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  • In Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, one has to wonder what the future John Connor did with an attractive female cyborg programmed to obey his orders and apparently is quite capable of sexual intercourse.
    • Also, it's kinky to note that by 2027 John is a 42 year old man and she still looks like 15 year old jailbait. Ahem! Oh, and to say nothing of the fact that he sends her back in time to be his own teenage self's bodyguard rather smacks of, well... giving himself a ballerina sex gynoid for a 16th Birthday present! Mwahahaaa... drool.
    • Oh hell yes. And there are doubtlessly quite a few out there who find her robotic emotionlessness-with-a-quirk a big shiny turn-on, and others still who probably get some dubious thrills over the idea that she doesn't feel pain or any debilitating effects from messy flesh wounds.
      • Messy cyborg wound fetishist are ecstatic to say the least. Come the advertising for the second season they're practically pandering to them. So wrong, and yet... so very right.
      • Fetish FUEL indeed! Until Cameron, this Troper had no idea he was into hot cyborg wounds as a major-turn on. Corrupted!
      • Make that two. I . . . did not know that about myself.
      • Wounded Cyborg Fetishist Unit 3 Reporting.
      • Summer Glau....with ripped clothes....with cyborg wounds.....with an M4.....I'll be in my bunk.
      • If the previews for "Born to Run" are any indication, wounded cyborg fetishists will be very happy in that episode.
      • Confirmed.
      • Oh god, confirmed.
      • Confirmed, with shredded skin around a glowing cyborg eye! This Troper is headed straight for his bunk.
      • Let's not leave out the pilot episode, which has Cameron stripped to the waist, pulling bullets out of the holes in her chest with a pair of pliers. Oh, and Sarah is staring at her the whole time.
    • Cameron + grenade launcher + girls with guns fetish. Mmmmmmmm.....
      • Indeed, for those with a bit of a dominatrix fetish coupled with a particular fondness for rather petite girls kicking all kinds of ass, Cameron is a Badass Lolita/Cute Bruiser-style tween that you just want to volunteer to be punished by.
      • The phrase "creepy-hot-lolitalicious-bloodplay-complient-sub/dom(versatile)-wanton-sex-muppet, fully functional in every way" comes to mind. Yes, it sure does.
      • Speaking of sub-dom, its worth noting that Cameron made it a point early on that she doesn't have to obey anyone's orders, yet has an....interesting....tendency to do whatever Sarah tells her without question....
      • It's funny you mention that. On the one hand she is committed to protecting John at all costs. On the other hand there was the episode where he runs off to Mexico. Earlier she appears to try and seduce him, then later on she freaks out upon finding the shot up police station and is determined to find him. What more could you want?
    • And given that Cameron is fairly convincingly played by 27-year old Summer Glau passing herself of as looking a good decade younger than that, and yet the character is a robot who could well have only been built as little as a few years or months ago (in the future, that is), she qualifies as both younger than she looks and older than she looks. Something for everyone!
    • Speaking of which, this troper read a review somewhere that pointed out the overwhelmingly gratuitous/delicious combination of the series featuring BOTH the outrageous MILF-ness of Lena Headey as Sarah and the twinkalicious ex-ballerina Summer Glau as Cameron (both often wearing tight singlets, natch), prompting the comment "You've gotta love a show where you can't decide who's hotter, the yummy mommy or the teenage cyborg"...! Indeed.
      • I'm sure I'm not the only one who dubiously enjoyed watching Sarah interrogate a dude tied to a chair by punching him right in the face.
    • For the girls, John Conner was always really cute...but after the recent second season premiere, where he totally Took A Level In Badass, fought like a trooper, rescued Cameron, and chopped off his long, little-boy hair, and wham! Extremely, extremely hot hero-in the making. (Of course, the fact that he's played by Christian Bale in the upcoming movie might be influencing me a little bit, but between him, Thomas Dekker, the Ahh-nold in the second movie, and Michael Biehn in the original movie, this troper is seeing the post-apocalyptic robot future as not such a bad place to live after all.)
      • I do whole-heartly approve of John's character development, but I kind of prefered the longer hair. It was emo-licious. But to each their own.
    • Speaking of the hot post-apocalyptic robot future, this troper enjoyed Derek Reese's time spent shackled to the floor in the first season future flashbacks way too much. (Not to mention the enjoyment derived from wondering what, exactly, happened in that basement.)
    • This troper has a thing for woobies. So, naturally, when the episode "Allison from Palmdale" came along, with Summer Glau portraying the long-suffering Allison so perfectly, this particular troper felt an intense combination of protectiveness and desire.
      • Summer does woobies very well, as anyone who's seen Firefly can attest.
    • Not to mention Allison with Cameron, who looked exactly like her.
      • Allison/Cameron?
      • Not to mention the obvious sub-dom relationship between Allison and Cameron, complete with nets, physical and psychological abuse, and torture. And we can't forget they look exactly alike.
      • As disturbing as the scene where Cameron breaks her neck is, there's something for asphyxiation fans in the bit where Cameron gives Allison a Neck Lift.
      • For me, it was Cameron's not-so-subtle implication that Allison was romantically involved with future John Connor - who I can't help but keep imagining looks like Christian Bale John from Salvation.
