This isn't cartoon fetish, But it's a foot fetish for a real life hot australian fashion blogger.
Micah Gianneli's Christian Louboutins

Foot Focus

This woman named Micah Gianneli has a fashion intrest. She has her own social media such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and more. She finds her sef lovley dresses and loves to wear them. It's not just dresses she likes, it's the shoes/high heels she likes! I was on instagram, and I saw a video of a hotmiami Top and skirt where she was walking down the streets strutting sexy. She was also sitting on a bench. When i saw that, I wanted to give Micah a foot massage if she takes her Christian louboutins off. and there was another video of her, But wearing Christian louboutin like high heels with ribbons as ankle straps. This also made me wanna take them off and massage her feet. She also wore some Tassel styled high heeled shoes that I've never seen before. She also has her toenails painted in somewhat bright pink. They make me want to rip the tassel high heels off and smell her smelly feet (If they're actually smelly). (View a photo of Micah wearing tassel shoes replacing her Christian louboutins) We also don't see her doing some shoeplay. What else that has more fetish in the hotmiami video is when she pulls her coat down which makes it look like stripping, and when she sits on the bench and raises her right foot/shoe.

There is also some toe clevage. For example, a photo when she is showing off her kaptenandson watch and nail polish, and when she shows her robe coat. Also, Micah has a video of her showing a pink scarf and they show close-ups of her pink high heels, and she twists her feet tucked in them. There are lots of videos featuring her Christian louboutins. There is one wearing a white coat and jeans, and there are more closeups of her shoes. She was bending her high heel where the toe points in a upper direction, and more feet twisting.

Micah's hot Miami style video has to be the sexiest. There weren't much high heel shots, but I still masturbate to this. The second to last shot of her sitting on the bench makes wanna give her foot rubs, and play with her shoes all day long.
Micah Gianneli sexy scenes without background music

Micah Gianneli sexy scenes without background music

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