5 The Secret Devil-Chan 2

  • First of all theirs all of Kogure’s, SuperDeformed moments. There just so mind meltingly cute.
    • I'm melting! Melting! Oh, what a world! What a world!
  • This is more or less what you would get if Po-Jo, made a non pornographic manga.
    • The term is ecchi.
  • I’ll just say this. Kogure, is the only trap that is so Cute/Hot I wouldn't even hesitate to tap it. And this male Troper, always considered himself to be a heterosexual.
  • That time when Kogure, told Kurosaki Sou's class mates just what his favorite food happens to be, I died. Which is to say i'll be in my bunk.
    • Goodnight Nurse. LOL.

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