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There's a reason so much of the cast wanted to be on Spoonin' With Spoony. ;)

  • Spoony dancing in his underwear at the end of his E.T review. You say Fan Disservice, I say yes, please.
    • Agreed. Spoony + stubble - clothes = yummay.
    • Also worthy of mention in that particular video is his voice during the Apocalypse Now-style monologue. Brr... There's a reason why this is the Spoony video that I've watched the most times.
    • Thank God someone else said it first. Spoony lying on the floor, shirtless, high as a kite on painkillers, his hair matted, his chest stained with blood? Dear God, the poor guy was clearly in so much pain—and this troper was so sure she was going to hell for finding it so freakin' hot.
      • This troper is right there with ya, sister. The review of the E.T. game whilst he was high on pain meds for dental surgery and looking like death warmed over about twelve times and shirtless to boot ... *coughs* she'll be in her bunk ...
      • Oh my god, guys. I just wached the video, his body is like a bishonen! And the way his voice sounds when he's narrating. I am so giddy right now. Do you think that was his actual blood or fake blood?
        • That was real blood.
        • Of course it was real blood - the start of the video explicitely mentions that he'd just had his wisdom teeth removed, and that he kept having to spit out blood during the review.
    • This asexual troper thought he looked very nice in a non-sexual way - but the thing that made me appreciate how truly awesome he is was when, in the credits, he actually makes an "apology" to "All the ladies who will forever covet my sexy body and be forced to settle for normal people". Again, I don't find him sexy as such - but dammit, I love boys who can make me laugh, and he's about as close as I can get to finding someone sexy. And the fact that he can battle through such an awful game while in such physical agony, even going as far as to take out the gauze so that he can speak, knowing that it could possibly have lengthened his recovery time - all that, just for his fans? That's just as admirable as it is attractive.
  • Am I the only one that actually found Spoony to be pretty cute when he cosplayed as Squall during the finale of his Final Fantasy VIII review?
    • Hell no. That guyliner...and the scowling...and the leather jacket...and the sexy way his hair hangs in his face... Yeah, I should probably stop.
    • The first time this troper saw him as Squall, squiggly feelings were induced. But when he ran his hand through that sexy hair and flipped it, her only comment was UNF.
  • Oh yeah, same troper as above forgot about Dr. Insano. Cute woobie Mad Scientist who's identical to Spoony? Mmmmm...
    • At the end of the "Street Fighter 2010" review, Insano breaks down in tears over his latest "failure", sobbing about how nobody loves him. Yeah, I know he's evil and wants to take over the world, but...I just wanted to hug the poor guy!
    • I'm glad it's not just me. It's really weird, but...I don't have a crush on Spoony. At all. But ever since Kickassia, I've had one on Dr. Insano!
  • I can't be the only one who thinks that the insane levels of Nerd Rage in his Pumpkinhead review was actually kind of sexy?
    • Nope, definitely not. In fact, I find it kind of inexplicably hot whenever he gets really exasperated about something that he's reviewing.
  • Everyone groping him in the Donation Drive. Those lucky bastards...
  • During the "review" of Party Mania we get a whole video of Spoony in drag, talking like a Valley Girl, and at one point shoving his shaved leg into the camera.
    • I agree with you there. He looks just like a girl, so no wonder I found him cute.
      • As a bi male troper, I thinks he's sexy normally, let alone in drag!
        • Seconded! He's just pretty! *COUGHiwannastrokehishairCOUGH*
    • Actually, his legs weren't shaved; that was supposed to be the joke (it just didn't show up on camera). But the point still stands.
  • I ask you all, who wouldn't want to be spooned by Spoony? If that was an actual show, you'd be damned sure how long that waiting list to get on would be.
    • According to Spoony, "Spooning with Spoony" was entirely the idea of the Nostalgia Chick and That Chick with the Goggles. Yes indeed, the girls came up with a reason to get into bed and cuddle with him. This troper is not even remotely surprised.
