• Aeris is sarcastic, rude and cruel but some thank that is sexy, and she kinda is.
  • Maybe you have a crush on Leo, but in the comics he really never does anything intresting, and he not a ladies man either.
  • Pantsman? honestly? Maybe he's funny, but I dont see how you could like him.
  • Krug? meh, he;s not human, but there's plenty of those fetishes.
  • Ternaldo, hes reasonably okay to have a crush on unlike Pantsman.
  • Dr. Hobo? I dont think he has a PHD in health yet.
  • Johny Evilguy is weird and mysterious, but also a bit creepy. Remember the nuts?
  • Major Payne, he would RAPE you, no joke.
  • So really the only "good" people would be Aeris, Leo and Ternaldo.
  • There is no sex related scenes, but I know a few who have a fetish for the Video Game Cats.

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