY hotter than it has any right to be. GUH.
  • Anthony in general. He keeps being molested by everyone. Seriously. In the script, even Lucy Barker, as the Beggar Woman gets in on the Anto-creeping. Also from the script, the Greek Chorus, with the Gentleman and the Student and so on, were meant to be disconcerting and creepy, indicative of Todd's mental state. They are also inadvertently highly appealing.
  • On another note, even though this troper doesn't swing that way, Johanna has a definite appeal. Someone definitely got off on the Wife Husbandry angle, for one, or the flouncy bosomy dresses Turpin sticks her in, but this troper can't help but feel squiggly over the scenes with her in boy's clothes. Holy gosh.
  • This Troper knows she is sick and wrong, but she totally gets off on the ball the Judge holds when he's going to rape Lucy. Maybe it's just the furry in her...
  • Mrs. Lovett. Her insanity, her crush on Sweeney Todd, her impossibly low neckline, her hair, her pale skin, the fact she's played by Helena Bonham Carter... Not to mention that little scene during "Epiphany".
  • Just the very fact that Alan Rickman sings. Seriously, does anything more need to be said?


  • Michael Cerveris as Sweeney Todd, mmmh...

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