Ay carumba!

  • Julia from The Simpsons episode "The Homer of Seville". Even for a one-shot character, she was just gorgeous. Not to mention she was also the kinkiest character the show has had to date. Just a few minutes after her introduction, she completely strips naked in front of Homer, with Marge being none the wiser. And then there's one of her attempts to seduce him. It starts with Homer walking Snowball II down the street. Seems innocent enough...but when he stops to take a breath, the cat is suddenly replaced with Julia wearing little more than a spiked collar, black leather opera gloves, and black leather knee-high boots, complete with stiletto heels. It doesn't take a genius to figure out why "The Homer of Seville" is this troper's favorite episode. (Though I think I could have done without the ribbon on the tongue.(Sideshow Bob's annoyed shudder).
    • This troper hopes that she does come back. She would be Marge's own Sideshow Bob. I like the idea of Marge being stalked by a more sexy woman with a perpetual smirk.
  • Also, in the episode "Tis The Fifteenth Season", at the very beginning the is a closeup of Homer's belly expanding as he is gorging on Christmas dinner. This troper is certain it created a weight gain/ stuffing fetish for more than just herself.
  • This troper is loath to admit it but, as a bondage/seeing-people-struggle fan, the scene in "The Springfield Connection" where Herman takes Homer hostage, taunts him and keeps his arm over Homer's mouth is, um, interesting to say the least.
    • He also ties up Chief Wiggum and Snake in "22 Short Films About Springfield", in a blatant Pulp Fiction parody. Knowing what actually happens in that scene in Pulp Fiction has... interesting implications about Herman.
  • Judging by the amount of fans he has, Sideshow Bob as a whole qualifies. An evil, sophisticated, deep-voiced Englishman wih Anime Hair and an amazing ability to quickly tie people up.
    • And the rake noise... uuuuuuuuuuhh....
    • For only two episode and a maybe half a dozen comics appearances, his brother Cecil attracts fangirls as well. That voice...
      • Here's  Kelsey Grammer demonstrating the voice on Conan, and two collections of his songs. You're welcome.
  • Season 14 had two Fetish Fuel episodes for Marge; "Large Marge" and "Strong Arms of the Ma". All they needed was a weight gain episode for her and they would have had the full set.
    • In the latter Marge is shown to be more "sexually aggressive". "Let's do it!", indeed.
      • And of course "I wasn't asking."
    • This troper found Marge's transformation into a panther from the Treehouse Of Horror episode from the same season to be a surprising turn-on.
      • Seconded, especially with how demanding and rough and mindlessly cat-like she was when she came on to Homer and how badly she scratched up his back afterwards. Beastiality fetish, anyone?
    • As pictured above, Edna Krabappel. This Troper's favourite moment is her brief appearances in the episode "Flaming Moes". While walking across the bar, Homer bumps into her butt. She's wearing a purple boob tube and a black miniskirt. She turns and flirts with Homer, making it clear she knows he's married and doesn't care. Sadly, Homer turns her down, though this troper is working on correcting that with a Fix Fic.
  • This troper was almost happy to tears to have watched the episode "Smoke on the Daughter". When Lisa is talking with the ballerinas and find out that they are chain-smokers, one of them demonstrates how she is able to take a cigarette from a pack, put it in her mouth, and light it with a match using only her toes while standing up. What makes it even better is that she is wearing grey tights which happen to have individual toes. Tights fetish, toe sock fetish and plain foot fetish... it's your pick!
  • In the Season 15 episode "Bart After Dark", Belle is the owner of a burlesque. She's hot for a woman of 52. She wears fishnet stockings, along with spike-heeled shoes. When Marge comes to ask her to shut down the burlesque, Belle pulls up her skirt and crosses her legs, showing her sharply-clad legs; calls her "honey", "sugar", and "darlin'"; scoots closer to touch Marge's hand; moves her face loser to a discomfort Marge and looks into her eyes.
  • Not to mention her girls dancing during "We Put The Springfeild".
  • Marge can be surprisingly kinky, making her prime Fetish Fuel. Just check out the episode where we find out she gets a rush off public sex...
  • In episodes that take place in the future Lisa has a pretty nice rack.
  • Maude Flanders especailly the scene from "War of the Simpsons" where a drunken Homer takes the opportunity to stare down her cleaveage as she gets him peanuts.
  • The outfit Becky wore for Bart's music video in "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Marge".
    • And the scene of her in her nightgown when Marge thinks she's trying to kill her.
  • How the hell has nobody mentioned Tabitha Vixx from "Homer and Marge Turn a Couple Play" yet?
  • In "Homer's Night Out", Marge went to the Sapphire Lounge on her own (though Homer told her where he and Bart will be). No one thought twice about why she was by herself.
  • Heck, Marge herself. A housewife that wears a strapless dress everyday.
  • Marge gets kissed by Lady Gaga on the lips, making her horny enough for sex (with Homer).