"You got the touch", has a whole new meaning here.


  • We got this far without the mentioning of the whole giant robotic beings thing? That's enough to either turn on or squick out some people.
    • I've always wondered; are people who're attracted to robots called shinies, or clickies, or something (to go with furries)? And if you're attracted to any of the cast of Beast Wars, are you a clicky or a furry?
      • Trannies!
      • I'm not sure, but they have their own variant of "fapfapfap", namely "CLANG CLANG CLANG" (don't ask.)
      • "CLANG CLANG CLANG" translates, depending on context as either "I'd hit that!" or robots going at it.
      • On Transformers toy fora, the actual term is "Toygasm". Which has always sounded highly suspicious in this Troper's ears....
      • Some of them jokingly call themselves "an Ryusei" after Ryusei Date of Super Robot Wars Original Generations, due to the Running Gag of his fawning over feminine mecha very expressively, which irks Latooni.
      • A few other popular terms are 'Transfags' and 'robosexuals'. * The concept of Pretenders: Robots with special shells that can be anything humanoid. Anything. To top that, the pretenders can control their own shells and feel everything the shells feel. Did we mention that Alice was a pretender?
      • A recurring theme in most continuities are characters with high heels, which strangely enough is commonly seen in male characters, just as much as female characters.
  • Any soldier any Megatron/Galvatron has who 1) isn't trying to kill him and 2) is supremely loyal will always inspire certain... thoughts. After all, if they're that loyal...
    • well as the ones that are trying to kill them. See all the Starscream examples.
  • The possibility of Cybertronians being turned into humans is pretty popular (and it's happened in episodes of both G1 and Animated).

Transformers Generation 1Edit

  • In an episode of the original Transformers cartoon, Starscream is trapped in his jet form by Megatron's latest evil device, then loudly and verbosely begs Megatron to release him from his current state. THIS troper raised an eyebrow. In another episode, Starscream flees from Megatron in fear, thinking Megatron is going to make him do something that will result in his death, and Megatron sends out Lazerbeak to capture him and bring him back. No wonder they're the most popular slash pairing in the fandom.
  • Season Three also seemed to have a remarkable love of tentacles. In Dweller in the Depths a number of Transformers have their energy drained by a technoorganic tentacle beast and in Webworld Galvatron is forcibly restrained by the mobile purple goop of the sentient planet of Torkulon, which is accompanied by much writhing and pleading that made you wonder if anything else was going on down there.
  • Bombshell and his mind control abilities. Erotic hypnosis is officially a fetish, yes.
  • Also note that Optimus Prime is dating Elita One, when they were both (re)built by Alpha Trion and share design characteristics. Incest, anyone? He even gives her an energy transfusion by leaning over her with wires going from him to her in a way that might remind you of something.
  • We will not discuss Kiss Players.
  • So... this troper was the only one who got a little too excited to see Unicron uke-fy Megatron/Galvatron in the movie? Megatron, as in one of the baddest mo-fos of our collective childhood, made to submit? That's... um... *is ashamed*
    • ... . . . *cough* *crickets chirp* But Galvatron and Cyclonus in Season 3? Yeah, that's the stuff!
  • Speaking of season three, are we forgetting Scourge and his clones? Or going back a bit, Shrapnel and his army of clones? Selfcest ahoy!
  • Marissa Faireborn, Badass leader of the Earth Defence Command. Be still, my spark...
  • A conversation between Thundercracker and Skywarp can easily be misinterpreted.
Skywarp: Let's give Megatron a little present!
Thundercracker: Heh. Maybe we oughta wrap [Bumblebee and Sparkplug] up and put a little bow on 'em!
  • Um...maybe I'm missing something, but what's so fetish-tastic about that scene?
    • Thundercracker didn't say anything about a box, did he...?
  • What, am I the only one who watched the entire original series to see Optimus forcibly pin down Megatron whilestraddling him? I can't be, I just can't.
  • That one episode Auto-Bop with Tracks tied up eagle-spread in chains
    • ... while being tortured by the vibrations from the music, which is pretty... interesting in itself.
  • In "Atlatnis, Rise!", Spike is scuba-diving in nothing but a green speedo.

