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A leather jacker, a badass mustache and a whole lot of charm. What's not to like?

  • While this troper always thought Angry Joe was cute, he has a whole new appreciation for him after the Donation Drive. He was just so sweet that you wanted to cuddle him loads.
    • This troper is SO GLAD she wasn't the only one who thought that was adorable.
    • Ditto for the 2010 Charity Drive. He was just so cute and giddy, like a kid on Christmas morning. It just makes you want to hug him!
  • That jacket. I know I can't be the only one....
    • You're not. You are definitely not.
  • In the opening of his Inception review, Joe cosplays in a suitvest. Yummy.
  • In the Film Brain and Mike J episodes of Transmission Awesome, Angry Joe puts on a surprisingly good English accent a couple of times. Hot. Damn. It's just... so unexpected.
  • Oh Angry Joe, you bastard. Lt. Lisa Foiles, really? She's blonde, has a little side of Genki Girl, not without reminding of Harley Quinn, a uniform, a cleavage and a little bit of legs showing, teasing. Don't know if she has been in some other videos before the one for the E3 2010, but she better be coming back...please.
  • How about him spanking his female viewers to...completion.
    • At the end of his Scott Pilgrim Vs The World review, when he told his female viewers to come to his office for a good spanking? Give me the address, Joe, and I'll be right over. Of course, I did go to see the movie, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him.
  • Angry Joe's own Fetish Fuel is checking his Fetish Fuel page.
    • And the kicker? He has no clue why we find any of this sexy. Joe, do you have any idea how endearing that is? (Yes, I am assuming that you will read this page again at some time in the future. And if you are reading this...hi.)
    • He's also nice to the slashers -- and he's not afraid of Rule 63 : when he and some of the other folk from TGWTG discovered their own fanfiction Kink Meme, he specifically requested a fanfic where he's a princess.
  • In "Spooning With Spoony" he got three Spoony badges after what he did with Spoony the night before. Sure it was all fake, but that doesn't stop from giving an amazing image of what went down.
  • Come on, TV Tropes: he's Angry Joe. Granted, he doesn't get seriously angry as often as some of his fellow reviewers, but when he does.... Guh.
  • Anytime he shows up in a suit. Like in the Nostalgia Critic Christmas.
    • Seconded. Just Seconded.
  • This picture◊, just...this picture. Those eyes and that face. It looks so smooth.
  • When He Smiles, and he always is.
  • He recently added a goatee to his Badass Mustache. And it looks good.
  • In his Kinectimals review, don't tell me you didn't think the way he was so cute with Tiger/Skittles/Sweet Corn wasn't amazingly adorable.
    • Seconded this so hard. Something about a man who loves cute animals always gets this troper
  • Someone tell this troper she's not crazy to think that Joe looks even hotter in normal clothes than his traditional Superboy tee and jacket?
    • Seconded.
    • Plus, all the grinning and giggling...he just looks so freakin' cute!
  • In his Top 5 Reasons Shogun 2 Will Kick Ass review, he wears full Shogun gear. Just...guh!
  • And in his Michael Jackson review, he dons on the full outfit for Smooth Criminal. Yes please!
  • He's good with kids and it's adorable as all hell. Who didn't want to hug him when they first heard about him coloring with Kevin Baugh's kid?!?
  • The intro to the L.A. Noire review . Joe dressed as a 1940's detective (complete with a swank vest and Nice Hat ) welcomes the viewer into his office, offers them cookies, eats a cookie himself with the camera close to his lips , calls the viewer "kid," and when the viewer refuses to answer questions Joe SLAPS THEM ACROSS THE FACE and YELLS and gets all ANGRY and waves a GUN around. *tugs at collar* Impromptu roleplay? Yes please!
  • "My name is Indigo Montoya, motherfucker!!" oh, my, god, Angry Joe, that is... TOO AWESOME!!
    • And if that wig is anything to go by, Joe looks VERY good with long hair
    • Thirded.
  • Without hairgel Joe's hair looks quite fluffy. Makes this troper want to run her fingers through it.
  • Am I the only one who now has a thing for Red Lantern Joe?
    • No, You're not!
  • This troper (wiki'er?) met Joe IRL, and was pleased to find that he's extremely... compact. All that energy in such a tiny package is a 'squee' all its own! I have repeatedly (and will continue to do so) described him as a 'ferret on crack'.
  • The Snake costume from the "Distraction" number in "To Boldly Flee." Tight black clothes, eyepatch and gawd, that bandana with his spiky hair.

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