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Yeah, I'm sure this was accidental.


I mean her cape is just so sexy, ya know? Hot! Ya feel me?

–Keichirou, Ghost Stories

  • Raven probably is the show's most intriguing and complex character. She also has, without question, the biggest chest of all the girls, hips as wide as her shoulders, and wears a skintight one-piece outfit. She's a beautiful, sometimes vulnerable, busty, slender, enticingly-clad teenaged girl. That's a turn-on for about 90% of the male population right there.
    • Amen to "enticingly-clad" - those legs, man! Those leeeeeeeegs....!!!!
  • In "Nevermore," her Superpowered Evil Side drags Dr. Light under her cloak, with tentacles of darkness. Her personality fragments later that episode could strike a few fancies of their own, especially since they're all Raven's real emotions.
  • In "Bunny Raven," Raven gets turned into... a bunny. An adorable, sarcastic bunny in a leotard and cloak. There's even a shot where she's turned around while being held up by her cloak, and wiggles her tail.
  • In "Masks," she loses her powers when Red X slaps a gag over her mouth.
  • In several episodes, she gets covered in strange goo, always with more detail and reaction than the others.
  • "Stranded" ends with her moaning pleasurably while adoring miniature aliens give her a thorough massage and feed her grapes.
  • In "Every Dog Has His Day," a green alien dog mistaken for Beast Boy keeps knocking her down, then jumping on her chest to lick her face. After the Titans realize it's not BB, it licks Raven again by shooting out its yards longprehensile tongue. On top of that, it was intelligent and conversational, so it had to know damn well what it was doing the whole time.
    • Dog's got good taste, I'll give him that...
    • "I was having too much fun."
  • Raven was briefly mummified by videotape in "Fear Itself".
  • The yellow dress and pigtails in "Mother Mae-Eye" seem tailor-made for the Lolicon fetishists.
    • Most of two episodes later, she actually does get aged down temporarily while in a white version of her usual outfit.
  • "Spellbound" sees her in a romantic relationship with a Mailer Daemon, which turned out to be a dragon.
  • In "Hide and Seek," we get a passing glimpse◊of some suspiciously well-defined cheeks as Raven descends into the shot, with her back to the viewer.
  • "Birthmark." Her encounter with Slade is straight-up Mind Rape, inspiring slashfics and even a hentai flash video using the audio of that scene. None of these are far removed from what actually happened, which includes Clothing Damage that shreds Raven's costume to its barest essentials and her hair growing down to her waist. If that wasn't enough - how about her being covered in glowy demonic tattoo markings?
    • I'm a chick and even I know someone was turned on by Raven's tattoos.
      • I'm a chick and I was.
      • Just the tattoos? For this female troper, it was the tattoos plus the near-naked Raven with long hair.
      • And while some people probably got creeped out by the fact that Slade was particularly grabby towards Raven and was pretty much stalking her in "Birthmark" this troper found Slade overpowering and instilling a sense of fear into a normally composed Raven...And that scene where she was half-naked and he had grabbed her arms and leaned in close to whisper in her ear how it's certain she was going to destroy the world because "it's written...all over...your face..." And THEN, the shot of an unconscious Raven being held by Slade with her long hair blowing in the breeze...Yeah... Going to my bunk now.
      • One scene has Slade holding her in a way that, if I didn't know any better, I'd think was a very-very-softcore hentai picture.
    • This ep just makes me want to cuddle and comfort her.
  • Since she officially declared Melvin, Timmy, and Teether to be "her kids", can we count her as a Hot Mom?
    • No question about that. Hell YES.
  • How about when Beast Boy yanks her cloak off to do an Obi-Wan impersonation, and she throws her arms over her chest with a horrified look as though she'd just been stripped naked?
  • Am I the only one who finds her voice to be a turn-on? There's just something about that raspiness that makes me feel all tingly!
    • Oh God, it's not just you. Tara gave her a voice that's sultry and deep, but still very very feminine. And that moaning she gave while getting massaged at the end of "Stranded" just fuels the imagination.
    • Combined with her sarcastic and snarky attitude.
  • The end of the episode "The Quest" where she joined everyone else in dressing up in one of Robin's uniforms.
    • This troper found it amusing that she was the only one who actually fitted into the outfit.
  • Some episodes give a decent amount of close-ups on her shapely legs either crossed or otherwise.
  • Starfire's strong, as mentioned below, but Raven can hold you down without even touching you.
    • Has demonstrated the ability to bind people or grab them using hands she forms from her powers.
  • The beginning of the episode "The Beast Within" where the team is fighting a arrogant buffed up character named Adonis has Raven attempting to hold him in place with her powers but he easily breaks her hold, and tackles her to the ground where he pins her for a moment; complete with him purring "You're feisty" and grinning at her in a perverted manner while she struggles against his hold.
  • Anyone else think she looks good in a suit at a news desk?
  • In Go 24, when they all switch powers around. Raven has Robin's costume, which is alluring on its own. But getting his 'powers' gives her his flexibility, shown by her being able to do the splits very easily.
  • Her original outfit in the DC Comics◊only adds to the already burning fetish fire.
  • What, no mention of the episode where she switches bodies with Starfire, prompting her to express her emotions in order to use her powers? That episode really did something for this troper (who was already turned on by her troubled emotional life to begin with). And probably for a lot of mind switch fetishists, too. The audio was at some points suggestive as well, something which the aforementioned creator of the Teen Titan hentai Flash videos was not late to take advantage of.
  • Raven's troubled past and complexity make both sexy and lovable. I just want to take care of her.


