• Jeanette Voerman was designed to be a Fetish Fuel Station Attendant. She's a Bisexual, Cloud Cuckoolander, Stripperiffic schoolgirl outfit-wearing vampire. It's also part of her insanity that, despite being a vampire, she also engages in regular sex.
    • The PC can engage in off-screen sex scene with her as well, regardless of gender. This is especially noteworthy since the game points out vampires normally can't have sex.
  • Her sister, Theresa Voerman is also a Meganekko business suit-wearing Ice Queen that you can also impress. It helps that they're also the same person.
  • Velvet Velour is a sultry Toreador stripper who lounges around in lingerie while blatantly flirting with the PC. Like all good Toreador, she'll also fall in love with the PC if all of her subquests are done.
  • Heroes Love Redheads will find an excellent opportunity to slake that thirst with Damsel. She's a foulmouthed Anarch that nevertheless is quite cute and will be attracted to the PC if he's similar in political beliefs. Sadly, she's only into dudes.
  • Ming-Xiao is a hot Chinese Dragon Lady with shape-shifting powers and Naughty Tentacles. Sadly, she's only interested in killing or enslaving the PC.
  • Pisha the Nagaraja may not be everyone's first choice with her Im A Humanitarian habits. However, she's a gorgeous woman of Middle Eastern descent, lesbian or bisexual, and also has a very hungry look on her face all the time.
  • If you like guys, Beckett the Gangrel scholar and his sultry voice, and Mercurio the slightly woobieish and eternally loyal arms dealer. (Note that the seer on the beach says that they're the only two you can definitely trust about their motives.)
  • The PC has the opportunity to seduce a number of young women and men at the Asylum. The bite takes on a decidedly erotic bent in these scenes.
  • The prostitutes in game are decidedly attractive with a lot more interesting fetish wear than the average streetwalker in L.A.
  • Despite, or perhaps because, of not being Stripperiffic, a lot of tropers find the Thin Bloods Rosa and Lilly to be exceptionally attractive.
    • Rosa is a psychic Hispanic girl who is deeply serious and has a sexy accent.
    • Lilly is a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire hippie flower child who is about the cutest thing ever.
  • The Malkavian female's outfits are all variants of Fetish Fuel. They include cheerleader, sexy police officer, and the outfit of the Black Widow from Marvel comics.
  • Gary Golden. His voice is absolutely magnificent, he doesn't look all that bad for a Nosferatu, and he has that quirky little habit of calling the PC "Boss". And if you meet him while you're playing as a Toreador things are quite interesting...
  • Maximillian Strauss is a well-dressed man with a very pleasant voice, and if you play as a Tremere you can obtain a room in his house.

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