Totally spies
  • Every episode of Totally Spies! caters to a different fetish. Seriously. Totally Spies IS this trope. Brainwashing,bondage, all flavors of shape shifting, and that's just for starters.
  • This troper has described Totally Spies as "an animated Charlie's Angels for teenagers." On the surface, you have girl power, hot chicks kicking ass, etc. But actually watch an episode or two to completion, and it becomes pretty clear who the show is really for.
  • You forgot that they wear catsuits when being 'spy-y'. Reowwr!
  • They're like the poster girls for "stuck" fetishes, including all of the above, glue and glue-y stuff, transformation.
  • The series also seems to cater to the foot fetish crowd. Watch the Christmas episode, best example.
  • The giantess episode is considered by macrophiliacs as one of the best growth/giantess cartoons ever made by "mainstream" people.
  • What's interesting to note is that the writers seem to really have a thing for Clover, since she's usually the one that all the crazy-sexy fetish stuff happens to.
  • This Troper blames Totally Spies on her huge fetish for Mind Control.
  • And THIS troper blames Totally Spies for his transformation fetish. (Episode 15, anyone?)
    • Creepy Crawly Much. Roach!Alex. Yesplz.
  • This Troper has a bubble gum fetish (no, really) and discovered that Totally Spies is popular with people into said fetish, due to the fact that the girls have used explosive bubble gum as a weapon a few times. The scene where Sam blows bubbles the size of her body to fight off a horde of zombies particularly springs to mind.
  • The episode with the addictive cookies is actually what launched this troper's weight gain fetish. Clover in a skin-tight bodysuit with an ever expanding size? Sign me up.
    • That episode inspired a generation of weight gain fetishes.
  • Can I blame this show for giving me this incredibly awkward fetish?
    • Everyone else seems to have.
      • Considering this stuff is fairly "mainstream" and tame compared to other stuff, no.
  • It amazing how differently the girls are drawn in the bodysuits depending on the scene. Sometimes they look good, and sometimes just flat out voluptuous.
  • The way the camera sometimes focuses on certain parts of the girls, especially when they take certain sexy poses.
  • The number of times Clover gets kidnapped or put into I Have You Now My Pretty situations boggles the mind.
  • How about "Zooney World", where the spies are tied up in poles?
  • Sam's having Amazon blood is both hot and intriguing. She was dressed like an Amazon warrior in "Spy Gladiators". Then she joins an Amazon Brigade (which also looks down upon weaker and unworthy women) in "W.O.W.".
  • Sam and Mandy become "friends" in "Eraser"
    • Also there's two sisters in "Evil Hair Saloon" that look like Sam and Mandy!
  • Two episodes appeal to the fmg (female muscle growth, Amazonian Beauty lovers with focus on bulging, growing musculature) fetishists. During the first, Clover is overdosed on nanobots and become ridiculously bulky. In the second, we got the on screen process of Alex dosing up on super steroids to beat the bad guy(s). She'd give some serious inferiority complex to the She Hulk.
    • On other end "The Incredible Bulk" and that other episode with Humongous Man and Humongo-Virgil
  • On the other hand, many girls seemed to have noticed how handsome the guy of the week love interests are. Especialy that pool-attendent who speaks French...
  • Oh lord...Sam in that catsuit and getting all flexible to avoid the laser sensors... *melts*
  • This troper likes the scene in "Starstruck" where Clover is Strapped To An Operating Table and the laser is heading towards her groin. And Clover screams as it neared her pussy, including the close-up when the laser shut off.
  • There was one episode where the girls get trapped in a video game and they end up wearing some fine swimsuits.
  • One episode, Model Citizens, where the girls go to a modeling agency and switch body parts, started a transformation fetish in this troper.
  • "The Yuck Factor" contributed to this troper's fetish of Fantastic Voyage Plots.

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