  • She's strong. Really strong. Ding-ding-femdom.
  • Doesn't Starfire seem like the kind of girl who'd be willing to try anything once? Anything?
  • Though not quite as stacked as Raven, the animators were kind enough to give her an occasional Gainax bounce, most notably in "Date With Destiny" where it was accompanied by an appropriately sproingy sound effect.
  • While we're at it, in half of the episodes of season 1, Starfire was attacked by tentacle monsters. It's enough for a drinking game during a marathon.
  • In one throw-away gag, Starfire was shown with a ten-inch tongue.
    • You'd think that, plus freakin' NINE stomachs, would give her more Big Eater tendencies...
    • That's a nod to the comics, as is the Cat Girl bit during Bunny Raven. In the comics, the Tamaranians are evolved at least partially from felines.
  • In "Transformation" she got, among other things, a horn and hairy feet. Aside from the metaphor for puberty, the person who finally explained it to her was an insect-like Galadriel figure. Who promptly turned in to a big spider thing that wanted to eat her, which doubtless set off a few Vorers.
    • Assuming they hadn't already been set off a few minutes earlier when some kind of alien venus flytrap plant thing actually did eat her. (It spat her right back out, but still.)
  • In "Mother Mae-Eye," Starfire was subjected to a villain's "see-through vision."
    • She blushes and covers herself with her arms when he tells her this. Note that in the original comics, Starfire has no concern about nudity at all. But then, for her not to care would have made it even more titillating, wouldn't it?
      • Speaking of her modesty (or lack of it), one issue of Teen Titans Go! ends with Starfire and Beast Boy stark naked. BB's embarassed and tries to cover up, but Starfire doesn't seem to care that Robin and Cyborg aren't averting their eyes all that much.
  • In "The Quest," when the Titans were missing Robin so they all dressed up like him? Starfire in a Robin uniform◊. Yyyeeaaaah...
    • And somehow managed to get a bare midriff. Rule Of Funny plus Fetish Fuel equals "yes please".
      • Well, to be fair, she IS a fair bit taller than Robin.
  • Starfire can learn new languages by kissing people. Just think about the implications for a minute there.
    • What implications? She learns intimate knowledge of how other people think and express themselves by putting her mouth to the appropriate... parts....... oh. Oh, wow.
    • That would actually make a good plot point in Final Night. Not even the green powers rings can translate Indigo-1's langauge, just get Starfire in there and she and Indigo-1 would...I need to go lie down for a while.
    • The movie that introduced this ability also established that Raven knows at least five other languages.
      • Dear Author: Please restrict this ability to one ON SCREEN kiss per language. Then make them go globe hopping.
    • Implications taken to their logical conclusion.
  • Of course you can't forget the fact that she's a redhead, right?
  • Or her really, really short Magic Skirt; those arm bands; tight, sleeveless top; her overall exuberant personality which means she's rather eager about initiating a group hug with everybody. Especially Raven... or when they hugged each other in "Every Dog Has It's Day" out of fear.
    • Not to mention that her boots are a dream come true for ahem, a certain type of fetishist. There is even one episode when a green alien dog steals one of her boots and we get a shot of her sliding it back on - not very long or drawn to be particularly sensual, but hey, it does the trick for some.
    • That skirt and those long, long boots have another fetish.
  • Mother Mae-Eye binds Starfire in a baby chair and tries to force feed her pies using a conveyor belt.
    • Not to mention the few sizes too big sweater she gets forced into.
  • The episode "Betrothed" almost sees her getting married to a fat gooey...thing...that she gets stuck to at one point. It then stuffs her in it's mouth before spitting her back out.
    • For the wedding she dresses up in a simple white dress that she takes off before fighting Blackfire. In a few seconds she disintegrates the dress off her body by flaring up her powers revealing her usual outfit underneath that.
    • Not to mention the battle she had with Blackfire which featured a lot of grappling, Blackfire approaching a fallen Starfire, Blackfire ordering Starfire (who was on her knees) to "bow down to your Grand Ruler", Blackfire tackling and slamming Starfire into a wall, Blackfire beating the crap out of Starfire with stone pillars and throwing her into walls...
      • Heck, Blackfire herself makes her sexier. This troper has a thing for women who look alike, twins or not.
      • Plus, while she's on her hands and knees, we get a nice angle from the camera, giving us a very nice shot of her alien-tastic booty!
  • There's a few episodes that feature Starfire restrained in some way or another.
  • The exoticness of Starfire always got this troper going. Something about the orange skin tone or the green eyes always made him pay close attention


