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Ah, The Furry Fandom. How to explain...

The Furry Fandom is...a bit complicated. It's become something of an umbrella term, and can refer to anyone from people who just like to see anthropomorphic characters in works, to people who cosplay as animals, to the more squicky stuff. See the TV Tropes page on the subject for an actual listing and details.

The majority are actually sane tame not going to eat your children.

This is a page for listing the things that, from Rum-Tum-Tugger to Minerva Mink, give you squigly feelings.

Go wild.


  • Hell, Pokémon in general. 700+ brand-new cute animals ripe for anthropomorphizing. Of course, some people find them intelligent enough that it would be redundant.
    • And that's not counting the ones that are already anthropomorphic, like Lucario and Zoroark.
  • Let's just say that Renamon from Digimon Tamers became a Memetic Sex Goddess for a reason.


  • Cute Monster Girl Horridus from Image Comics. She's half-alien lizard, her body is covered in razor-sharp thorns, but she's so cute and sweet that this troper wants to give her a great big hug. The lacerations would totally be worth it. Doesn't hurt that the thorns on her body mean she can't wear much in the way of clothing.
  • The title character of Blacksad may send a lot of readers gooey, but this troper personally prefers Weekly. Something about him makes me want to take him home, bathe him, feed him properly, and cuddle him. And why have I only been able to find ONE piece of fanart pairing him with Blacksad?


  • Proving stereotypes true, this Troper wouldn't mind studying the Na'vi...
    • Hell, the commercials alone made this troper fall in love. And I don't even like the movie....
  • In Madagascar and The Penguins Of Madagascar we have Mort, who is a small cute lemur who has a huge foot fetish. Seriously. There was even an episode dedicated to the titular penguins trying to cure him of it, albeit unsuccessfully.
    • In "Mask of the Raccoon", Mort willingly allows himself to be "donated" to a charitable cause, squealing, "I'm ever so slightly used!" Yeah....
  • Not to mention King Julian in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. "Which of you is attracted to me?" Raise your hand, y'all.
    • Wild Mass Guessing would have it that Julien's a DFAB (and just plain fab) transsexual, since real lemurs are matriarchal. YMMV on whether this has any effect on the fetish fuel level and in which direction.
    • For this troper, Marlene. Pretty eyes, awfully nice body for an otter, the token sarcasm factory and voice of reason, rather strong affinity for candy, and a voice provided by Nicole "Shego" Sullivan. Yes please.
      • Seconded. Everythings Better With Otters indeed.
      • Marlene's okay but Julien made me a Furry. Dunno what implications that has for me but I think I'd be even more attracted to him if he were female.
    • No love for Gloria? She's a Big Beautiful Woman with some serious Audio Erotica.
    • And Alex looks downright sexy, especially when he's dancing.
    • There seems to be a lot of focus on character's behinds in the Madagascar franchise. Julien in particular constantly talks about his own "booty" and keeps shaking it at the viewers, on one occasion he got an unexpected thermometer complete with hilarious stunned expression (does that qualify as Rape As Comedy?), his reaction when Mort helps him with his "booty scratcher" bears a distinct resemblance to The Immodest Orgasm, and one time when he thinks he's having a nightmare he begs Maurice to wake him up: "Pinch Me! Now bite me, now slap my face and spank my right buttock!" The episode "Needle Point" focused on the penguins receiving injections to the backside, Skipper mentions the time he made Rico Suck Out The Poison from his (Skipper's) left buttock, and there have been a couple of instances of spanking or caning, onscreen or off.

