• Umineko No Naku Koro Ni brings us Beatrice, a witch who can do anything and has a very, very dominatrix attitude to go with it. In fact, at the end of Episode 2, she strips Battler naked and puts him on a leash, and a lot of Beatrice/Battler fanart likes to depict her as having the advantage.
    • "You're just the kind of man I'd like to make glorify my name and kiss the tips of my toes." And there was much rejoicing amongst the foot fetishists.
    • Satan has a scene where she talks about how much she enjoys stabbing Kanon, and invites him to "pleasure me with your warm chest." The fact that she looks like an underage girl and can transform into a dagger just makes it worse/better.
      • What? Isn't her name Lucifer, rather than Satan? Even if in some denominations those two may be interchangeable, this troper has never heard of her being referred that way.
      • Lucifer and Satan are separate characters. Kanon gets killed by both on separate occasions, but that line belongs to Satan. All the Stakes have demonic names and look spectacular, it's easy to confuse them.
    • In Episode 4, we get the human form of Sakutaro, who the Stakes find to be so cute that they just have to hug (and smother) him.
    • In the original visual novel's 2nd arc, Battler is forced by Beatrice to undress her and change her into her dress. Beatrice is completely unfazed about Battler seeing her in the nude.
    • Erika provides a lot of this, and especially episode 6 is FULL of this. I quote:
      • "'Forgive me, Erika-sama, please. I swear to spend the rest of my life as your dog, with a collar around my neck, so at least spare me that ring'. ......If you can say that, I won't make you wear the ring."
      • ......In other words, if you twisted it after thrusting the finger inside, ......the inward-facing thorns would bite down, never releasing until the end of time. ......Then, even his soul would be trapped, ......and his body, mind, and soul would be forced to serve Erika for all eternity.
      • "This ring will seal up your body, heart, and soul......for all eternity. ......And you'll become an eternal living doll... ......I won't even let you die. ......You'll be endlessly defiled and humiliated by me, ......and every time I forget the taste of victory, ......I'll use your body to remind me. .........Over......and over again...... ......If you think you can bite off your tongue, now's the time... ......Once this goes on your finger, won't even be able to do that."
      • "So don't worry, and just let yourself be trapped in there forever. ......Because as you do, ......I'll be giving your body some good, long humiliation. .........Let's have a mirror in our bedroom. ......That way, you can see just how you're being humiliated with your own eyes. .........*giggle*giggle*giggle*giggle*!!"
      • "And then, let's have a bird cage hanging from the ceiling. We can stick your beloved witch Beatrice in there. What do you think......? ......Wonderful, isn't it......?"
    • And for those who both swing that way and are into that kind of thing; there's all the psychotic Slasher Smiles that the witches of this series love to make so much.
    • There's also Bernkastel, a Ice Queen witch in an Elegant Gothic Lolita dress, a cat tail and can transform into a cat herself, quite the chest size if you look close enough (but not too big), andunderneath that Defrosting Ice Queen exterior, is an utterly evil and sadistic Complete Monster with quite a Slasher Smile count. And she also has a very, very odd (but very fetishy) relationship with Lambdadelta, a very childish Cute Witch and her total opposite, wearing a colorful pink Pimped Out Dress and stockings and who is an odd combination of Tsundere and Yandere. Except she likes toact like a childish Tsundere towards everyone, and is actually a Yandere for Bernkastel on the inside; and once again, she's got a Slasher Smile of her own.
  • Just... Willard H. Wright. A cool, calm, snarky guy who is also handsome and highly intelligent? Who also has thin eyes and a sexy smirk? Yes, please. Not to mention when he loses his arm, that fulfills any amputee fetishes...
  • There's also Lion Ushiromiya, whose gender is unknown, but you can't deny that he/she is very pretty. Not to mention all the Ship Tease he/she has with Will...
  • Ougen Musou Kyouku CROSS brings us a newcomer of the name of Dark Battler. His story? Well, he's based on the aspect of Battler being the sadistic killer who murdered everyone on Rokkenjima? Everything else? Well, he's wearing a dark blue suit and black shirt, his hair combed to look as if one of his eyes is covered by it, his VOICE is dark and oozing of evil (he's the same guy who voiced Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji after all), and his LAUGH. It is amazing. Did I mention that he has red eyes?

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