• I'm surprised no-one started a page for this. The franchise can be chock-full of stuff. Like April O'Neil. An attractive, funny, smart redhead who has great boobs and (in later incarnations) knows how to kick ass.
    • Don't forget her yellow jumpsuit.
    • Played by Megan Fox in the most recent movie.
    • In the 1987 cartoon episode "Turtlemaniac", April is dangling above a vat of hot wax with her hands tied behind her back. The villain made a special type of wax that he plans to use to preserve the Turtles, and is using April as a test subject.
    • And in "The Cat Woman From Channel Six", she gets her DNA fused with that of a cat an turns into a rather feral cat/human hybrid.
    • In the 2003 episode "Secret Origins, Part 3", April wears the yellow jumpsuit while posing as a news reporter. Later on in Back to the Sewers, she wears a slightly different yellow jumpsuit.
    • In the 2012 series where her main outfit includes jean short shorts which often have close-ups of her ass and legs.
  • Casey Jones. His big muscles, long black hair, and hockey mask.
  • Karai
  • Raphael - the biggest and strongest of the group, and also the one who isn't always the nicest.
  • The catfight between April and Karai in the 2012 series episode "Karai's Vendetta". With April getting her ass handed to her by a more skilled ninja. Karai is enjoying every minute of her suffering, and would have gladly killed her.
  • No mention of Irma, just for being a geeky klutz?

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