• Folken Fanel. The Troubled But Cute strategos of the Zaibach Empire. He is mysterious, sexy and troubled as hell which leads to both canon and non-canon attempts of healing his troubled heart. (And to further emphasize the point: This troper is a guy. Who hadn't even considered/realized that he wasn't 100% straight until he saw Escaflowne.)
  • A cute, possessive-aggressive catgirl in an undefined possibly master/pet relationship with the lead character, who tends to respond to worry by tackling him, throwing herself atop him spread-eagle and dragging her tongue across his cheek? Not to mention her attitude towards the legitimate object of lust, which at times becomes so incredibly jealousy-tainted that it takes on shades of sexual tension? So, so fetish fuel.
  • Dilandau: come for the White Haired Pretty Boy, stay for the Villainous Breakdown. Mmm, psychosis...
    • That voice adds so much, too. Minami Takayama works wonders. Also, something could be said for the Dragonslayers in general and their full-body black leather treatment. Rawr.
      • Movie Dilandau gets tortured, rendered helpless, inserted with implements of magical doom, and overall just provides excess amounts of Fetish Fuel. Did I mention that after a certain point, he's in a mech in nothing but brown panties? Because after a certain point, he's in a mech in nothing but brown panties.
    • Later on, it's revealed that he's actually Allen's little sister somehow or another transformed into the exact opposite of herself, meaning that she went from a sweet, kind, loving girl to a power-hungry, combat-obsessed, at least mildly pyro boy who hurts people he's fond of. The best part? S/he can still change back.
  • Somehow, we have missed the fact that Van and Folken have wings. Big, feathery, drama-milking, shirt-destroying wings that have proven strong enough to carry other people without too much of a problem. This means two people, in the sky, and one of them's a half-naked, winged bishonen. You probably can see where we're going with this...
  • Van is precisly half of what gave this troper a one-size-too-big-clothes fetish. That shirt of his...
  • Dornkirk likes to watch.
  • Dryden Fassa. He's got a Bishonen's height and flowing locks, but unlike Allen Shezar he sports rugged Perma Stubble and cool travelling garments. He's laid-back, smart, rich, and cocky, but emotionally mature enough to let Millerna go until she actually loves him back. Yep, Dryden can dock in my port any day.

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