Pretty hot for a guy even Jesus says needs to get laid .


Todd, not-quite-seen here at his keyboard.

  • Hooded dude in the dark who has a paranoid obsession with keeping his face hidden? Yes, please.
  • He plays the song he's reviewing on the piano at the beginning of every video. His hands are awfully distracting.
  • He does his reviews barefoot.
  • The way that he occasionally appears out of the shadows, but still hooded. A little bit exposed, yet still irresistibly inaccessible. Gawd, what a tease... I LOVE IT.
  • His voice. Just... his voice. It is supreme Audio Erotica.
    • Specifically when he gets some bass in his voice. It's to the point where I would submit my own horrible pop song just to be chastised by him.
    • Oh, and the way his accent gets thicker when he shouts.
    • Is anyone else turned on by the way he goes BIEEEEEEBEEEEEERRRRR and screams in the Eenie Meenie video during the close-up? Stupid lucky Justin Bieber. Wow, I never thought I'd type that sentence.
    • In his review of "Carry Out" he says some lame food based pickup lines, lines that would work on this troper if they were said by that voice.
  • Umm... Todd singing.
    • Just... yeah.
    • He puts his rendition of Marcy Playground's "Sex and Candy" under "goofing around". Goofy isn't quite the right word.
    • He did a video singing "Too Late" by Carol King, thus making him sexier then I thought would be possible for someone who doesn't reveal their face.
    • Also, there's this. Todd only sings part of it, but when he does it is glorious.
  • The "Carry-Out" video. Erotic Eating, plus rubbing food on himself, plus shame, it's a threefer! Not to mention the noises he makes. Damn. It doesn't help that he has a rather nice voice, in my opinion.
  • His hair when he yanks back his hood during Linkara's latest "Previously on" segment. IT... looks so poofy. Now I really wanna see what he looks like!!!
  • "Your love is my drug". Weak and tired because of an hangover? Oh, let the nurse cure you. It doesn't help that those things he remembers in the end might look more like he remembering what he did the previous night more than he remembering a music video...
  • Todd is prone to ragefits. Need more angry Todd.
    • In his "Bad Romance" review, there's a part after Todd's fit where he's panting, shaken and clearly alarmed.
    • In the "Like A G6" video he snatched up his stool and was about to go to town on his keyboard.
    • In "Scream And Shout", he literally screams and shouts. The fact that he hates the song so much only makes his anger so much better.
  • In Y Ruler of Time's review of Soulja Boy's song "Anime" we get a quick clip of Todd strangling himself with his microphone cord because of how awful the song was. Which totally didn't excite some people's Erotic Asphyxiation fetish AT ALL.
    • On the same note, at the end of his review for "Bed Rock" he suffocates himself with a plastic grocery bag.
  • The moment in his Hannah Montana: The Movie review showing Todd on his last birthday, completely alone, and him wearing a party hat and a noise maker... Give him a hug and make him feel better.
    • Also applies to the two (that I remember) moments we see him sitting on his bed crying as he's trying to write a song for someone. Some would call that pathetic, but others want to just give him a hug and comfort him like the above troper said.
  • Todd bringing out the saxophone in the Hannah Montana: The Movie review.
  • The "Club Can't Handle Me" review. All of it. The Brief Accent Imitation, the singing, the beginning when Critic threatened him with the Hoedown Throwdown and he got all whimpery... The fact that he carried a replica of an ancient Greek Polynesian war club could be considered a huge Geeky Turn On.
  • His hood is down the entire time on this video. This troper really, REALLY wants to mess with his hair.
  • Every now and then he'll start dancing/moving in his chair to whatever music he's listening to, and it's just about the cutest thing ever.
  • In his "Fifteen" review from back when he was still on Youtube, he talks about a failed relationship that many people watching thought was a genuine tale of Todd's past... Only to have him reveal afterwards that he was merely describing an episode of "Saved By The Bell". He's so good at acting in this scene, you just wanna take him under your wing and say "Don't worry, Todd, I'll kill that ungrateful bitch for dumping you." XD
    • This. This. All of this. Personally, This Troper (who never saw Saved By the Bell) listened to this entire scene with her hands over her mouth because her heart was melting with so much compassion that she wanted to reach through her screen and pull him close. Even after the reveal, she wondered what real life experience he was drawing on, because it didn't feel fake for a moment.
  • This troper had the immense pleasure of meeting Todd at Magfest 2011 in Alexandria, Virginia and reports that he is quite good looking, but that's not the fetish part. While walking around, Todd had a black cloth mask over his face that only exposed his lips. When this troper got an autograph, he smiled and now she has a fetish for Mask!Todd.