      • Not to mention that apparently one of the first things Doug said to Noah when he came for the Donation Drive (like, as soon as he got in the door) was whether he brought his Spooning With Spoony robe or not. *ahem*
  • His whole story arc in the Kickassia saga, of trying to repress Dr. Insano. His acting is over the top hilarious, but it still provides plenty of opportunities for him being angst-ridden and having inner turmoil. And the eventual transformation sequence tops it off!
  • Now tell, does this photo make him look like a Hollywood leading man or not?
    • I found a better one.◊ Wow.
  • This might fit more to Woobie, but damn the dude's eyes can get big and puppy-doggish at times. During the Madness of Roland video (at the beginning) I wanted to give him a hug, and he's about eight years older than me!
    • His singing of A Whole New World at the end of his Final Fantasy X review gives me surprisingly squiggly feelings in my stomach.
    • Agreed! I think what charms me so much about that is how into the song he is. It's utterly adorable.
  • He's an instance of Even The Guys Want Him. He is physically attractive, but he's also funny and intelligent.
    • In addition, he's very plush-toy-like. And very humble. If him practically being a woobieish human Sackboy is not reason enough to love him, then I don't know what is.
  • His appearance in this video with the five o'clock shadow and crazy hair is my new go-to image for Unkempt Beauty.
  • Am I the only one who gets hot for his nose?
  • At a Q&A session from SGC, he plays along with being asked about Spoony/Linkara slash fic: "I just want to know how they knew so many details."
  • This video. Dear god, I had no idea this kind of fetish existed, yet it makes so much sense.
  • I just discovered that he's a wrestling fan if not an outright fanboy. Hnnnnngh!!!
  • Am I the only one who found his Tranquil Fury as he systematically took down the Internet Backdraft he got for his Deadliest Warrior review really, really sexy? I've always found snark attractive, but something about his utter contempt for the comments, especially from Spike Games, and his mounting anger, all the while reasonably answering or beating down their questions and complaints was just ... yummy. Geeky Turn On? I don't even know ...
  • In his "Mazes and Monsters" review where it cuts to him drenched in blood, in hysterics and scared out of his mind. I wanted to take him home and cuddle him.
  • Now, some of you will want to kill me for saying this, but.... Based on Noah's numerous uncomfortable reactions to fangirl lust, this troper suspects that deep down, underneath that goofy "Spoony" exterior, he's still a shy, sweet nerdy guy who is awkward around the opposite sex. And I find that incredibly endearing.
    • Seconded. Also, his fits of "fool in love" over Scarlett. Ngh, so cute<3
    • Spoony has always had an incredible respect for women, and when he is in the occasional drooling fanboy mode he knows about it and apologizes.
  • Black Lantern Spoony. Not the deadness, the EVILNESS. The snarling and glaring and stubble and ... just UNF, ok?
    • You forgot to mention the paleness. It might have just been a side effect of the black tee shirt, but...whoa. It sure got my attention, at any rate.
  • No mention of his hair? Really? In the words of fanfiction, it indeed looks like "he's just rolled out of bed from a threeway with his girlfriend and Linkara". Which means incredibly fucking hot.
    • He's cut it now. *sob* On the other hand, jesus fuck I didn't know he could be MANRY.
      • This Troper rather likes his short hair. It frames his face better. :D
  • Spoony mimed giving a blowjob in the 9-16-10 TNA WrestleWrestle rant, and talked about proper technique...need I say more?
  • In a bit of Fetish Retardant, Spoony has heart problems, and apparently can faint after doing something... strenuous. And the dreams of fans across the world vanished.
    • It's like Hurt/Comfort fic in reverse.
    • And then for some of us it really just added to his woobieness. Which, naturally, makes him all the more adorable.