  • Robin switching out his uniform with a white leather jacket and sunglasses◊in The Movie.
  • Too busy drooling over that part in "Haunted" where he's strapped down to a medical bed. The camera seemedveeerrry content to watch him struggle.
    • I can't be the only one who thought the end result of his No Holds Barred Beatdown in that episode - with all the cuts and scrapes and the tears in his clothing - was oddly... attractive...
      • Not to mention when Robin begs Slade to stop beating him up and in response Slade grabs Robin (who's wearing teared up clothing) in his hands, brings him very close to his face, and whispers "No... Robin. I won'tstop. Not now, not ever. I am the thing that keeps you up at night. The evil that haunts every dark corner of your mind. I will never rest... and neither will you..." Yeah, this troper's face felt hot during that scene...
  • Even the boys can't escape tentacle encounters - there was one scene in The Movie where Robin gets dragged bodily by tentacles into the gut of a giant ink monster. Yeah...
  • Come to think of it, the boy seemed to get tied up a lot...
    • Seconded. In "Calling of Titans", the last frame is of Robin kneeling in front of the brain, his arms bound and head bowed. Many found that image surprising in more ways than one...
  • If long hair is your thing, Robin's adult form Nightwing no doubt gave you a few squees.
    • Hardly surprising considering that Nightwing is probably the biggest chick magnet in DC Comics nowadays, in-universe and out.
      • There is a reason members of the fandom call him Nightfling.
    • Oh God, Nightwing. This troper never read the comic and hasn't seen that episode in years and still had a dream about him last week. No where near as erotic or romantic as I would have liked, but still...
  • Robin, soaking wet with dripping slicked-down hair in "Haunted". That is all.
  • His apprentice uniform in the Season One finale consists of skintight black spandex and metal-plated body armor and showcases some rather... well-defined shoulder blades.
    • Slade holding Robin's arms behind his back while saying "I monitored your vital signs during the mission. Elevated heart rate, adrenaline, endorphins. You won't admit it, but at some enjoyed stealing for me. It was athrill, wasn't it?" And later on he pretty much manhandles Robin to the ground, getting really close to his face, angry that the only thing he cares about are his "worthless, little friends!" He then goes on to say "If the Titans are so distracting, maybe I should just get rid of them." Robin admits defeat with "Don't. I'll do whatever you say." And Slade's reply? "Good boy. And from now on, I'd like you to call me master."
      • The part with Robin on the ground on all fours, with his ass in the air, has always been a favorite of this troper.
  • Also his white loose-fitting martial arts tunic from "The Quest", which is subjected to Clothing Damage (revealing Robin's bare arms).
  • When Robin had to take Kitten to prom, he was wearing a nice suit. And riding a motorcycle. * fans self*