Live Action TVEdit

  • The 1980s series Beauty And The Beast


  • Redwall has a lot of this. Doesn't hurt that the characters, good and bad, are adorable. Just a few:
    • The series now has its own Ho Yay page. Several of the examples of that are responsible for this troper's minionshipping fetish.
    • If British Funetik Aksents are your thing, there's a wide variety to choose from. Might be more noticeable in the audiobooks, in which the songs may also cater to a voice kink.
    • Guro and snuff of various types; strangulation, beheading, disembowelling, crushing, poisoning, drowning, vore, and so on. Corporal punishment such as whipping or caning is also common, and there's a scene where a vermin thief is captured by Skipper of Otters and spanked with an oven paddle. Bucko Bigbones' backstory is a pretty good example; "Flogged wi' the flat of mah ain sword till it breakit o'er mah back..."
    • Humiliation and threatening of captives is common; for an extreme example, take the scene in Lord Brocktree where the Bark Crew strip captured vermin, line them up, tie two spears in such a way as to tightly hold the captives' necks together in a row, and force them to walk back to the fortress like that, neck-deep in the sea. Some breathplay thrown in there too, since the spears were locked tight and they'd certainly have gone under a few times. A case of outright torture in the TV show got Bowdlerised to Tickle Torture while in the book the victim was put on the rack in a discretion shot and then shot full of arrows, and frankly both versions have inspired squiggly feelings.
    • The food focus probably inspired a few feeder fetishes; there are numerous scenes where characters eat ridiculously huge amounts of droolingly-described food.
    • Tattoos and piercings are common, particularly among vermin and otters, not to mention scars.
    • Potential for size kink with some ships; Bragoon/Saro Huge Guy Tiny Girl, anyone?
    • The Marlfoxes are popular; foxes are heavily sexualised among furries, their dysfunctional nature opens the door for incestuous Foe Yay and they take the Twin Threesome Fantasy Up to Eleven by being seven almost-identical siblings.
  • Brian Jacques' other work, Castaways Of The Flying Dutchman, doesn't escape this either, even though it has a human cast. In the second book, the villains sew a captive up in a bearskin to pass him off as a dancing bear. And give him a collar with spikes on the inside.
  • Geronimo Stilton  has some fabumouse examples.
    • Thea Stilton is very well drawn.
    • Creepella Von Cacklefur is one hot Horror Host , Geronimo doesn't know how luck he is.
    • The Thea Sisters five cute mouse girls who are one of the most well drawn characters in the series. 



  • Cats, the musical. This Troper first watched it when she was about five, and it's definately the cause of her being a furry today.

Real LifeEdit

  • Any female Tropers into dressing up as Catgirls, Foxgirls, or Wolfgirls? Because I would love to get to know you better...
  • Catgirls probably vibrate when they purr. Mreow.