Beast Wars/Beast MachinesEdit

  • Sultry, poisonous Blackarachnia from Beast Wars?
    • And if you like dominant women, there?s the scene in Beast Machines where we get our first look at the upgraded bodies. Rattrap and Cheetor look up... and up... and up... at Blackarachnia towering over them.
    • Beast Machines Blackarachnia has a faceplate that opens, revealing six more eyes above the usual two. This can be Fetish Fuel, Nightmare Fuel, Squick, or... nothing. Your Mileage May Vary.
    • In "Aftermath" she got knocked out by Airazor and is sitting on the ground with her legs spread out. Airazor pulls her blaster at her.
  • What about Megatron merging his spark with that of the unconscious original Megatron, with Naughty Tentacles no less?
    • While we're on the subject of Beast Wars Megatron, between the fact that his Transmetal form appeared to be wearing tight black pants and his way of saying Yessss, he had to have given at least a few people pleasantdreams.
      • Add in the number of ways one can slash him with his *ahem* subordinates: Scorponok, Inferno, and Dinobot IIare a given, Dinobot himself has a few interesting moments re: Megsy throughout the series, and Megatron's capturing and torturing of Rampage's spark has gotta do someone for someone out there. Not to mention that one Japanese manga where he and Primal woke up on a space-ship, with amnesia, and worked oddly well together...
    • In "Low Road" Dinobot pounces on Rattrap and tries to stab him with a sword. The scene had Destructo Nookiewritten all over it. Oh WHY Predacons did you have to attack and break up the beautiful hate fest?
  • Why is Ravage not on here? He's a buff anthropomorphic black panther robot with a Russian accent, bondage cuffs, and stealth powers. That's like, five different fetishes, right there. This editor's gotta admit, he never even looked at Ravage, in any capacity, until his Beast Wars appearance.
  • In "The Web", Cheetor is trapped in his animal form as he's stuck on Taranulas' energy web slowly draining his energy. Tarantulas rose the energy-draining up for a moment, Cheetor groans like he's having an orgasm. Then Tarantulas crawled on top of him, stroking a terrified Cheetor's face with his mandibles, and tells him he's gonna eat him.

Transformers Robots In DisguiseEdit

General Unicron TrilogyEdit

Transformers ArmadaEdit

  • Armada Starscream is fangirl bait for a reason.

Transformers EnergonEdit

  • "What is my name, Starscream?" It must have been intentional... it must have been!
  • The Armada kids are all grown up and significantly hotter. Energon also introduces one Misha Miramond and her catsuit. Why is such hotness largely limited to the lackluster Energon series?
    • Then there's Sally, Kicker's younger sister who spends her time in a very short Catholic schoolgirl skirt. Um.
    • Misha riding on Arcee in motorcycle mode.
  • Virtual Robot catgirl Maid's.

Transformers CybertronEdit

  • Thunderblast. An anatomically correct female Transformer. Gotta make somebody happy in the trouser region. In one episode, we get... jiggle.
    • No, really. There's a few frames where she has nipples.
    • The catty rivalry between Thunderblast and Lori.
  • Lori showing both Scourge and Wing Saber who's really in control, in Ambush. (Oh, thats also the episode where we get... jiggle.)

Transformers AnimatedEdit

  • In Transformers Animated, there are but two words: Stasis cuffs. Handcuffs that don't just bind you, but leave you completely incapable of moving. They'd be very easy to... misuse.
    • For some, it doesn't even take further misuse; the immobilization factor is enough. Look up ASFR at some point.
    • For even more bondage fun, the Animated version of Blackarachnia, who has some Spider-Man-esque web powers added. And the animalistic hissing before attacking.
  • TheWet Sari Scene at the end of "Nature Calls".
  • Lockdown's sure got a lot of upgrades there...
  • TransWarped has Sari's new upgraded form, which, as Prof. Sumdac points out, makes her look like a teenager.
  • This troper is willing to admit her robot style armoured outfit and face plate turned her on. And, judging by Bumblebee's reaction, it had the same affect in the show (C'mon. "Sari, you look...different?". I think anyone whose seen a friend with a new look that makes you think of them as more than a friend, knows what the word "Different" is code for. Is this the onset of Kiss Players in TF:Animated?) She's also got a Zettai Ryouiki going.
    • And we now have Jetfire and Jetstorm, adorable twin "teenage" Autobots with quirky accents and cool jet modes. They're inseparable, acrobatic, finish each other's sentences constantly, "argue" (and wrestle around) in a friendly rivalry, fiercely protective of each other, call each other "Brother" endearingly, and have a gestalt form achieved via "symmetrical docking". It's like distilled fangirl attraction fuel (with often disturbing results).
  • Animated. Starscream Clones. Starscream's "complex" relationship with Megatron, and the clones' subsequent defection from Starscream to Megatron. THINK ABOUT IT.
  • While Laserbeak's not humanoid enough to invoke this trope for most, the scene where Optimus yanks him out of the air and forces him back into guitar mode to use against Soundwave is a bit eyebrow-raising.
  • The femme-bots all seem to have something going for them: there's Arcee, Red Alert, Blackarachnia, and Slipstream, the female Starscream clone.
  • Megatron's legs are oddly appealing to this Troper. As are his rather elegant hands, in comparison to the rest of him.
  • Shockwave. Good lord, sweet Primus, by the Allspark SHOCKWAVE. I don't know how the writers did it but they turned the computer on legs into a sex machine! Blurr, Bumblebee, and Arcee, to name a few. There's probably a sick mind out there that think he raped and mained Ultra Magnus... You know despite the characters' unpopular cartoony designs the show's style sure attracts a lot of fetishists.

