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I like big butts that I cannot lie!

  • There sure is a lot emphasis on the girls needing to pee...
    • As well as the girls losing their hair. Suggested for Lindsay twice, Heather first season, almost Courtney second season, and Sierra in the third.
    • The hair-loss theme continues with Dakota and Stacy. Seriously, either Chris or the writers must get a serious hard-on for it.
  • Speaking of Total Drama Island... you know, you can say whatever you want about Heather's personality but... damn. That is a gorgeous woman. Even in season two she's only slightly less attractive than before, about equal with Lindsay...and considering Lindsay is easily the second hottest female on the show, damn still applies. Heather hits all of This Troper's buttons: Asian, raven haired, full lips, dimpled chin, a rump to shame Kim Kardashian, huge chest, long legs, Daisy's like they read my mind (or my fanfics).
    • The whipping. Just the whipping. And in a clip for a later episode, Gwen and Courtney get back at her with an old-fashioned torture machine!
    • This troper isn't a big fan of whipping per se, but the Les Yay between Heather and Courtney is still greatly appreciated.
    • This troper isn't usually a fan of ponytails but somehow it looks hotter on Heather than her original long hair.
    • And in TDDDDI she gets spanked by a beaver.
    • This troper got turned on when she kissed Trent in season 1, and the when she tricked Duncan later that season.
    • How have we gotten this far into the page without mentioning the time when Heather showed her boobs?
    • She was also shown, on two seperate occasions, to not wear any underwear underneath her clothing, when both her boobs and butt were flashed in "X-Treme Torture" and "3:10 to Crazytown" respectively.
  • For that matter, Lindsay. Wow. A tall, tremendously buxom, tanned, blonde sex kitten in a short skirt and tube top. But that's not all, as if that wasn't enough! She's cute, she's downright Moe, has a sweet personality and has a ridonkulous body to go with it. She's marginally less hot than Heather...but that's like saying you're marginally less hot than the sun, you'd still be scorching.
    • Don't forget that Lindsay gives us a panty shot in the freaking opening theme song when she gets knocked out of the outdoor bathroom.
    • Chris even comments on this in the first episode, after a pan-up of her body he just looks at the camera and says, "Not too shabby!" Even Chris's VOICE ACTOR thinks she's hot.
    • And she tied her boyfriend up in the bathroom in season 1 so she could make out with him. Lucky bastard
    • Mmmmmm...Admiral Lindsay her Hotness.
    • Also, there's her swimsuit in "X-Treme Torture".
  • Then there's Izzy. Masochistic girl who spends 99% of the show wearing almost nothing (the 1% was being in a bear outfit. Don't ask) and has no care if people see her naked ("After the Dock of Shame"/"Haute Camp-Ture"). Heck, when she returns in the first season, she scratches herself like a wolf, and, because she is wearing a skirt, flashes the audience and all of the campers. Then Total Drama Action comes and kills her personality. Damn.
    • At the spoiler above: Why do people keep saying that, dangnabbit? If anything, Izzy got funnier as the show progressed, and no less hot! Why is that in spoilers, anyway? Also, Gwen.
    • This troper enjoyed the scene in Haute Camp-ture when she announced that she had to go to the bathroom, only to relieve herself right in the pool.
    • The Dance Of The Rattle Snake. Owen was right, she IS good!
    • The montage of her movie roles from the TDA special. I don't know about the rest of you, but seeing her dressed as The Bride was incredibly sexy.
  • Sierra, The tallest female contestant, Kinky (did you know there's a pressure point between the tarsal bones that can temporarily paralyse the body? well she does and she tried it out on Cody) and is probably more lustful for Cody than he is for Gwen and also got a Panty Shot in the episode "Slap Slap Revolution", and also quite crafty.
    • "Let me cheer you up by taking you to a happy place, it's a beautiful mountainside filled with Codies, some are giant, others are small enough to tuck in your pocket and some are chocolate covered marshmallow Codies"
  • Aww man, Courtney. While a lot of people disliked her derailment in action, at the same time, she became more and more of a Fetish Fuel Station Attendant. Just for a short list of stuff, the multiple Groin Attacks she gives Duncan, wrestling Duncan in a Ballpit wearing nothing but a 2 piece and beating him, the way she manipulates both Duncan and Justin, her bossy and commanding attitude, her legs. Oh and her Cricket outfit for the Super Hero contest. Damn.
    • And in the Paintball Deer Hunter episode, we get a closeup of her umm... greatest asset complete with a cute, fluffy deer tail.
