I am amazed this hasn't been made into a page yet! So what can we say about the movie... Thor and Loki, yep that is pretty much all that needs to be said :)

  • Loki is simply the best. Tom Hiddleston gets such a sexy growl whenever he gets angry, I get such squiggly feelings.
  • Loki has three types of armor. One of them makes it very difficult to focus *ahem* upwards[1]
  • Oh Loki...God help me, Tom Hiddleston is ridiculously sexy, especially now that Loki has a new look for the Avenger's film. The armor is sleeker, with more deep green and less gold, and to top it off, his hair apparently grew a few inches. This tropette is sqealing with glee as Loki now hits every single kink of hers, including long hair. Want to see the sexy? Click here
  • Kat Dennings looking geeky as ever. Rrggle!

Aren't we ignoring the title character here a little? Let's do a kink count here. Tall, broad-shouldered, extremely "well-defined" blonde behemoth with a really nice growling voice who really likes fighting and is a gentleman on top of that. Not to mention the fact that Chris Hemsworth has apparently perfected Hair Porn into an artform. This main character, I like him! ANOTHER!

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