If he wanted to get turned on by stuff that wasn't porn, he'd watch Citizen Kane, thank you very much.

  • The Cinema Snob is gifted with the power of Audio Erotica, and sounds a bit like a young Jack Nicholson. It's so sexy, Sean Fausz used his voice for a porn voiceover parody of the Shake Weight for Men commercial.
    • Also, the suit. Goddamn that is a great look for him. And for some reason, the lack of shoes make it so much better.
  • The Cinema Snob's narrating in thoughts (in a British accent) whilst caressing the television at the end of the "Death Bed: The Bed That Eats" review just did it for this troper while making her lol at the same time. That takes talent.
    • The Cinema Snob getting shoved down onto a bed.
      • Is it possible to have sex with a voice? 'Cos that guy's is melting my brain with each passing day.
      • Hell yes, I could listen to it all day. I need to see that commercial.
      • Although I certainly hope so, I definitely didn't listen to his Shake Weight commercial over and over...
      • THIS! That guy has the most freakishly compelling voice This Troper's ever heard. He could probably sell two tons of Big Macs to vegans just by talking.
      • And his eyes look creepy yet awesome.
      • ^They are a very nice color, and shape.
  • In a V-log about the current movie he's acting in we get to see Brad completely shirtless.
    • And in Nudist Colony of the Dead, we get to see him NAKED, albeit with the inevitable censor block.
  • Jillian, Brad's significant other (AKA Big Box Girl), is absolutely gorgeous, too. Her protagonic role in the Softly From Cable video was... exciting, to say the least.
    • That's his wife. And they met in film school when he asked her if he could film her cleavage for a weekly video segment.
  • "Alright, alright, I'll talk ... just don't put squid in my mouth anymore..." The pained noises Brad makes in his 'Brad Tries' videos can be quite ... interesting.
    • The 'Brad Tries' series definitely fuels this troper's feederism kink.
  • In "Hooker with a Heart of Gold" Brad plays both a skeevy pimp and a psychotic mobster, the later of whom has an eyepatch and a leather glove that he uses to conceal his badly mutilated eye and hand. The mobster, Steele, has a prostitute (played by Brad's Real Life wife) imprisoned in his house, where he makes her do sexy dances for him and eat dinner while he leers at her. When she tries to escape he chokes her against a wall and then threatens her life in that breathy, intense voice of his before forcing her to have sex with him. YMMV on the sexiness of the later part, as they have sex in the room that contains the body of Steele's dead former girlfriend.
  • Does anyone else think that Brad is even cuter when he's talking to his cats? In a lot of his unscripted videos, he'll talk to them in a really cute voice. The thought of him loving animals...does things to me..
    • It's adorable!
  • Holy hell, 80's Dan pushing Travis against the wall, holding him by the throat, and threatening him with a loaded gun in a deep, breathy voice like he's channeling Steel from 'The Hooker with a Heart of Gold'... and he just did that for funsies! I was not prepared for this driveby fetish fuel and nearly fell over in shock and squee. (Starts a little after the 1 minute mark HERE .)
    • Gods YES. That was glorious.
  • Brad starts his "Pieces" review out of character to tell his viewers that he loves the film and he's riffing it because he loves it so much. He then proceeds to say, "now if you'll excuse me, I need to get in costume" and strips. On camera. You only see him from the waist up, but hot DAMN.
  • For some reason seeing Snob with blood on his hands in this trailer made me feel a little...squirmy.
  • Anyone else really get off to the Snob dressed as Indiana Jones..?
  • On the Suburban Knights commentary, Brad reveals that they had to do several takes of the scene when Benzaie pops out from between his legs. Why? Because he's incredibly ticklish, and he had to hold his mouth to keep from breaking up into laughter. Oh. My. God.
    • This almost seems like foreshadowing for the Justin Bieber board game review where, almost exactly one hour and fifteen minutes in, Brad pulls a card that states he has to get tickled by Brian for a certain amount of time. And he does, and it's absolutely fucking adorable. 
  •  At the end of Phelous's review of House of Wax , Brad attempts to hang himself with what looks like a laundry line. It fails, he splutters and coughs a lot, and then he staggers away with the noose still around his neck. This is such a specific, dark fetish, that getting any fuel for it is rare enough, but fuel from one of the sexiest TGWTG contributors? Best day EVER.
  • How about that smile/eyebrow raise he gives whenever he turns on the snark?
  • Sarah Lewis seems to have a thing for long sweaters that show off how big and round and perfect her ass is.
    • Links, please? Asking for a friend.
  • I rather hope I'm not alone in finding Angry Jake incredibly sexy, especially when he's apopleptically mad. Oh, and of course his surprisingly nice arms and torso (revealed in the mostly-shirtless Smurfs 2 review) didn't hurt things...
  • "Get crackin, sugar." (Around 2:45)

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