      • No mention of her fantastic singing voice? FOR SHAME. I'm a straight girl and during her ending solo in "Stip Them Down", I swear, I turned gay for a moment!
  • There is a LOT of stomach bloating, stuffing, and weight gain amongst the female cast.
    • Gwen and especially Heather's stuffed bellies in "The Big Sleep".
    • Leshawna's pregnant-looking air baby in "Full Metal Drama".
    • Heather's three-ounce weight gain in the TDA Special.
    • Lindsay bloating herself up after eating too many bananas in "The Am-AH-zon Race".
    • Blaineley showing off her gut in "Aftermath: Aftermayhem".
    • Sky getting filled up with water in "I Love You, I Love You Knots".
  • Despite being Scrappies for many viewers, Katie and Sadie are quite the Fetish Fuel Station Attendants when you think about it, Sadie for people who have a fat fetish, there Les Yay filled friendship for Yuri fans, the fact that they show a lot of exposed flesh and last but probably not least, the people who have a Twin Threesome fetish probably get a kick out of them.
  • We can't forget One Million Bucks B.C., we were treated to Courtney, Lindsay, and Heather in two piece fur bikinis, also Heather was given a hot cavegirl wig to go with it, and while she and Courtney keep their open toed shoes Lindsay went barefoot. The downside is that even with those skimpy cavegirl outfits and I'm pretty sure none of them were wearing underwear no female contestant had a wardrobe malfunction, but all the male contestants did. That is not what male teenage fans wanna see writers, get it right next time!
    • With all of the panty shots that could've been, we can call that episode a Missed Moment of Fasnservice.
  • Don't forget that all the girls except for Sadie sport Hartman Hips.
  • Leshawna. I think you all know the reason.
    • "You two know anyone else with a booty as luscious as an apple... (shakes booty) mine?"
  • Between Heather getting electrocuted and Gwen hopped up on epinephrine, this show leads me to believe I have a spasm fetish. Adobe Flash is a really good program for animating spasms.
  • All of the girls have either barred their midriffs in thier normal clothes, sleepwear, and/or swimwear. The exceptions are Beth and Eva.
  • Am I the only person that find Eva attractive? I mean, mole and unibrow aside, she's got some really nice curves, and her chest is bigger than a lot of the other females on the show. Not to mention she'd probably be a really awesome Dominatrix.
  • Bridgette. One of the show's best examples that you don't have to have huge boobs to be really smoking hot. I mean, between her usual Bare Your Midriff hoodie, she looks really good in her wetsuit and that dress from her Aftermath song.
  • Gwen. Bare Your Midriff corset top (with a fairly low neckline), miniskirt, stockings, and some pretty badass boots. And the panty shot she gives us in the trust episode.
    • Still bugs me that in "I Triple Dog Dare You!" we didn't see her taking her stocking off before that dare, it just cut away.
    • Some sort of mixture of Amazon and Deadpan Snarker?


  • The show doesn't skimp out for us girls and guys who like guys, either:
  • Duncan satisfies any girl who wants a bad boy, and happens to be a total Estrogen Brigade Bait. Also has a fascination with knives and chainsaws, as well as pulling down other guys' pants.
    • To quote the delinquent: "but all the knot tying lessons meant I'm pretty much a Houdini at tying and untying stuff. Came in handy a bunch a' ways I don't think Ma had in mind." mmm. Kinky!
  • Justin and Alejandro are perfect eye candy, the latter also being quite charming, and both with plenty a Shirtless Scene.
    • I can't be the only one turned on by Alejandro's eyepatch in The Am-AH-Zon Race, can I? It was just...Squee!
    • Plus he's perfect Seme Material
      • And he's becoming quite close to the boys. Especially Noah.
      • In one episode, its shown that he is very flexible.
  • Alejandro wore nothing but speedos in one episode.
  • Noah is both a Deadpan Snarker to rival Kyon, and walking Ho Yay with nearly every male he talks to.
    • Yes! Someone else shares my Noah love! You forgot to mention that Duncan pantsed him in one episode, and the infamous scene where he spoons Cody and kisses him in his sleep...
    • This troper is particularly in love with his voice.
      • Oh god yes! Especially in I See London... when he sings in 'Strip Them Down' and goes low. *shudders*
      • Though the guys in 'Strip Them Down' are old and gross, I just like the idea of Noah bribing other men to strip...
    • Whenever Noah gets his hair wet, this troper just wants to break through the fourth wall and bury her hands and face in it. It's just so glooorrriiuuuuuusssss.
