• In 5 there's a stage called "Poolside" the stage has many girls dancing around in bikinis watching the fight.
  • Jun Kazama, Jin's mother in Tekken Tag 2 is known to be pure, innocent & beautiful, but at the same time end up with a slender but curvy figure, firm thighs, wide hips and plump soft butt.
  • Julia Chang gotta big ole butt.
  • Anna Williams is sexy, sultry, curvy, busty and a cutie with a booty in her stylish outfits.
  • Nina Williams is a sexy, buxom blonde whose breasts stick out nicely in her skin-tight P1 outfit. Her butt is also paid a lot of attention, as she's the girl who flaunts her butt the most, in a reverse-thong-like outfit.

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