Transformers Film SeriesEdit

  • In Revenge of the Fallen, Megatron returns. He arrives in his outer space lair with "Starscream, I'm home!" This troper thought of the Yaoi Fangirls they already have, and nearly burst out laughing.
  • Also it seems Starscream was busy attempting to breed more Decepticons on the moon... It could be considered M Preg, and if nothing else, maternal!Starscream is kinda a turn on.
  • Two more points: one, another one of those savage Megatron on Starscream beatings, and two, Megatron lies badly beaten and defeated. Who does he call out to? Who does he trust enough to stand by his side in this vulnerable state? "STARSCREAM!!"
    • AND THEN STARSCREAM *ahem* ACTUALLY DOES COME. *cough* And not to kick Megatron or anything.
  • While most "translations" of Cybertronian (and fanon) have Megatron's subordinates refer to him as "Commander" or "Lord," Soundwave and Starscream both call him Master in the movie. Megatron's Master, in turn, is the Fallen. I double-taked when Soundwave said it first.
  • Later on, Alice turns out to be a Decepticon. The first clue is her long, prehensile Decepticon tail. Then she repeats the trick with her tongue. That was somewhat creepy, but that feral, animalistic...thing she was doing while she tossed Sam around was the first time this editor thought "Oh, so that's what squiggly feelings are."
  • Another ROTF example, the scene in which Megatron holds Sam down and mentions how it feels good to grasp his flesh was pretty erotic. I can't be the only one seeing this!
    • Certainly not. The terrified expression and little whimpers Sam makes just make it worse. Dang me Shia is pretty when he's frightened.
      • And in the previous film, Megatron offered to make him Sam his pet...
      • Yes, that line was very eyebrow raising. This troper couldn't help but wonder what that would entail. Would he put him in a little cage, or something, or...guh. Poor Shia; why are you so pretty when panicked or frightened?
    • Um, I don't even find that actor sexually attractive at all but that scene was just squiggly feelings out the wazoo. Not the Orifice Invasion, but I found myself fairly, um, invested in the thought there would be actual bone-breaking... God, and that voice.
  • What, are you guys forgetting that apparently Soundwave has Naughty Tentacles?
    • And a fetish for satellites?
  • See G1 about Megs getting uke-ified.
  • Mikaela Banes exists. (As does Megan Fox, the actress playing her. Read about her and you'll find even more reasons to drool. And want to give her a hug. Which can add Moe appeal, so we're possibly back to drool.)
    • Supposedly the director put her on a cake diet for a while because she was too skinny. That appeals to stuffing fetishists and people who are just plain tired of incredibly skinny women. That scene(s) where she is bent over seductively wouldn't have beennearly as sexy if her butt was all bony.
  • This Troper isn't normally a robot fetishist, but for some reason the motorcyclesisters◊(Arcee, Chromia, and Elita-One) really did it for me.

Transformers Shattered GlassEdit

  • If we're going to talk Technopaths, there's a character in this universe who's very sweet and gentlemanly, yet has the ability to control machines with his mind and communicate with them telepathically by putting his (glowing) hands all over them. Oh, to be a comput... er, eheh...
  • Sure, the human allies are generally unpopular with the fans, but Sephie Beller◊is just adorable. It may or may not be just me, but I just don't have it in me to give her the hate that humans generally get in these series.
    • It's not just you... her whole Perky Goth Technophile shtick is really adorable.
    • Circuit Breaker◊, the character she is based on, is also kind of fetishy.
  • The Autobots' evil female computer, Teletraan-X, has tentacles. That she's more than willing to use to restrain misbehaving prisoners.

Transformers PrimeEdit

  • The new series if off to a very promising start in Arcee. Tall, slender, blue, bad ass while still very feminine, Arcee is lovely to behold. But furthermore, she transforms into a blue motorcycle which is itself almost eerily sexy. A sexyness picked up on by human protagonist Jack Darby, who's first instinct is to come over and STRADDLE HER *ahem*. The two are soon thrown into the mix, evidence a slap slap kiss like relationship, and she finally ends up has his personal protector and motor bike. The pair of them is tempting this troper to produce some very naughty fan art. (something along the lines of nude motorbiking at midnight...)
  • Many fans are turned on by Starscreams oddly feminine figure with high heels.
  • Prime's Bulkhead is kind of sexy- he's big and strong, yet an adorable little kid at heart. And his voice, DAMN. Anyone else think he's hot?
  • Airachnid being stalker-sh towards Jack, and plans to make him her next trophy.
  • Not to mention all those times that Arcee was webbed up by Airachnid.