Video GamesEdit

  • The Ice Princess in Spyro: A Hero's Tail.
    • Hell, just about any anthro character in video games can fit in here.
  • While we're talking Video Game characters, there's Carmelita Fox. Shapely fox girl, spanish accent (at least in the first and third game. Not that the second games VA wasn't sexy), pollice girl with a really big gun, and she's such a tough action girl too! No wonder Sly likes the fact she chases after him all the time.
    • Macro/Micro fans enjoyed her in the third game. Not only does she grow into a giantess (complete with a Colossus Climb that can be replayed in 3D) in the Outback chapter, but the mines that shrink enemies work on her.
    • She's practically the only character who wears pants, mainly because having more clothing can accentuate her figure. The newspaper headlines from the first game attest to that.
    • Heck, Sly himself! Lean but still muscular, agile, charismatic, funny, oh-so-smooth, and that voice... (On a side note, you could probably list over half the cast of the games on this list)
    • Thieves in Time goes on overdrive with this. Especially the geisha house in the Turning Japanese chapter with its rather suggestive artwork. Not to mention Carmelita's skimpier redesign or her belly dancing minigame...
  • Bowser, anyone?
    • Heck, yes! Even if i'm not that into Scalies. It doesn't help that there are some few Bowser/Peach shippers out there...
      • Not untill I found out about Rule 34/63. Mario and Bowser never looked quite so appealing...
  • Star Fox. Most notably Fox McCloud and Krystal.
    • Panther Caroso has started gaining huge popularity among fans, and this troper wouldn't be surprised if Wolf's and Leon's little exchange in Super Smash Bros Brawl didn't spark a new frenzy of Star Wolf extreme bondage fetishists.
    • Krystal's and Fox's fans are many, but they're far from the worst - I know at least three different people so heavily obsessed with Fara Phoenix as to make most any other fanboy pale in comparison - by seemingly devoting half of their income to acquiring more "art" of her.
    • Finally, we have the rest of the "alternative girls'" fandom, with Katt Monroe, Miyu Lynx, Fay Spaniel, Lucy Hare, Vixy McCloud and Amanda being their objects of desire.
  • Speaking of Rare-related titles, this troper finds it tough to forget about a certain werewolf from a certain cult-following fighting game. An outcast, desperate but reluctant, Sabrewulf entered the Killer Instinct tournament to find a cure after running out of options. He's wonderfully feral and yet also humanoid enough without appearing monsterous, combined with his bad luck and loneliness, it can really crank his Woobie status up to 11. This werewolf has a particular curviness that is even more apparent with his hunched posture and rolly-wolf attacks. It may pique interests in certain players once they realize he also doesn't wear any pants, has three attacks that spin him completely around, and even turns his back in shame on time-out losses. Any other fans here?
  • Not sure if she counts or if she's just a little bit beastly, but I've been attracted to Princess Ruto from Ocarina of Time for years. Not in spite of but because of her borderline fishlike appearance. A beautiful naked young woman with delicate and lovely fins protruding from her, a really pretty head shape and no hair getting in the way of flaunting her pretty face, as well as lovely blue skin make this troper jealous of Link for having such a hot perfect woman interested in him but at the same time glad he chose someone else because that means if Ruto were real I'd still have a chance (albeit a million to one or worse). Plus her personality is really sexy. And I bet she smells fishy, which is great because the fish smell really turns me on. Basically, Ruto is my dream girl.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog is rife with this. You could list half the cast here, but Rouge and Shadow tend to be the most appealing.
  • Female draenei from World of Warcraft. Particularly their calves.
    • Worgen (both male and felmale) count.
  • Tigris Cantus, Mitsuki Konishi's Noise form from The World Ends With You. Putting it lightly, those are some awfully nice curves for a Noise.
  • Holy crap, no mention of Ratchet and Clank yet? Ratchet is the main reason this troper is a furry today.
    • And slightly more to the point, Ratchet's loose canon makes it easy for just about any fangirl to write up a Fanfic and get it on with the poor Lombax. We just hope he's not Compensating For Something with all of those big weapons...
    • This troper thinks Ratchet's feet are just incredibly sexy. Those soles of his are probably very squishy and ticklish. This troper also wants to stuff it's face into his squishy soles. 
    • Yeah, this troper agrees with ↑. I know they're supposed to be ugly, but there's just something about his feet that just makes them so attractive to moi. I really want Ratchet to stomp all over me with his schmexy feet.
    • Ratchet's foot

      Ratchet just has the sexiest furry foot ever.

Web ComicsEdit


Hot Scientists are by far not exlusive for humans.

Web OriginalEdit

  • I was never into furries before until I discovered Flippy from Happy Tree Friends. He's just so cute when he's good and even though he can be a bit scary when he goes Ax Crazy I find him to be so damn hot in Ax Crazy mode with the Slasher Smile, crazy eyes, sadism, and bowie knife. The Veteran uniform and the Nice Hat is just icing on the cake! Not to mention the potential Screw Yourself aspects between good and evil Flippy. He's also quite the woobie.
  • Neopets, anyone? It's one of the reasons this tropette's a furry to this very day.
  • I will bet anything that someone is turned by the idea of gunslinging badass furries that star in Darwin's Soldiers.
  • I can't be the only furry who totally and utterly forgave The Nostalgia Critic for his Lola Bunny rant when he got himself a tail at the end of his review of "The Room", right?
  • On his livestream, Jew Wario once revealed the source of his catgirl fetish: a series of vintage adult comics featuring anthromorphic felines (mainly in the style of 50s pinup girls). I'm a straight female, but with catgirls like that, I can't really blame him.
  • If you're into furry transformations, Transfur is the place to go. Just name the species; it's there. (Though you have to register to see the more explicit stuff.)
  • This troper admits to having a real thing for furry artist Seely's main fursona.

