• All the virtual reality stuff is fetish itself. Imagine you can move your mind to a virtual world where you can adopt any features and where you can do whatever you want...
  • Cross Playing is a uniquitous option to MMORPG players, so why not in this virtual real life-looking one?
    • It's explained that spending too much time crossplaying in a full immersion virtual reality eventually causes psychological issues. After a significant amount of time logged in, male players began to experience anxiety over the lack of... essential equipment.
    • But it's entirely possible. At the episode 1, you have a virtual loli GIRL flirting with a guy. The guy isn't amused when 'her' masquerade falls apart.
  • The the last scene of the anime episode 11 some soldiers have cornered some young children and demand them take off their equipment while smiling viciously. Don't tell me that this scene doesn't remind you of anything...
  • Asuna is the unwilling fanservice girl on the show. Suguha does the same, althought in a different fashion.
  • Don't forget her 'sleep with Kirito-kun' misunderstanding. She has a sexy underwear, indeed.
  • Asuna's Fairy Queen outfit is stripperific to a fault, most likely obeying Sugou's preferences. It even has a ridiculously small top. Apparently, it is designed to blend the classic princess dress with the sexual slavery imagery.
  • The infamous rape scene at the series's finale. In a sudden outburst of libido, Sugou tears out her top and sexually assault her in front of impaled Kirito. When Asuna starts to quietly cry in humiliation and embarrassment, he hungrily licks her tears and extatically shout out in delight. Then Sugou goes to rip her bottom garments and move to higher, but Kirito finally snaps and rise to stop the act.
    • Sugou's yelling was pretty... orgasmic, yeah.
    • Asuna's hair averts the inevitable topless shot, by the way. Her side locks swiftly cover her nipples when Sugou bare her boobs.
    • This is not the first rape scene featured by Asuna. When she is captured by two slug-like mooks, one of them starts to pervertedly rub her with his tentacles and promises more fun, but Asuna bitterly doesn't tolerate it.
  • The series is plenty full of Foot Focus.
    • Yui, the innocent girl in white, always goes barefoot, and gets some focused shots here and there. Even her Pixie form doesn't have footwear aside from her anklets, and is constantly wiggling her bare feet while flying.
    • In her Titania form, Asuna's skimpy attire doesn't include footwear. She is mostly barefoot, with only a tiny strape wrapped around each foot, in a similar way to the barefoot sandals. She has a few shots to her feet in her bed and while running out of the cage.
      • Probably, Asuna being barefoot as a captive symbolizes her submission before Sugou. Or maybe it's just the artistic designer.
      • She looks perfectly fine walking around barefoot. She even tries to activate the tactile interface with her toes when the slugs restrain her arms.
    • As her appearances are all indoors, Suguha almost never wear shoes. Combined with her shorts, she has a nice leg display as well.
  • Lyfa has a pair of lush boobs. Seeing Recon's reactions, her cleavage might have practical in-game purposes.
  • Suguha doesn't mind about her loose pajama jacket, specially when Kirito is getting a face full of her cleavage.
  • The most bizarre subplot in the series. Why the hell is Suguha suddenly in love with her recently-discovered-not brother? Is she immune to the Westermarck effect?
  • Season 2 introduces Sinon and her tight, tight ass. Episode 5 also shows she wears a very lovely set of underwear too.
  • Lisbeth grabbing Suguha's boobs in Extra Edition. Good went on for a while and I enjoyed every second of it.

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