• Joshua. He's a snarky, effeminate cross-dresser with amazing hair and a sexy voice, he looks awfully flattering in a plain buttoned shirt, he almost always seems to have bedroom eyes, he frequently has a sexy smug grin on his face, he has an awful lot of one-sided Ho Yay with Neku... for me, Josh is Perverse Sexual Lust incarnate.
  • Kitaniji + Shiki (still in Eri's stripperiffic form) + Red Skull Pin = One Lucky Conductor.
  • Mitsuki Konishi is a blonde meganekko, wears what looks like a maid outfit, has rather large breasts, and has a very dominating aura to her. Oh, and her Noise form is very furry-friendly, too.
    • And in Another Day, she's Beat's teacher, contributing to the hot teacher fetish.
  • If you beef up Neku's and Beat's Bravery, you can make them crossdress. Unfortunately, due to limitations, this is not represented by the in-game sprites.
  • The World Ends With You 's Mitsuki Konishi is a blond Meganekko with a maid-like outfit, fairly pronounced boobs, and a dominating aura, If You Know What I Mean. In fact, in Another Day, she's Beat's teacher, for the hot teacher fetish. And in a completely different scene, Shiki forces Neku to strip off his pants.
    • And then there's the lyrics to "Give Me All Your Love", which may either get you hot and bothered or gross the living hell out of you.
    • And how about this: A Red Skull Pin + Shiki (still in Eri's Stripperific form) X Megumi Kitaniji = One Lucky Conductor.
    • And that's even before you get onto the the subject of Joshua's... interest in Neku.
    • Many awesome equip items on the game are feminine outfits. The point: there's no such thing as "sex-based" outfit, anyone can qear anything in this game. The catch: most of those take high levels of Bravery to be worn. It's still too easy getting high Bravery if you can get hold of some Cordyceps or BRAVE+ ... then you can put everyone in schoolgirl uniforms. Every. One. Of course, due to Combinatorial Explosion the pics of the characters don't change if you change their outfits, but it's close enough...
      • Some of those feminine outfits only grant their extra bonuses to Joshua. You start with the Frilly Parasol and go down (up?) from there.

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