Beast BoyEdit

  • This troper is sure that many people would love to have Beast Boy shapeshifting...
    • This Troper has seen at least three doujins that have Beast Boy utilize shape shifting to improve his * cough* equipment. If You Know What I Mean. Just be assured that it involves a partial transformation into a Donkey and a full transformation into an octopus.
    • One fanfic said it best, in response to a failed flirting attempt "Oh yeah and I bet you're hung like a horse as well huh" "...that might actually be possible."
      • Come to think of it, we know he's capable of changing specific parts at a time...
    • Probably unintentional on the part of the writers/artists, as it's a common mistake, but Beast Boy turns into what is clearly a female angler fish in "Wavelength." So he might be able to use his powers for all out Gender Bender.
    • Keep in mind that he transforms specifically into animals. With Beast Boy, you have beastiality without everything that makes it wrong.
  • There's also the fact that out of all the Titans he's proven by far the easiest to keep under Mind Control.
  • In "Masks" Red X renders his powers useless, making him impotent, if you will, by smothering him in sticky fluid, which gets stuck in his hair.
  • Throughout the series, he has two potty emergencies, one of which was somewhat implied to end in a Potty Failure. Omorashi, I believe, is the appropriate term.
  • "The Beast Within" where he transforms at different points in the episode to a ravenous wolflike humanoid (strangely similar to the titular Beast of Beauty And The Beast) whenever he gets angry or overly stressed. Accompanied with scenes of him sweating heavily and straining from pain as his whole body buffs up, grows hair, and bursts out of his clothes.
    • His voice and new attitude in that episode were, well... "Look, Raven, I've been a really nice guy for a really long time. I've put up with your insults... and your attitude... and I've had it!"
  • He has POINTY. EARS. Also, green is this troper's favorite colour. Therefore, green people are automatically slightly more attractive than flesh-toned ones. Yes, that is how the troper's mind works.


  • This troper has heard at least one girl state they liked Slade's sexy, sexy voice.
  • Slade, with his voice mentioned above, has given this troper a liking for masks, a STRONG liking. And body armor, though that was probably more Terra's fault.
  • Oh, my God, Slade. The voice, the look, the shadowy, sly demeanor. The Foe Yay between him and Robin... This Troper may be twisted, but Slade is the sexiest character on the show.
  • And then there's Slade's choice of words in dealing with his apprentices. When talking to Robin about the heist he forced Robin to perform, he says that Robin enjoyed the thrill and that "Deep down inside, you enjoyed it". A season later, when Beast Boy shouts "What did you do to her?" at Slade about Terra, Slade's response is a smirking "Nothing she didn't want me to." Ooookay...
    • In the comics Slade and Terra were openly stated to be lovers. Remember that Terra was both a teenager (16, I believe) and about half Slade's age.
  • "I am the thing that keeps you up at night..."
  • Well, now, Robin. If you're so very curious, why don't you come down here and find out? Sounds like something a stalker would say.
  • The first time Erik speaks in The Phantom Of The Opera novel, I automatically heard Slade's voice without any premeditation. make of that what you will.