    • While this troper just found it sexy but normal, a classmate of hers (who, by the way, has only watched about three episodes) said that the deep laugh Noah did right before teasing Cody about being forced to wear lederhosen gave her shivers. The good kind that is. Audio Erotica indeed.
    • The Japan and Germany episodes were quite fun for those of us who like seeing Noah wearing army helmets.
    • Noah's just Fetish Fuel in general.
  • Owen's constant weight/eating focus and getting his jaw wired shut.
    • Chris's voice actor has a man-crush on him
  • Cody can even qualify, if this dialogue is any indication:
    Gwen: Fine, but I'm in charge.Cody: That's the way I like it!
    • To go along with that, he seems quite willing in World Tour to go through embarrassment and humiliation.
    • His tight lederhosen in Slap Slap Revolution.
  • Speaking of Chris...a straight-up sadist skater boy with Perma Stubble, an affinty for dress-up, many a Shirtless Scene, and full-on Ho Yay with the resident Scary Black Man? Yes please.
    • Even hotter than his being extremely sadistic is the fact that he is sadistic and has no qualms about admitting it.That "Yeah, I'm kinky, so what?" attitude just blows my mind.
  • Tyler has finger strength, think about it.
    • and using his teeth to strip the guard in the London episode
      • Plus him demonstrating his 'flexibility', also in the London episode.
      • A lot of teenage girls loved His and Cody's Icarus costumes from the final part of the Greece challenge
  • How hasn't Trent been mentioned yet? Really hot, really laid-back guy with pretty green eyes and a nice body. Not to mention he plays guitar and has gone into woobie territory several times...
  • Alejandro's tongue, as seen in "Hawaiian Punch" will no doubt walk the line between Fetish Fuel and Nightmare Fuel.


  • Let's face it, each camper is a walking example of one (or more) fetishes.
  • The Pole from the first aftermath of World Tour
  • Every Character has fans who have Perverse Sexual Lust for them
  • Heather and Alejandro are fine on their own, but together with a big dab of Foe Yay? Yow!
    • At one point, Heather boasts about her flexibility to Alejandro. He responds by demonstrating just how flexible heis.
  • Two words: torture rack. Both victims made "interesting" noises.
  • SPOILER ALERT-- Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island introduces us to 13 new characters. People thought these characters would be ugly but we have -- This brings us three damn fine ladies, Dawn, Zoey and Ann Maria. The latter is a tan, bodacious really attractive spanish girl who's fierce and addmittedly a stereotype. Dawn is the pale sweet looking white blonde with the beautiful blue eyes, skin tight leggings with the cutest green sweater and Zoey is a red headed Heather look-alike but has a real sweet indie chick thing going on. They're argueably hotter than the 1st generation girls. And there are some really sexy guys too. Namely Lightning, Scott and Mike.
    • Dawn borders on Woobie material. She's just so freakin' cute.
    • There's also Ann Maria's bikini; Jo's nude workout session; the fact that two girls, Staci and Dakota, end up losing their hair and the latter girl turning into a Cute Monster Girl.
    • This completely heterosexual male troper will admit to having a thing for Mike.
    • Speaking of Mike, he has multiple personalities. While one of them is a grumpy old man, the others are two casanovas, a female Swedish gymnast, and a new one that's implied to be a psychopath. Wow.
    • Jo dominating Brick. Think about it.
    • Mike's casanova personality, Vito, comes out whenever Mike loses his shirt, which means he's constantly getting it ripped off in increasingly contrived ways. There's also the time Scott rips Mike's shirt off to get Vito to take over, but that's another story
    • Pahkitew Island wasn't exactly light on sexy ladies either. To wit, there's Jasmine: a tall, slender, voluptuous, dark skinned Australian Amazon badass with a cute accent, lovable personality, and nice hat. Then there's Sky: a petite, kindhearted Asian Olympian athlete in skintight black leggings (and she gets a nice Foot Focus in one episode). Lastly, we have Amy and Sammy, curvy blond identical twin cheerleaders, the latter of whom is also a massive Woobie.
    • MacArthur and Sanders from Ridonculous Race are quite possibly the sexiest of the new characters. The latter is a smart, level headed, slender, beautiful black woman with Youthful Freckles and Boyish Short Hair. The former is a brash, outspoken, chubby-yet-curvaceous gal with Blush Sticker on her face, a cute ponytail, and much emphasis placed on her perfectly sculpted ass. That's not even getting into the enormous amounts of Les Yay between the two.

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