• Nerissa. The most Squickworthy Vamp in the history of western animation. Note to Kath Soucie — A 58-year-old (who looks like twice that due to constantly using her powers and draining her life force) should not permanently sound like she's trying to seduce you. We all thought it would finally get better when she transformed back into her teenage self in "S is for Self", but then during "T is for Trauma", she went back to her old form again when she used her seduction spell on the males of Heatherfield. And it was still sexy.
  • Oh, come on, you're not even going to mention the Astral Drops!? The potential there is endless.
  • Cornelia's Earth powers can provide you with some nice Naughty Tentacles. Irma can use Mind Control on you if you're in your pool and/or in your bathtub...
  • In the comics, at least, the insignia which appears inside the Heart of Kandrakar, the talisman containing the essence of pure energy, looks remarkably similar to a pair of labia - in colour as well as shape. (Fourteen-year-old Will keeps it inside her body, by the way.) Its summoning generally cues the girls' transformation sequence, during which they momentarily appear in the nude, as per the established Magical Girl rules.
  • At least in the novelisations and the comics- and to a minor degree in the show- Phobos and Cedric had a really weird, quasi-sadomasochistic villain on minion dynamic that this troper... definitely could appreciate. In one novelisation, I believe this extends to... the total opposite of shock therapy, while Phobos is happily in the bath. They might even be in the bath together, I don't recall. Also, said villains' ridiculously looooong hair... and when Cedric's came out of that ponytail...
    • Saying nothing of Elyon and Cedric's relationship in the comics. At one point in the fifth book, Cedric is in his snake-monster form, and he congratulates Elyon on trapping the Guardians while caressing her face with his tail...with Elyon SMILING about it!
      • ...Just Cedric in general... including his transformation sequence...
    • Cedric also had a romantic relationship with Miranda, a visibly young girl who was just as twisted as himself, and could likewise transform.
  • How can anybody forget the transformation sequence? That should have topped the list! Obviously the guardians are quite naked when it happens, and Will briefly goes into fetal position. Rumors hold that the nipples were present in the original Italian cut, but censored when localized—but I think that unfortunately, they are false.
  • How about when the girls shrank and had to fly around, escaping Narissa's giantess grasp? Macrophilia, anyone?
  • The sheer multitude of Breast Expansion scenes would take too long to address properly, and are just as explicit in the comic as the show, but let me put it this way: all of the girls have at least one scene where they get get a boost. Also, in the comics and to a degree the show, Will is explicitly insecure about her chest size and prefers her Guardian form because she's bigger...oh and Irma twice used magic to make her bust bigger in an attempt to attract older boys (this is a 13-year-old by the way...), and, well, you get the idea. Of course they're teenaged girls, so having them obsessing over the size of their breasts is not unrealistic.
  • And oh my, what about Mrs. Vandom, the ridiculously sexy, archetypal Hot Shounen Mom of Will. In both the comics and show she looks all of mid-twenties despite being about twice that age, is tall, thin, busty, gorgeous and has long, impossibly shiny raven locks...and in the show they simply said "fuck it, why not make her hotter" and gave her a great tan too. Jeeze no wonder Will is insecure! How do you live up to that!
    • Alternately, it means Matt has something to look forward to when Susan's hot momma genes kick in. How I hate him.
  • "N is for Narcissist". The girls spend half the episode barefoot.
  • "Ghosts of Elyon" has Will spending the night at Elyon's abandoned house. While she's asleep under the covers, her clothes are on top. Of course, a couple of enemy Mooksconveniently show up, forcing her to duck under the covers and transform.
  • Matt as a Trance Marcher in "G is for Garbage", especially running and straining to move a boulder. Not enough of that.
  • As the Troper who added WITCH to the Guilty Pleasures page I have to admit to finding both the girls regular selves and Guardian forms attractive in different ways, platonically cute in the first instance and "Are They Legal?" in the second. My favorite issue of the comics shows the girls in college during a possible future and they're more or less the same as their Guardian selves. I've fervently hoped for the comic to show WITCH as adults and when Greg Weisman said in an interview he could see the show going until the girls are in their forties; my thought was, "Dude, go for it."
    • On a less loli note I agree that Susan Vandom is the hotness and wonder why her ex-husband was dumb enough to let her go; shoot, his replacement for her in the show just wasn't as interesting as Susan and I found her accent annoying. Give me a down to earth, attractive woman like Sue any day, that's my fetish. To that end I wrote a fanfiction that had WITCH aged to their thirties where Will a vet (doctor), Hay Lin as a Hot Teacher with the Most Common Superpower, Cornelia pregnant with twins and eating like no one's business, Irma as a Fair Cop and Taranee as an Hot Psychologist; only now do I realize that it is a smorgasboard of fetishes. And of course some of them are Hot Moms with Susan still having massive hotness. Yes, "hot" was used multiple times in that last paragraph.
  • From the comics: in issue 65 the Guardians are learning how to use a magical mirror (or whatever that thing is) that the Oracle gave them, a mirror with interesting uses: they get to see the Oracle taking a bath. He whistles while bathing, by the way.
  • Phobos and Cedric... I'll do any of them or both at the same time. They're just hot. One white-haired evil pretty boy and one sexy smug snake, Ill just had to love them!
  • Don't remember which episode of the show, but it was after school and they were trying to catch some kind of beast. They set a trap net and put some meat in it to attract the thing, at which point Hay Lin says something along the lines of: "That smell so good, I didn't have dinner." Instant food fetish fuel.

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