    • Cameron twisting a female Terminator into a pretzel. I'm sure someone out there with a fetish for flexibility enjoyed it...
    • Cameron breast-feeding the symbolic-John baby in Sarah's dream has got to count too.
  • Foot fetishists are most definitely happy with the numerous shots of Cameron's bare feet thus far.
    • This troper doesn't have a foot fetish normally....but damn does he want to nibble on Glau's feet now. And, oddly, only hers.
      • That's not odd. Believe me, (and at least five friends of this troper, including at least one woman who is, other than wanting to lick/nibble Summer Glau's feet, utterly straight. She doesn't even want to sleep with Summer, just put Summer's feet by her mouth).
      • This troper suspects he's developed Single Target Sexuality toward Summer in general, and her feet in particular....
    • In "Strange Things Happen At The One Two Point", Sarah crushes a random guy's hand under her high heels. Later in the episode, she hits a guy, throws him on a table, straddles him, and just...keeps...punching...
    • In the episode "Demon Hand," even Cameron's ballet instructor takes notice of how exceptionally gorgeous those footsies are. As this troper can attest to, even if you're not into feet, if you see a pretty enough pair...
  • Cameron, speaking Japanese. While wearing that ultra-tight strapless dress. Can you say Squee?
    • Personally I found her Armenian to be much more interesting...
  • When Cameron stole the policeman's uniform. Lethal sexbot in uniform... yum!
    • Plus, she looked absolutely adorable in those huge shades!
    • Summer glasses.....I agree, most heartily.
  • Cameron dancing at the end of "The Demon Hand." I don't care if that scene, combined with Sarah's monologue about machines becoming human, following Cameron casually letting two people be murdered, is High Octane Nightmare Fuel. Hell, that makes it better.
  • "Born To Run" is piled high with Fetish Fuel. Among them the fact that John "penetrates" Cameron by cutting her chest open with a knife (complete with her stripping in front of him). Then, later on, we have Cameron covered with dozens and dozens of bullet wounds, not to mention a hunk of her face blown off with her glowing cyborg eye exposed. As stated above, messy cyborg wound fetishists are Squeeing.
    • The knife scene also features a sexually tense Almost Kiss between John and Cameron that lasts for an inordinate, steamy amount of time. This troper will be... well, you know.
  • Though this troper found Cameron to be pretty damn sexy in the first season, that limp she sported in the opening for the second season somehow made her ten times hotter. Especially because she still sports a slight limp throughout the rest of the second season.
  • The unskinned Terminators are a technophile's dream come true. Mmm... pneumatics.
  • Fetish Fuel via Fridge Logic in "Allison from Palmdale": the police arrested Cameron and took her to the holding tank at the police station. In order to do this, they would have had to handcuff her. Which means the most dangerous, brutal, and vicious killing machine in the show was led off meekly in handcuffs....
  • Cameron eating a potato chip in the series premiere, and a few episodes later, deliberately eating pancakes in a long, drawn out manner, complete with a very pronounced act of swallowing at the end. And best part is, she does this while staring at Derek the whole time.
    • So wait, She took a potato chip... and ate it?
      • Summer could take that scene and make it believable. And so very, very sexy.
      • I really liked the fact that the pancake scene was essentially a big "fuck you" directed in Derek's direction. 
  • No mention of Cameron casually beating up a bunch of drunks while naked in the pilot episode?
    • This Troper was merely satisfied with the lack of clothing. The fighting was just a bonus.
  • A battered Cameron pinned between two heavy trucks, pleading helplessly with John and screaming that she loves him. I sure as hell got squiggly feelings from it.
  • The T-1000 series is a ridiculously long list of fetishes. Can switch between male and female at will? Check. Can turn any part of their body into anything of any shape, size, or hardness? Check. Can make any part of their body bigger or smaller? Check. Can shrug off wounds and injuries like they're nothing? Check. Can choke you by having a part of their body expand to fill your entire throat? Check. And that's not even getting into the whole "liquid metal body" angle. Just imagine how that would feel in a hug, in a kiss, completely wrapped around your know, forget the Taminator, the T-1000 is the ultimate sexbot!
    • Especially since the liquid metal can apparently be formed into convincing flesh.
    • Anybody else get the joke when the Shirley Manson liquid-metal Terminator formed out of a urinal... after being used?
  • There's more than one scene involving Cameron (or Allison) who are soaking wet. In case it wasn't obvious, Summer Glau looks really, really good with wet hair and clinging, damp clothes.
  • This troper is a registered user of, and he has seen several fics focused on the Sarah/Cameron pairing. Take that as you will.
    • Let's see, a hot teenage cyborg from the future and a sexy action mom? What's not to like? Not to mention, Cameron seems to obey Sarah's orders more often than she obeys John's orders. Cameron also has a tenancy to get undressed in front of Sarah too (like in the pilot episode.) 
  • No mentions of Anton Yelchin and his one-handed shotgun cock in Terminator: Salvation? I had a holster kink before (thanks to Dr. Spencer Reid), but I didn't have an actual gun kink until this movie. Something about that primal, dirty, grimy, hunted animal look... *sigh*
  • Does anyone know if Bryce Dallas Howard was, uh, preggers when she filmed Salvation?  She looks a little, uh, fuller than usual in that.

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