• This troper loves them to death.
    • As does this troper.
    • Perhaps we should make a fan club?
    • This troper would like to be included in this club.
    • Count me in!
    • Me too, and I'm a girl!
  • This trope for the longest time thought the nipples are on the bottom until he watched Futurama with Leela's Underboobs. Heh.
    • Well, now you know! =)
    • This troper has supernumary nipples that are on the bottom and thus can't do underboob. Not that I feel compelled to, anyway.
  • This troper doesn't understand the hype about underboobs, full frontal here please.
    • It's a kink thing.
      • They give a hint of full frontal. They give the orby part (Which, in my opinion, is as good, if not better than, the nipple), and the hope that it will fall down a bit. Also, we're bored with normal cleavage, and variety is the spice of life, ya know.
      • Exactly, it's about frequency of exposure. Obviously, cleavage is ubiquitous in real life. And it's easier to find pictures or films of girls with their whole chest exposed than it is to find pictures of underboobs. It doesn't even matter that an underboob picture exposes less than a full topless shot.
      • It may very well be an ironic reversal of the usual trend (halter).
      • Speaking as a female, I've always found underboobs to be incredibly tacky, much moreso than Absolute Cleavage. Perhaps it's because it reminds of me of either a white trash girl in a too-small midriff tee, or a drunken sorority girl who's ready to pull her top off for any and all takers.
  • This troper's earliest memory of boobs is the underboob of his babysitter one summer.
  • Any particular characters whose underboobs you like most? This troper absolutely worships Tia Harribel, Patron Goddess of the Underboob.
    • This troper, who is female, realized her love of breasts from watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, where Yoko sports impressive underboobage frequenty in her teensy outfits.

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