Western AnimationEdit

  • Minerva Mink of the show Animaniacs is an icon of the Furry Fandom.
    • The comics had this, already beautiful Minerva, wearing a Fansevice-y Greek warrior outfit. You may commence drooling
    • Her comics in general were oozing in this. like this, maybe?
    • Minerva didn't make me a furry but she makes me oh so glad I am one. She is the furry sex goddess, hands down.
    • I'd just like to say Ms. Mink was designed by veteran animator Dan Haskett, who also designed Ariel from The Little Mermaid. More of his designs can be seen here.
    • In one cartoon, she meets her match when the dorky wolf she snubs turns into a buff hottie under the full moon.
      • Ah yes, Wilford Wolf. This troper would just LOVE to meet him under a full moon.
        • Not if I beat you to the cliff!
        • It is SO on. The wolf is one of the many keys of my childhood that made me a she-fur.
    • There was also a hunky bad boy male mink whom Minerva makes a fool of herself in front of.
  • The silky smooth-voiced Cadbury Caramel rabbit would seem to be the British equivalent of her.
  • Lest we forget Rita the Cat, who has also developed quite a following, aside from the fact that her voice actress is Bernadette Peters.
  • The Pa Rappa The Rapper series has certainly left its mark on the furry community. Especially Lammy.
  • Just Say Julie Bruin!
    • Meet Minerva Mink! That's actually the toned-down, de-sexualized version of her. One can only imagine the original character design. Rrowr.
    • They're both hot.
    • And I jizz. In. My. Pants. Minks not doing it for me but by god... Julie Bruin...
  • Fifi La Fume from Tiny Toon Adventures is probably the show's most popular character among furries.
    • I can't be the only one who envied the characters she'd knock out with her musk. And that Scentanna outfit!
  • Not to mention Gadget of Chip And Dale Rescue Rangers second only to Sonic The Hedgehog in the likelihood of being a Furry's first crush.
    • This troper is particularly fond of Tammy. I also haven't seen "Good Times, Bat Times", but I hear Foxglove is pretty popular too.
    • Confirmed. At least one Acorn Cafe poster, in this troper's opinion, is way too enthusiastic whenever someone posts fan-art of Tammy. Sheesh. She's cute, but there's no need to have a seizure...
    • Tammy and Foxglove are popular enough that The Acorn Cafe has icons for them (along with the rest of the Rangers), inserted into posts with code along the lines of ":foxglove-sad:".
  • Rarity from MLP: Friendship Is Magic seems to have the most, uh, pervy following out of the ponies. (Rainbow Dash too, for being "the Lesbian")
  • Most members of the MLP Cast are portrayed as Lesbians or at least Bi-Sexual in art and fanfiction. Straight ponies are a Rarity... Just a little pun there...
  • In Disney's The Sword In The Stone, Wart is turned into a squirrel and is pursued by a very aggressive female squirrel. Furry and femdom!
    • /co/ famously named her Hazel and produced a reasonable volume of fanfic and art featuring her being turned into a human by Merlin after Arthur had a prophetic dream about his reign.
    • And a Redhead. That squirrel was HOT!!
  • Then there's the musical number "Let Me Be Good To You" from The Great Mouse Detective where the producers get away with depicting a Victoria-era strip show.
    • It's not a strip show. It's a burlesque show.
    • Add to that the line "I'll take off all my blues" and blues being 1920's slang for clothes, and you might have an instance of Getting Crap Past The Radar, but that could be said about the whole burlesque show in general.
      • ... That and she was wearing blue.
  • And let's not forget Disney's furryfied Robin Hood, which is more or less the official movie of the Furry Fandom.
  • A number of surveys put the Robin Hood movie as the first 'I'm a furry' moment in many older furries' lives. It's 9 years older than NIMH. Worked for me, too.
    • I second Robin Hood as my first furry experience. I can join a great number of male (and female) furries now in their mid-20s for whom Maid Marian was their first furry crush.
    • It's a tie between the hot Robin Hood fox and Sonic to what made me a Furry. Oh yeah and Pokemon. Lopunny. That is all.