    • This Troper loves a guy in distress, so the thought of a man suffering from such classically feminine symptoms as weakness and fainting, who pushes himself to do his work even when his body might threaten to collapse, is actually a huge turn-on. I would that Spoony didn't have such a scary condition, but it's just so perfect for romanticizing I can't help myself
      • Maybe I'm a bad person, but my first thought upon hearing about Noah's heart problem was, "How strenuous are we talking here?" In seriousness, the fact that he's dedicated enough to keep on with his show, and even filming Kickassia, while sufferering from a life-threatening disorder is very endearing. It makes you respect him even more professionally.
      • ^ Me to -.-; Though as of this post, I don't think "life-threatening" is an applicable term, but I'm just going by what he's told us.
  • I may be alone in this, but in a Nightmare Fetishist sort of way, Fucking Chuckles; I like freaky, evil clowns.
  • Talking about his theme song: "Okay, the lyrics pretty much describe me as a feisty girl who likes to be treated rough, but hey, if the shoe fits..."
    • Woah.... what video is that in??
  • His hilarious Let's Plays are about half the reason I like him so much now. But one particular moment sealed it for me. It was during his Let's Play of Swat 4, on mission 8. When the graves are found and Spoony just loses it. It made me like him a whole lot more. I mean, I know anyone would be disturbed by that, but Spoony seemed truly disgusted and outraged. Seeing how child abuse is something I'm passionate about, hearing him get so worked up, just over a game, melted me. I agree with him "Fire it up! Fire it up!"
  • This is going to be hard to describe, so just bear with me. You'll know it the next time you see it, but...that little shrug-grin-giggle thing he does sometimes? Usually after he makes a ridiculously corny joke? Yeah. Just makes me want to curl up in his lap and let him talk nerdy to me.
  • These videos. Hot damn can Spoony bust some MOVES. I have no idea why I find that a turn-on but I do. Also, just how incredibly focused he is on dancing, seemingly completely in a world of his own. Just... wonderful.
    • Seconded. Additionally, this troper didn't care for Spoony's long hair until she saw him on the night of the 2010 Donation Drive. It looked so pretty, she just wanted to run her hands through it!
      • Make it triple. This troper went gaga at the end of The Nostalgia Critic's Christmas Special, You're a Dirty Rotten Bastard. It's now long enough to where it can be pulled back into a ponytail.
      • This troper found herself drooling in front of the screen. And rewinding that part. Several times. She loves long-haired guys.
    • Noah, Joe and Doug all have some major moves! Do any of them have a musical theater background or just the natural ability to shake it? During Noah and Brad Jones's dance to "Call Me" (in the Part 1 video), Noah's dancing at the 7:00 mark makes this Troper think that he has to have some sort of theater background.
    • And it doesn't help that the Critic says that Spoony has "very feminine hips" and Angry Joe agrees with him. Or that Angry Joe then announces the the winner is "coming home with me" and the Critic propositions him (Spoony).
    • This Troper's fav part has to be him and AJ dancing to "The Power". Hot. I'll be in my bunk.
  • The end of the Garzy's Wing review, with Spoony acting stoned out of his mind after one hell of a good ass rub.
    • It's even better in the outtakes of said video. Spoony sits in the bathroom recording those sounds... and you get to see his face... Excuse me, I'm in my bunk.
  • At the end of the Final Fantasy X review he's as near to shirtless as makes no difference while cosplaying as Tidus.
  • But Tv Tropes! If Liz and Jillian get their mentions, we musn't forget that we're all invariably Spoony for Scarlett. Let's see here, an astoundingly attractive gamer girl with red hair and a wicked smile who is kind and friendly to everyone and maintains The Site when she's not busy causing Stupid Sexy Flanders in waves around herself by being... well, Scarlett. And for added goodness, she too is Nice To The Fan Community.
    • This troper is pretty darn secure in her sexuality while being at least open minded (there are a few freebies of course), but Scarlett is honestly the first woman to make her question her preference for guys.
