Panty Shot TalesEdit

WARNING - Do not mention children in this section. That's what got it deleted last time. You have been warned. Do not remove this warning.

  • I saw a woman in a Walmart bend over to pick up something wearing tight pants and revealed her amazing pink underwear only half cover a gorgeous ass.
  • This trooper has had the fortune of seeing MANY but perhaps the best one perhaps was in 12th grade. A fizzy blonde haired girl was wearing a formal dress but the back side didn't fall down the way she hoped. The dress had riden up so much in the back her ass and thong were on display perfectly. Her one friend noticed and and quickly rushed over and puled the dress down. Only myself and that girl saw it. Needless to say the fact that the girls face was as red as a firetruck after that added some extra fetish fuel.
  • I have a few steamy, titillating tales of these moments I witnessed in high school to share:
O Firstly, I went to a private high school, which means everyone wears uniforms. The girls' uniforms may include either trousers or a short, pleated skirt. What the girls wore as part of them varied from girl to girl. But in the case of mentioning the first girl named Grace, sometimes she wore trousers; sometimes she wore skirts. But concerning the latter, I saw her panties twice. One day in Sept. 2001, I met Grace, who was a chubby or thick girl, and a couple grades ahead of me (she was a junior, I was a freshman) and a Taiwanese teen boy whose name escapes me, when I accompanied them to a store with a lady named Ms. Amy who I think might've been a teacher's aid, I'm not sure, as part of community service. Well that day, Grace happened to wear a short, pleated, khaki skirt with a short-sleeved, dark green shirt with folded, buttoned collar as being among the options for the girls' uniforms. When we got into the store and entered one aisle, Ms. Amy needed help from one of us to get something off a top shelf. Grace volunteered, so she stepped on a bottom shelf or another one above it to reach the top. Considering what she was wearing, incredibly but luckily, she wasn't concerned or worried about either of us boys attempting to sneak a peek up her skirt. That's exactly what I did in taking advantage of the opportunity. As soon as she got high enough, I looked right up her skirt. A pair of black undies fully covered her nice, plump, bubbly badonkadonk, which was even better without the skirt or trousers in the way. Ms. Amy and the Taiwanese kid were too busy keeping an eye on her for them to notice what I was doing. I stopped checking out what Grace was wearing underneath when she climbed back down, because she wasn't able to reach what she was trying to get. So it was the Taiwanese kid's turn to try and he was more successful. I got a look at Grace's goodies for what must've been less than five minutes I'd say. But it was still one of my lucky days/moments and I enjoyed every minute of it. It's amazingly miraculous that I managed not to get turned on enough to get a hard-on each time I caught a panty shot of a female student, which then again is a good thing I didn't for apparent reasons. But sometimes when I thought of those moments and I got aroused later, I did what I had to do to get it out of my system.
O The second time I viewed Grace's panties (which were black again), either in 9th or 10th grade, was at the end of one school day when the other students and I went into the cafeteria and we were gathering our things in preparation to go home. Grace was on one side of the room; I was on another. From a distance, she inadvertently gave me another panty shot when she bent over to pick up something and flashed me her goods. Not that I'm complaining, but one would think that if she or any other girl were planning to wear a skirt short enough to raise or ride up, they'd be more self-conscious, worried about getting looks from others, and take proper precautions by wearing modesty shorts, spandex pants, or even the khaki school trousers under their matching skirts. But I'm so glad not all of them did or had. I'm not sure if spandex pants or trousers with skirts would've been allowed though.
O An upskirt story I have about another girl is a brown-haired Caucasian named Judy. One of the classes I had with her was in Spanish class. One time, after the Spanish teacher had to step out for a moment for whatever reason, I spotted Judy seated in a desk in a column of other desks next to my column, but she was at the end of it and part of the back row. She sat behind a boy named Jamie. The uniform she wore that day was a white, short-sleeved shirt with buttoned, folded collar and a khaki, pleated skirt. I noticed Jamie checking her out and her Judy quietly asking him repeatedly, "Why are you staring at my legs?", which she had spread apart and revealed to be wearing blue and white plaid boy shorts. She never seemed to notice me checking her out as well. I wish they were panties, because I wasn't sure if they were modesty shorts or underpants, but they eventually grew on me and they're still just as hot. Now what would've really made it complete is if she knocked her knees back and forth while teasing Jamie. Unfortunately, I saw her in that skirt only twice, since she wore trousers more often than not.
O I saw a red-headed girl named Jena's panties once. That day, with the pleated skirt, she wore a white, buttoned, folded collared shirt. She was seated on the floor for some reason. Then, as she got up, she exposed her white panties with some pattern on them. She failed to stand up properly by not shifting her legs to the side and next to each other. But then again, another time some other students and one of our teachers were outside at a field and Jena nearly had another panty shot moment when a gust of wind suddenly came along and was about to blow up her skirt and show too much. The reaction of the male students didn't seem to phase her too much though.
O I saw the panties of a black girl named Rashell a few times. The first was when some other students and I were seated Indian style on the floor for some activity and as she got up with me and the others, her legs were opened enough for me to see her red panties under her khaki skirt, which she wore with a maroon, buttoned, collared shirt. The second was when we were in a gym and a coach made Rashell run laps for some reason. That time, she was wearing a green and white cheerleader uniform. She was shy about doing it, because of what she was wearing. She kept telling him, "But I'm wearing a skirt". Some boys were laughing at her when they heard that. She did as she was told and as she ran, I saw her white panties and her skirt bounced up and down in motion. The third was another day after we left the gym and returned to the school. We were about to enter the back way when we found the door was locked. She went to the area that has bars between one small building/room and another to get the attention of one of the boys who were in that area to ask them to unlock it. She bent over and revealed purple panties with white spots on them under the same outfit as the one she wore in the first instance. The fourth and final time was when she wore the aforementioned outfit. It was one morning after I arrived in the cafeteria. As she was getting out of her spot on a long, rectangular seat at a table, she turned around facing me and was in spread-eagle position, showing off her white panties. She didn't even seem to notice I looked. But that was the last day she wore a skirt, as from then on, she started wearing trousers exclusively.
O The spring of my last year in high school, we were taking an FCAT or SAT test. I was in algebra or some other kind of math class taking either of those tests in that class for three days. One of my classmates there was a curly or frizzy, blonde, Latina named Stacy. There were rows of seats arranged on one side of the room and some other rows of seats arranged on the other. One her side, she was on the front row and so I was also in the front on the right. Therefore, we face each other. For all three days, Stacy wore a dark green school sweater with khaki pleated skirt. Because for the first two days she failed to cross her legs, I was able to get views of her white panties. I wasn't staring at her nor at them the whole time. I'd look up and down some of the time, especially when I wasn't busy with trying to finish the test. She was almost completely oblivious for much of those two days. But when the class was almost over on the second day, she finally caught on and stared back at me like a deer in headlights and had an "oops" expression on her face. Unfortunately, the nosy teacher caught this and gave me a look of shock. Nothing more than that occurred thankfully though. On the third and last day of testing, Stacy made sure she kept those legs crossed while seated. I haven't approached her or spoken to her after that, as I'm sure she probably didn't want to see me. I'm somewhat shameful of what I did, but at the same time, the foolish expression on her face was such a turn-on, it was priceless.

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