• Heavy X Medic
    This troper is pretty sure Team Fortress 2 counts.
  • Sure it does. For big, beefy bald guys you have the Heavy. Then there's Medic for handsome older men, as well as doctor fetishes, intellectuals, and blood kink for starters. The Engineer has his impressive 11 Phds, cowboy appeal, and masculine jaw. Not to mention the the apparently French Spy and Pyro, who looks like he (she?) is wearing a gimp suit.
  • The Soldier could count for those into soldiers, except you can't see his eyes at all due to his helmet. Though he does have a pretty manly chin...
    • And his habit of delivering all his dialogue like he's shouting orders might do something for people who like being dominated...
  • This troper will bite the bullet and admit she has a thing for the Demoman. It's the eyepatch.
  • Is anyone else turned on by the announcer? When you win or capture a point and she gets sultry...
    • This troper is now wondering about the...squiggly feelings she gets every time she hears the announcer's voice. I initially assumed she just creeped me out, but...
    • Fact: the Announcer is voiced by Ellen McLain, the same woman who provides the voice of GLaDOS. Make of that what you will.
      • ...And she's married to John Patrick Lowrie, who voices Sniper!
  • As if the suit wasn't enough, the Spy can turn either invisible or into anyone else.
    • As seen in the "Meet the Spy" video, he wears his mask in bed. Kinky.
  • No love for the Sniper? The cool, calm killer who's so polite and efficient? He's also got that Jarate if you're into watersports.
  • The Scout must not go without mention. How many people have this nubile young man as their Launcher Of A Thousand Ships? Besides, listen carefully to him in Meet the Sandvich. Aren't some of those sounds, well... suggestive?
  • Then we do also have the weird kind of stuff that results from gender bending the characters in fanart. Bonus points that said gender bended characters have also been paired with their male counterparts.
    • Here's the whole crew. Eat your heart out.
    • Then there's this version.
    • ChemicalAlia is creating female versions of the TF2 classes, right now there is the Female Spy, Heavy and Medic. They don't overboard on the sexiness, but they can be fetish-y, at least to me.
    • Nerf Now is a webcomic mostly about the Team Fortress 2 characters, some of them in female versions. There's both romance and a nice amount of fanservice. The artist even has a deviantART page with even more fanservice!
  • Scout's Mom looks damn good for someone who's given birth to eight kids.
    • The TF2 wiki has a screenshot of one of the pics of her and the Spy. I have to say, he ain't bad looking either. You wouldn't know it by how slender his physique looks in the suit, but the guy is ripped.
    • Someone made a fanvid where the Blu Spy tries disguising himself as Scout's Mom. Rough, but fetishistic as hell. (Too bad it's not a little longer....)
  • Though they aren't entirely accurate, all the abundant foreign accents in this game are quite satisfying indeed.
  • Is it just me, or is Miss Pauling really cute? Also, them glasses.
  • All of the team! I'll do any of them, they are all awesome! I just can't choose which one I like better; the big and beefy Heavy, the smart and creepy Medic, the Scottish and eyepatched Demoman, the cute and fast Scout, the mysterious and pyromaniac Pyro, the smart and inventive Engineer, the French and mysterious Spy, the rough and tough Soldier or the calm and efficient Sniper... There's something for everyone's taste... and since I have varied tastes... Oh yeah...

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