Rohan Anthony Hordo 3.0

aka Rohan Hordern

  • I live in Miriam Vale, Queensland
  • I was born on September 2
  • My occupation is Just a hangaround person
  • I am Male
  • Rohan Anthony Hordo 3.0

    Yes, The most masturbational thing you may ever see. Back in 2014 (I guess), I came eye to eye first seeing a woman and this website with white heeled shoes on an advertisment. She looked sexy wearing them. There are no photos of nail polish on her toenails, but oh well. I'm kind of used to it. If this woman was real,I would unzip the heels and tickle her feet. The white clothing suits them since their both white. It's the most masturbational you will never forget.

    These white high block heeled shoes are like 8 inches, have an ankle strap, Have a zipper at the back, and a toe hole to expose toes. The sexiest type of heels on the Stelly website.

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  • Rohan Anthony Hordo 3.0

    This isn't cartoon fetish, But it's a foot fetish for a real life hot australian fashion blogger.

    This woman named Micah Gianneli has a fashion intrest. She has her own social media such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and more. She finds her sef lovley dresses and loves to wear them. It's not just dresses she likes, it's the shoes/high heels she likes! I was on instagram, and I saw a video of a hotmiami Top and skirt where she was walking down the streets strutting sexy. She was also sitting on a bench. When i saw that, I wanted to give Micah a foot massage if she takes her Christian louboutins off. and there was another video of her, But wearing Christian louboutin like high heels with ribbons as ankle straps. This also made me wanna takeā€¦

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