  • Terra is one of the most complex, interesting and generally fun characters from a non-sexual perspective, and she also had to turn me on with those Big Eater tendencies. And her burp. Her loud, shameless belch after clearing out the Titans' fridge. Damn you, Terra, and the freaky embarrassing fetishes you've given me!
    • Then there's the whole hurt/comfort aspect of a character that just needs to be loved and accepted that much.
  • Don't forget how quickly she made herself at home in Titans Tower. After hanging her (admittedly filthy) clothes up, she collapses onto the couch dressed only in a fluffy pink robe and, dead tired, falls asleep the moment her head hits the pillow. YES.
  • Pettanko
  • How is Terra's suit not mentioned?! Her special suit that has nervous system implants and that gets torn up and frayed by the end of the episode... I'll be in my bunk.
    • Not to mention the suit could allow someone else (Slade) to take control of her movements and make her do anything they wanted.


  • The hentai flash video mentioned above of Slade and Raven? Zone, the one who created it, made two more featuring Starfire and Raven with Brushogun from The Movie, again using original audio and keeping disturbingly close to original events.
    • There's now a fourth, featuring Jinx and Cyborg in a different rendition of "Stone's" initiation in the episodeDeception, with Starfire and Raven spying from Titans' Tower, with Star's fingers getting intimate with a certainblackbird's nest.
      • Three words for you. "BOOYAH! BOOYAH! BOOYAH!"
      • "Sometimes the hero thing really has it's ups and downs." Wiseass. (ok, I admit to grinning like an idiot upon hearing it...)
  • The Amazing Mumbo turned all the Titans into animals in "Bunny Raven" (well, except for Beast Boy, who had to be turned into an inanimate object to counter his powers). We have Starfire as a Cat Girl, Robin as a monkey, and Cyborg as the dancing bear. In a tutu. Not to mention the display of Mind Control that got him dancing. Power Perversion Potential much?
    • Mumbo also does magical bondage. Cyborg and Beast Boy are bound with scarves. Raven is bound with three metal rings. Starfire is chained by the legs to a heavy weight. Bunny Raven is bound as well as caged. And there are several bound and gagged bank employees early on.
    • Noted by this◊image. It's worksafe, but other materials on the site are not.
  • Oh wait, who could forget Terra and Raven's mud wrestling fight in Aftershock pt1?
    • Not to mention the parts where they're covered in mud and Terra knocks Raven under the mud and pulls her back up by her hair before Raven slaps her away. Or when Raven rushes at Terra but Terra uses her earth powers to form hands out of the mud that pull Raven down and restrain her. Terra makes non subtle jabs at Raven for the trouble she has with controlling her temper, before crouching down in front of a kneeling, mud-covered Raven.
  • Raven and Starfire temporarily exchanging bodies in "Switched" has no doubt inspired its share of Les Yay.
    • Which was the same episode where the guys were all mind-controlled, with their real minds/souls trapped in little marionettes, which the villain was going to destroy...
    • For this troper, Switched was Fetish Fuel for entirely different reasons: Starfire in Raven's body. I mean, you've got Raven's goth good looks with a happy and bubbly personality. Win freaking win.
  • Not to mention the subtext of the Terra/Slade relationship (which was pretty much text in the comics).Beast Boy: Terra, why?Slade: Because you could never give her what she needs.
  • For me, it started with Slade, but ended with Red X. (Not Robin-Red X, but after the suit was stolen.)
    • It was mostly cause he said he wasn't a horrible villain, rebel without a cause = HOT.
    • Don't forget the goo and bondage-y stuff Red X covered everyone in when he fought.
  • Wasn't this the whole point of Aqualad's existence?
    • Also part of the whole point of Malchior/Rorek's existence. I mean White Haired Pretty Boy who keeps his mouth covered with a scarf, british sounding voice, secretly a dragon, manipulates Raven with his love, is very affectionate towards Raven (he calls her "my sweet Raven"), and after revealing his true dragon form he grabs Raven with his tail and we get to see her struggle and strain against his hold while he leers at her... There is a reason this troper loves reading Malchior/Rorek X Raven fanfics so much.
  • Not to mention Bumblebee's skintight black leather pants?