    • This. Dear GOD. <3
  • In his Ultima VII review, Spoony pulls off a really nice British accent that totally did not get this tropers fake accent fetish going. Nope, not one bit
  • In the Cage review, Spoony does a nice pelvic thrust after making a joke.
  • About 25 minutes in to the 9/26/10 Part 1 D&D Campaign video, Spoony voices Possessed!Garrett, saying "This kingdom must burrrrrrnnnnnnn!" and then does this evil laugh/snarl/shudder thing. Oooooo, Spoony, do that again, please?
  • There's a scene in his review of Ultima Underworld where Spoony is dressed as the Avatar. I can't explain why but I think he looks amazingly attractive in that costume.
  • In the 4-7-11 Volg, Spoony talks about his experience going to a Video Games Live concert. About half way through the video he talks about a female flutist (who he found very attractive) who played a couple songs, and then began to sing the theme MGS: Snake Eater. The squee that he let out, has to be the most adorable thing this troper has ever heard.
  • Spoony dancing in a half-unbuttoned shirt in his Final Fantasy VIII review. "This is a beautiful scene." I should say so!
  • His reaction to the ferret dying in his Beastmaster review is just friggin' adorable. And I'm a straight male!
  • Someone on his site once asked what his relationhip with the angry video game nerd was. Spoony's response? "We made out once, but it's nothing serious." Obvious joke is obvious, but my yaoi fangirl self was still like "OMG squee~!"
  • I know some of you must be thinking it, so I'm just gonna say it: Spoony's brother Miles is pretty damn easy on the eyes, too. It must run in the family. ;)
    • Yesssss.
  • Am I the only one that LOVES the Hell's Kitchen review? He's just playing with those action figures like a happy little boy. And being a Red Sox fan, I had a fangirl orgasm when he held up his Papelbon figurine and hummed "I'm Shipping Up To Boston".
  • The Human Spider. He's doing it on purpose now.
  • Before watching his cameo in Angry Joe's review of Star Trek Online, I never would have considered Klingons as cute. But who could resist those dimples? :P
  • In an entirely non-sexual way, I find his heavy-lidded eyes to be mesmerising and weirdly adorable.
  • His cameo in Film Brain's review of Hudson Hawk comes with a sexy evil laugh.
  • This troper is willing to bet... well, a lot that she isn't the only one who wants to pull his hair.
    • In his Wrestle Wrestle videos he has this... annoying habit of fisting his hands in his hair (and looking rather anguished) when shit gets truly ridicculous, prompting me to basically go "No, bad nerd, hands back on the table" in my head because it's just sooo distracting.
  • Skullduggery. Magician Spoony. Lipstick.
  • I'm really surprised no one has mentioned this yet - maybe it's just me? But hell, I'll say it - I like his eyes. They're this really nice light green colour, and they look a different shade depending on the lighting. As well as that, his smile is quite sweet. I don't like the ida of perving over him, because hell, that's got to be kind of uncomfortable for him considering how damn nice he is - but I like those small details about him.
    • Agreed -- especially in those professional headshots on his website. His eyes are just so...luminous.
    • Here you go. Enjoy. ;)
  • During the Ultima VIII review, there's a scene where Spoony's confined to a padded cell in an insane asylum. In a straight jacket. With his hair wet and stringy. And his face covered in red, demonic symbols. Yeah.
  • Spoony dressed as Yuna at the end of his Final Fantasy X-2 review. And really good quality drag, too. There were many confused boners that day.
  • From about the Ultima 9 video on, his hair's gotten really long, and for some reason is amazingly hot.
    • This Troper is strangely attracted to how passionate he got when talking about playing the games during his childhood and the utter betrayal Ultima 9 was. When he threw the game boxes across the room in the last video I just wanted to hug him and stroke his hair!
  • How cute is his new girlfriend, April? They look like a really good couple, as seen in the "Spoony and April Try Mitsuwa Market Food" video.
  • These two pictures are all that you need. 

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