  • Among other various movies and TV shows from around the time, TaleSpin stands out in my mind. More specifically, the large ego dingo / wolf leader of the Air Pirates, Don Karnage. Dressed in a sharp military suit, speaking in a notably vain manner with a higher-pitched Spanish accent, he commands the Iron Vulture crew. This troper also can't be the only one who found it somewhat adorable when he and Rebecca swapped bodies in one episode and left her (in his body) a bit of an emotional wreck alongside our heroes (though then "he" lost his suave voice).
  • This editor just saw Treasure Planet and can't believe that Captain Amelia has not appeared yet. A tall, slinky, shapely Cat Girl with a cool and commanding manner dressed in a tight swashbuckling uniform complete with high-heeled boots that go all the way to her crotch. She's almost a Lampshade.
    • That movie is the only time outside of Lackadaisy this troper has ever had a furry thought, not only for Amelia, but for Doppler. A doctor voiced by David Hyde-Pierce who dresses in 19th century style clothes? More please.
  • A few folks (inside and outside the furry fandom) were disappointed when Beast reverted back to human at the end of Beauty And The Beast to a rather bland blonde prince. Word Of God said they originally had a line in which Belle asked if the Prince could grow a beard, but didn't like how it would sound. Sigh. All animators are male.
  • Rita and Georgette from Oliver & Company have a small following.
    • How about Roscoe and DeSoto? I can't be the only one who liked their smooth-talking, arrogant, dangerous demeanor. And the fact that, as Dobermans, they have natural badassery.
  • April O'Neil of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and her animal transformations.
  • Krypto the Superdog has Mammoth Mutt, a pink female chihuahua who can inflate or fatten herself to gigantic sizes at will.
  • Believe it or not, G.I. Joe: The Movie (80s animated, not live-action) of all things. Cobra's ridiculously over-elaborate world domination scheme involved launching mutagenic spores into the atmosphere, causing everyone who breathes them to transform into some sort of feral animal-hybrid-looking things. Because he failed them one too many times, Cobra Commander is forced to be a demonstration of the spores, and viewers are treated to nothing less than a full-on Transformation Trauma sequence where Cobra Commander mutates into an anthropomorphic snake, complete with Clothing Damage, including one of his boots suddenly going missing. Later effects include, if not outright Mind Control, at least a degradation of the mind to a more feral state, as Cobra Commander slowly becomes unable to say anything other than how HE WAS ONCE A MAN!
    • To recap: Transformation Trauma, transformation into a significantly more furry-friendly form, Clothing Damage, possible foot-friendly shot (only with furries can one get away with thinking snakes have cute feet), possible Mind Control. This troper is convinced that, even if not fully related, the transformation coming from the spores rather than something intangible like a spell at least indirectly contributed to a fixation with Puppeteer Parasite-type scenarios.
    • See for yourself:
      • This troper just watched that and found it unbelievably disturbing. And she is usually a transformation fan. Must be because of how utterly pitiable the poor bastard is.
  • Alpha and Omega. More specifically, Kate and Lily.
    • For this she-fur, Humphrey. He's adorkable, funny, and pretty much my ideal guy.
  • Jenna from Balto has a small following among the furry fandom.
  • Rita the fox from Jungledyret Hugo has quite the following.
  • When The Amazing World of Gumball premiered, it didn't take long for Rule 34 to find Nicole Watterson. Viewers find her even more sexy when she's angry, as seen in "The DVD."
  • No mention of Eris from Legends of Chima? Come on, just one look at her fanart and you'll fall in love. How can you not love a badass Eagle warrior? Her voice when she's happy or excited is also adorable.
  • No mention of the outright nudity in episode 1 of the original ThunderCats? That scene where Cheetara wake up young Lion-O... so much yes!
  • Both love interests in Shark Tale drew my interest.
  • Jessica RabbIt is MARRIED to an anthro rabbit guy in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • I mistook the Road Runner of Looney Tunes for a girl at one point, I shipped her with Wile E Coyote. And while I`m on Looney Tunes.... Lola Bunny... nuff said.

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