• On the Imperial side, we have the Sisters of Battle: Nuns with guns and a favoring for Kill It With Fire, the idea that 'to repent' is to discard a full-body power armor suit for maybe three pieces of parchment and a chainsword then sent at the front lines. Celibacy is optional.
    • I hate to break it to you, but according to the Codex, it very much is not.
    • Penitent Engines, anyone? Just think of a female version of a dreadnought, except that its morely used as a form of "Punishment". The "Pilot" only goes into battle a few pieces of cloth covering her head, breasts and a loincloth, shes also strapped to it (This troper doesn't have a fetish for bondage), and drugged so that shes in a frenzied state. She's also barefoot.
  • Chaos God(ess?) Slannesh is basically a God of Fetish Fuel. ANY sensation the majority of their worshipers feel is derived as pleasurable, meaning that they're waaaay Too Kinky To Torture.
  • I give Dawn Of War a point for their Farseers, who are female as opposed to being male in the tabletop. Which basically make them psychic commander warrior women.
    • Eldar are supposed to be completely equal-opportunity, they just don't make enough different minis. And, on that note, it's got to do it for someone that there are male-born Howling Banshees, who dress and identify as women while on that Path.
    • This troper personally likes the Harlequinn's voice in Dawn of War. Very soothing.
  • Verging into fanmade material, Cultist-chan is partially this and partially moe material. Mostly depending on the artist and whether or not she is in her adult form.
    • While on the fanstuff, and back to the notion of female Commissars—Raege. Buxom Is Better, miniskirted, completely badass, raised as a boy, a Hot Teacher on several occasions, and capable of odd Moe moments.
      • And let's not forget the rest of the Ragged Edges. Boone is both Moe and pretty stacked, for example.
  • Dark Eldar are closer to Fetish Retardant for me, but they should be mentioned for completeness' sake, along with Tau Ethereals, who have absolute Mind Control over the rest of their species. or do they.... Also, Inquisitors. Honestly, for a Tabletop Game that's so Troperrific that even those who cannot afford the game are immersed in it's fluff the moment it's encountered, this page is pretty scanty...
    • The fact that its incredibly depressing in setting and has a strong lean towards No Hugging No Kissing might have to do with it. This is coming from someone only recently immersed in the fluff, so take it with a grain of salt.
  • Some Primarchs should qualify. Sanguinius was a vampiric angel, Leman Russ was a wild redhead, Ferrus Manus and his hands...
    • Horus had his tentacles
    • Fulgrim is Sephiroth in WH40K, with full Fetish Fuel baggage.
    • Aren't they all castrated?
      • Not the Primarchs. At least one older source even hinted that Sanguinius was married.
      • And regular Astartes aren't incapable, according to the latest Space Wolf codex...most of them just tend to lie somewhere between Celibate Hero and Asexuality, due to some combination of the focus expected of a Warrior Monk and their Bio Augmentation. It's only natural that the exceptions are more common among the Space Wolves, they do everything their own way.
  • Your Mileage May Vary, but I think the Tau are sexy, especially the female tau. They're mostly grey-skinned hotties wearing armor.
    • THIS is my FAPPING hand!
    • But they're just nose, no boobs, two hooves...Gah! (check out'Shaserra3.jpg)
  • Don't forget the Adeptus Mechanicus tech-priests. Dressed in red, upgraded with various bionic implants, and usually having a set of mechanical tentacles attached to their back.

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