  • Since Raven and Terra actually share a lot of appeal... am I alone in thinking that they could be two great tastes that would go great together? Like peanut butter and chocolate. Y'all know what I'm getting at, right?
  • Five teenagers, a home with no adult supervision, and four of them having powers or talents that easily let them observe the most private moments of the others.
    • Robin: Trained by the world's greatest detective.
    • Cyborg: Can wire right into surveillance systems. Also, detachable remote cameras.
    • Raven: Reads minds, experiences senses through others, and astrally projects.
    • Beast Boy: Literally the fly on the wall (which he actually did once!).
    • Starfire?: If she was curious about anything, she'd probably just come out and ask. And who could possibly say no?
  • Madame Rouge seems to be pretty clearly a dominatrix with a sexy accent, whatever it was. (Russian?) And she's a shapeshifter too? Score!
    • She's also very elastic and stretchy. In one episode she even sort of ate a minor character named Hot Spot by forming part of herself around him, then pushing him into her belly. It was short, and he escaped...but it was strangely hot.
  • Jinx, with her pink hair, and her loli-licious goth outfit. I mean... striped stockings, short skirt? Oh, yeah that's a warm feeling. And if her powers can undo buildings, maybe they can undo stitchings too...
    • Plus there's her scuffles with Raven...
      • And her flirtatious remarks to Beast Boy: "Here kitty kitty. What's the matter? Afraid of a little bad luck?"
    • And in the "Final Exam" episode, when the Hive Five briefly take over the Titan tower, she's shown exiting Raven's room with one of her blue cloaks, tries it on, and fluffs her hair while glancing into a hand mirror.
      • This troper is a big fan of the Jinx/Raven shipping. Hey she sensed some tension between the two, it could work. They're both Goth too, in a way. So Not So Different there...
    • From what this troper can tell Jinx is also a Pettanko.
  • The Slade/Robin, Slade/Terra, Slade/Raven, and Brother Blood/Cyborg Foe Yay. That is all.
  • Is this troper the only one who thinks Teen Titan's rendition of Dr. Light sexy? Here he's younger (somewhere in his 20's/early 30's), has a darker skin tone and a quite nice little black beard on the chin and fairly long hair; he's at the very least much hotter than his original DC Comics self, who is an old perverted rapist.
  • Blackfire. Come on, people! She's like if Starfire got hit with a sex-beam or something. Her body is of course the same as her sisters, but her voice and demeanor are very sultry.
    • This troper's first impression was somewhere between Starfire and Raven.
    • Her outfit is similar to Starfire's only instead of purple it's black and for every bit of skin that Starfire bares, Blackfire has covered with metal plates.
    • Putting on a long hot pink haired wig and enticing Robin and the other guys to dance with a few almost sensual dance moves on her part.
    • What's interesting to think about is that Blackfire had to have kissed someone to learn English...
      • More than that- she knows English and Earth customs well. Starfire only kissed Robin and there's a lot she doesn't understand about either of those things. Imagine how Blackfire learned so much ...
  • That scene in "Aftershock Part 1" where Terra has a short one on one fight with Robin. At one point he grabs her arms from behind and slams her into a nearby fence. Proving she's no pushover, Terra immediately turns the tables on him, grabs his arms and slams him into the fence.
  • I'm fairly surprised that no one has mentioned Kid Flash yet. He went through the Hive Five's bedrooms at superspeed. It makes me wonder how much of Jinx's room he saw.
  • This troper started watching for Starfire, and kept watching for Terra... and the possibility of any new found feelings for each other.
  • Argent. A dark-haired pale-skinned goth Pettanko with Green Lantern Ring powers who wears long leather gloves, a short skirt, black stockings, and who speaks with a British accent.
  • Kitten making out with the spider-faced Fang made me very uncomfortable, If You Know What I Mean.
  • And of course there's Pantha, a Hot Amazon and a Masked Luchadora, who also has Boobs Of Steel.
  • From Trouble In Tokyo, we have Nya-Nya. Managing to switch from schoolgirl to catgirl. Very attractive very attractive...skillful and elegantly If the was ever a time this troper would have switched places with Beast Boy in the entire series, it would be the two single encounters he had with her.

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