    • And according to this fanart and a comment from Linkara, he's quite attractive without the mask as well.
    • I saw his arms during the singing, piano does your arms good man.
    • Not to mention that as it turns out, he's got a very nice smile.
  • Regarding MAG Fest, his vlog where he talks about the experience, and especially when he talks about meeting fans. He has no idea why we adore him. I, just, wow!
    • He also mentions the orgies and how mind-blowing they were.
  • Gah, with such a good page, why the hell doesn't he have a girlfriend?
  • From the end of his Best of 2010 video: He falls off his stool and BAM! Butt shot!
    • Simply the fact that he loves (truly) romantic songs. Teenage Dream (by an artist he doesn't care for but is starting to wear him down) made it on and Nothin on You and his praises for it, is nice and refreshing.
    • Also from his Best of 2010 video, after getting the idea to use Nothin on You to pick up Obscurus Lupa, he started excitedly bouncing up and down in his chair before running off to his computer... It was just so adorable!
    • Him totally spazzing over Rihanna and Drake.
      • "Oh, my god, he's so dreamy!"
      • This Troper found his admission ("Ooohhh, yeah, this does it for me..") on Rihanna's "Rude Boy" to be disturbingly erotic. She can't listen to this song without blushing now.
    • Him confessing his love over the phone. Admit it, you wished that it was you on the other end.
  • There's a side glance from Mask!Todd in Y Ruler of Time's The Last Airbender review. He has some peach fuzz / bearest inkling of a mustache and for some reason it is incredibly sexy for this troper. Will be in my bunk.
  • In his "Black and Yellow" review, there was a scene of Todd kicking and screaming whilst watching the Transformers movies. It may just be my inner sadist speaking, but I can't help but go back to that review to see him writhe in pain like that.
  • How is it that no one has mentioned Todd's "Grenade" review yet? There are a total of two scenes that cranked up the Audio Erotica meter through the roof, though the one that stands out the most in my mind is: "Oh my god, yeah, beat me till I'm numb, I need it, give me more, please." That little "please" at the end of it did it for me.
  • In the end of Obscurus Lupa's Birdemic review, Todd attempts to rescue Lupa from the titular birds. We see him run out the door with a hanger, which in itself is cute...but he bends over a bit to reveal his very nice ass.
  • The end of his "S&M" review, full stop; it's deliberate Audio Erotica. He starts moaning about how bad the song is, how much it hurts, begging for more... it's, uh, very distracting.
  • His new found love with Nostalgia Chick is making for a quite cute and mushy Twitter feed from the usually very sarcastic Todd. Adorable.
  • His Suburban Knights role. Just...his Suburban Knights role.
  • This too. Just this.
  • There was a photo of Todd in silhouette, sans hood, wearing a fedora. It was incredibly sexy. Unfortunately, it was also lost in the wiki transfer. (Anyone have a link? Please....?)
    • Is this it?
    • Oh yeeeeah.
    • Aaand it's gone again.
  • Nostalgia Chick's review of Grease 2, featuring Todd poofed into a wide variety of outfits by the makeover fairy.
  • While it can definitely be agreed that Todd's voice is audio erotica, something about the way he spoke in the beginning of the "Soul Sister" review ("I haven't heard it in years, and that suits me fine..!") just made this troper melt in her chair. She could only continue the video with a few replays and a blushing face buried by her hands with shameful fangirl glee.
  • In his review of "Just A Kiss", the way Todd said "Yes, my Lord" to Jesus made this troper lose her breath. She would very much like to break Todd's seven year chasity.
  • This troper started squealing like a pig in his One Hit Wonderland of "Rico Suave" and his trilling Rs upon pronouncing the name. Just something about how he says it hit the sweet spot of sexy. After all, it's Todd. Heh.
  • Him entering into "Protective Dad Mode" during the "Southside" portion of the Worst of 2004 video, made even better somehow by the slight Southern accent.
"Son, that little girl there's my princess, and if you've got even half a mind to touch a hair on her head, I want you to know, I got a shotgun and I know how to use it. You keep that in mind, son."
  • His top 10 best lists are always good for seeing Todd outright humiliated by his choices. 2012 had a lot of great moments, including him dancing along to certain songs (including him thrusting his hips), and the shame he felt for putting a song by Flo Rida on the list. Also, he literally depantsed himself.
    • That last part deserves elaboration. He makes a joke about depantsing...and then stands up and whips off his belt. *HRK* I need fangril CPR.
  • The beginning of his One Hit Wonderland of "Me and Mrs. Jones". How can one voice be so smooth?
  • "It's Raining Men" begins with Todd gifting the ladies with a near-striptease hoodie removal
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, watch "Gorilla." Just do it. He imitates Bruno Mars's orgasm noises.

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