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  • Vocaloid Miku Hatsune. She has twin pigtails, a dress that looks like a sailor suit uniform, detached sleeves, high-grade Zettai Ryouiki, and depending on user preference, her voice and bust size can be altered to user preference. Oh, yes, and some people dig green hair and eyes.
  • This troper proposes that someone is getting a little tight thrill inside imagining owning not only Miku, but also her other Vocaloid siblings, including the pseudo-Vocaloids AND OS-Tans from 2ch and niconico douga. Moe-mascot harem, anybody? Image Board for Miku and her sisters
  • And someone has to be turned on by the male vocaloids. There's the near (He's 14 and actually mentions that he's not a shota in gekokujou) shota Len, Kaito, the oldest of the vocaloids if you don't count Teto, and Gackt. Yes, Gackt, there is a vocaloid whose voice samples came from Gackt. Gackt.
  • Many fetishes in Vocaloid and (specially) UTAU; there should be a list only for these, they cover absolutely all bases. Yeah, even the Furry Fandom. And I'm pretty sure at least someone is turned on by Acme Iku. Not me, because I'm more into Kiyoteru. The suit and glasses...
  • Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd allows you to pick your own pairings for the duet songs. And the game won't stop you from having your character's partner be a copy of him/her.[1]
  • Luka will certainly appeal to those who prefer women to be more adult and well-endowed. She's also Tall Dark And Bishoujo, sports pink hair, and can sing in Japanese and English. Plus she has one of the deeper female voices in the Vocaloid lineup. And last but not least, one of her character items is a whip; cue depictions of her as a dominatrix.
  • Kaito's "Sweet's Beast". Engrish aside, those lyrics are just amazing.
  • Kaito, in"The Ogre and the Maiden", wears a man's kimono, appears to be delicate and shy, which hits my shy guys fetish. He's a very adorable ogre and when he is forced to give up Miku he hits my Woobie fetish.
  • Have You All To Myself! Summer*Girl. Beach Episode? Check. All four Japanese male Vocaloids (even Kiyoteru) in one song? Check. Moreover, singing about taking the viewer on a wonderful beach date? Check.
    • Battle Royal Valentine as well. Every female vocaloid gets to sing about preparing only the best chocolates for you~ (except the recent Lily, Neko and Yuki Kaai but she doesn't need it)
    • Feel in the mood to have all the male Vocaloids sing about going on a winter date instead? Your Highness*My Princess has the same type of male-Vocaloid harem-y goodness.
  • For those who like Hot Amazon s, Rinfits the bill. As does Meiko.
  • Kiyoteru is the resident Hot Teacher.
  • The Madness of Duke Venomania has Gakupo as a duke with a large harem of Vocaloid women that he has sex with nightly. The video shows you enough of these nightly sessions to know they can't be doing anything else. If Gakupo himself doesn't turn you on, the artwork of what happens at night certainly will. Of course, there's also Kaito as a crossdresser at the final verse of the song stabbing Gakupo and killing him, so if you're into that sort of thing...
    • Dear god yes. And what about the star of the video, Gakupo himself? Long, flowing purple hair, frequently portrayed as naked-happy, and even when he's not... Is it right to have a sleeve fetish? Also, his eyes.
  • Something about Rin's voice in The Cursed Glases is very appealing... maybe it's because she sounds so pissed off...
  • Good lord how can this list not mention this song! If the fact that Kagamine Ren is being portrayed as a hot little playboy doesn't turn you on, then the fact that he is in the nude (or shirtless, or with his shirt open) for most of the song will. The image of him smiling, with the word "SPICE!" written on his arm is enough to make this Troper melt into the floor...and that's without mentioning his voice! As one YouTuber put it "Shit...I think I just fell in love with a 14 year old artificial voice program". Better words could not have been spoken.
  • Gigantic Girl. The song itself is a veritable anthem for giantess fetishists, but the accompanying video is the icing on the cake.
  • Alice Human Sacrifice!Meiko. A blood-spattered psychopath who cuts down anything and everything that comes after her or stands in her way. YUM.
    • Speaking of Grimdark!Meiko, while this troper considers it to be a GIANT turn-off, Conchita in Evil Food Eater Conchita is probably every vore fetishist's dream girl.
  • This image. If you're wondering, it's a picture of Gakupo in a tight, formfitting outfit that can only be described as his underwear. And there is a back view. You're welcome.
  • SeeU. And her genderbend Usee.
  • I'm personally rather fond of fan-made vocaloid Dell Honne. He's so...pretty, but also so mean looking, but his character description implies that he's a nice guy deep down. And his implicit kindness towards Haku and his woobieness. Yes please.
  1. provided that you've unlocked more than 1 costume for that character

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