Yes, you can get spoilers on the Fetish Fuel page.

  • Godric. He is attractive enough to catch this straight, male troper's eye. Exotic tattoo's tracing his exquisite collarbone and another on his arm around his bicep. Super Check. 2000 years of "experience". Aww sweet mother of checks. Scene of him on top of Eric and clearly enjoying it. Epic check. I'll be in my bunk.
  • Sookie. The sheer possibilities of the whole "mind reading in bed" are... indescribable. Also, part fae for half-human fetishists.
  • The female shapeshifter. Furry, beastie, and transformation fetishists rejoice.
  • Bill and Lorena's sex scene. Or is it just me?
  • Godric and Eric in Nazi uniforms during WWII
  • Godric and Eric doing just about anything
    • This troper finds herself chanting "Stupid sexy Eric!" at least three times per episode.
    • Seconded! Every time Eric and Sookie have a sex scene this troper gets a little straighter. But Anna Paquin's perfect breasts pull me back.
  • Eric standing next to people. Alexander Skarsgård is HUGE.
    • Oh my God, YES. This troper thought she was the only weird fan who found herself oddly attracted to his height.
    • To the same effect, Alcide dwarfs the rest of the characters magnificently. This troper will be in her bunk.
  • Jessica. Redhead, mix of naivety and rising darkness within, tends to throw a lovely pronounced curseword now and then. Also, it seems like her facial expressions are sometimes enough to, well, make you a little too much focused on her.
  • Jason Stackhouse may not be the sharpest tack in the box, but when he dons those tank tops this troper can't stop her drooling. Don't even get me started on those big brown eyes or that sweet smile of his or I'll be here all night.
  • Branding
  • Alcide: 6'4" of big burly muscle.
  • Sam Merlotte's tight jeans are mentioned as in-universe fetish fuel
  • Tara's storyline during the first half of season three is a treasure trove for bondage fans.
    • British vampire and lots of rope. Yummy...
  • Maryann's ability to cause normal people to descend into wild orgies just by being around.
  • Sam in a dog collar and chain.
  • Eric and Talbot, on the floor, in the study. * twitchtwitchfallsover*
  • Biting and lots of blood during sex scenes, especially between Sookie and Bill, work wonders for this troper.
  • ...Cooter. Despite the name... Yowza. The muscles just add to it!
  • I can't believe Pam wasn't mentioned yet. Come on, it's a lesbian vampire who works at a bar wearing tight clothes - sometimes made of leather. She makes wonders to this troper, especially when she teases Sookie. Yum.
  • The fact that both shifters and werewolves have higher-than-normal body temperatures is for some reason very attractive. Yes, Sam and Alcide, you definitely "run hot".
  • The whole amount of southern audio erotica on the series; This troper finds Sam's accent incredibly sexy.
  • It might be generic to vampires, but True Blood does bloodsucking oh so well. It's that mind numbing hunger coupled with the ability to take and keep on taking.
    • Plus the whole hot liquid running down their chins, smearing as they do all sorts of delicious to one another. Eyes rolling up in their heads with ecstasy.
  • Seriously, y'all, it's True Blood. 95% of it is some kind of Fetish Fuel.
  • Haven't seen the show, but Lizzy Caplan naked? I'm a happy guy!

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