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Yes, The Fairly Odd Parents. Leave now if you aren't prepared.
  • Trixie Tang. 'Nuff said. Superstar Britney-Britney too, even though she doesn't appear that much.
    • Oh sure, she'll grow up to have the looks, but she's got the personality of a harpy having a really, really bad day!
    • Also in the episode in which Jorgen tells a "living story" featuring Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda, the story includes a chapter full of Trixie Tang mermaids. But Jorgen decides to skip it because it was boring and nobody was interested in that. After all, what's so fun about a bunch of really cute mermaids?
    • Also, Trixie's closet tomboyishness.
    • I have to agree with the Britney Britney definitely. Bless those Hartman Hips and her 'dancing'.
  • The ending of the second Jimmy Neutron crossover had a strange scene where Carl had Wanda change the shrunken Professor Calamitus (whom Carl had imprisoned in a jar) to look like Jimmy's mom on whom Carl has an obvious crush. Besides the blatant transgender question this raises, it also brings the unsettling query of what exactly Carl is planning to do with a shrunken version of the woman he likes.
  • In the ending of "Dream Goat," the goat Chompy gives Vicky a wedgie, revealing pink panties. You know! For kids!
  • The punishments that Vicky inflicts on Timmy likely got a few audience members interested in domination and cross-dressing. Not to mention the gender bending episode.
    • There is actually quite a bit of fanart dedicated to Girl!Timmy presumably because of that episode.
      • Including a series involving him at a girls' summer camp.
      • Not exactly a fetish but the first time this troper saw that episode she was so jealous she cried. It was the moment I realized I was transgendered.
    • Also from one of Vicky's punishments: right after Timmy eagerly strips off the dress (that Vicky forced him to wear) Vicky starts charging his neighbors $5 a piece to take pictures of Timmy in his underwear through the window. Forced feminization, CFNM (Clothed Female, Nude Male) and Humiliation in the same scene. I admit it, I found that whole scene weirdly hot years before I knew I was a submissive.
  • In the episode with Timmy's Magic Copier, which turns pictures real, the magazine he's running off to get so eagerly is his dad's "Under The Bed Monthly". Hee hee hee.
  • Dominant Green Skinned Space Babe Man-Die. And for that matter, a tentacle alien, with a holographic disguise. Heck, the whole show's about wish fulfillment.
    • In their defence, however, I think the fairies are prepared for those kinds of "wishes", since they have to leave when the child becomes a certain age...
    • Norm the Genie. He appeals to so many fetishes that luisting and reading them all would become dizzying.
  • Vlcsnap-2012-02-03-20h21m07s36
    Jorgen Von Strangle. That, sir, is 'nuff said. This big, giant, sadistic, arrogant, manly, burly muscle hunk would turn me on before I even knew what masturbation was. The times we see this guy mention his manly muscles, show off his handsome face, beat up Binky, show his hot ass to the screen, and yet, he isn't mentioned yet on this HOT list. This guy even peed on Norm the Genie, farted on Cosmo and Wanda, and ate Head Pixie and Anti-Cosmo, and yet...
  • I know that for whatever reason, there are urine fetishists in the world. The episode where Timmy has to "hold it" during the Fairy Reunion probably plays to them.
    • actually not so much. That would actually play more into a control fetish than watersports
    • Urine fetish?!
  • The Fairly Oddbaby special where Cosmo gets pregnant no doubt satisfied the male pregnancy fetishists.
  • Principal Waxelplax, anybody? I mean, her breasts and butt are like 50% of her entire body!
  • Reality Warping has the most Power Perversion Potential out of all possible powers. Someone probably finds that sexy...
  • Mom, she even strips into a bikini twice!
  • ANTICOSMO -There are so many bizarre lover!AntiCosmo stories and pics something about his Diabolical accentjust
  • Youdoo dolls. I mean, Timmy even used one on Trixie. Just think about what would happen if he were a couple of years older.
  • If you can't you can drool over what is, you can drool over what could be: Many fans are convinced that Tootie will develop into a vision of irresistible, nerdy hotness.
  • The episode "Just Desserts" is a weight gain fetish waiting to happen. It's got everything, from immobility to stuffing to Trixie Tang's Belt snapping off while eating a giant cookie.
  • This: [1]◊
  • Timmy will get to keep his fairies until he goes away to college. As in, he will still have an unlimited supply of wishes when puberty kicks in. They may not be able to interfere with love, but lust is a whooole 'nother ball game. If you can imagine it, Timmy can and probably will wish for it once puberty kicks in.
    • Timmy did onced wished for a room full of supermodels he can wish for more in his free time. 
  • There, also, seems to be a fetish for size changing, particularly becoming SMALLER. For example, Timmy, who's small for his age anyway, often shrinks himself down to various sizes including practically microscopic, the size of a toy, and the size of his undead hamster. He, also, accidently shrinks himself,briefly, in the Jimmy/Timmy Power hour, as well as wishing to be a FLY on the wall in the recent episode Fly Boy. I was reluctant to add this, but the reason Timmy likes to shrink himself may be is that he wants to fit into certain places....,well let's just imagine a giant Trixie Tang or Tootie. Hope that isn't TOO creepy!
  • There's that bit in "Back to the Norm" where Crocker paints a wall so it appears to be Trixie Tang holding two ice cream cones and standing in front of a tunnel. However, Timmy rides into it, Trixie hands him an ice cream cone, jumps on his bike, and they ride through the tunnel together.
    • ... that it? What's supposed to be sexy about that, the ice cream, the bike... what?
      • The idea of a girl created specifically for you that did not exist a minute ago doesn't excite you?
  • There's also one episode ("Crime Wave") where Timmy wishes himself to the comic book store while taking a bath, and ends up there completely naked.
  • "Ah! A Cat Suit!"
  • The Tooth Fairy is more than a little delicious. Oh yes.
  • One episode has the Chrimson Chin get a girlfriend who at first looks like a greek goddess but then Timmy wishes her to be a villain (the comic was getting too lovey dovey for him) and she changes into a leather-clad bitch. So, something for everybody.
  • How about when Wanda was surrounded by Amazonian Fairies, they resemble jungle girls and are apparently human-sized if not a bit taller. They are willing to sacrifice fellow female fairy Wanda (for Dr. Rip Studwell).

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