It was this, or the Tijuana Bible.


  • Rorschach from Alan Moore's Watchmen. In one scene he holds Dan Dreiberg's hand for a little too long, which was enough to inspire Rorschach X Daniel crack pairings.
  • Another potential Watchmen example would be Dr. Manhattan. He's big and blue, and there's so many of him ...
    • Not to mention that he spends the majority of his time completely naked.
    • Is it just me, or does Dr. Manhattan have a really nice ass? Not to mention he's big, bald and pretty much naked...
    • And can duplicate himself, much to the horror of his (then) girlfriend, and the delight of many a fangirl.
    • To sum up: Doctor Manhattan is omnipotent, immortal, can duplicate himself, tingles to the touch in an implied-to-be-pleasant fashion, walks around naked, can duplicate himself, and is willing to take time off from being God to have some bedroom play. Laurie must have left her brain at home that day.
  • Fight scene in Chapter III becoming a Fetish Fuel when you realise that Silk Spectre wearing no underwear at that moment.
  • By the way, I'm pretty sure there are also gay macrophiles. And I'm pretty sure they love Doctor Manhattan.
  • This troper can't believe no one's mentioned Comedian yet. It's so wrong, but yet... unf.
    • It's really not that hard to figure out. He dresses in freakin' S&M gear, for crying out loud!
  • Silhouette, a riding crop wielding lesbian. This lesbian editor is more than a little bit intriged by her.

You're not alone.

  • Hooded Justice is gay, a sadist and in a relationship with Captain Metropolis. This is canon!

Film onlyEdit

  • This editor could not help wondering how many impressionable 18-year-olds will discover a superhero fetish after watching (heh) it. Much of this is due to Malin Akerman but... suit play and sex (don't tell me you weren't rapt with attention when she unzipped), the first time Dan sees her in costume, and the tangible UST after the alley fight. Plus Silhouette kissing a nurse on VJ Day in front of everyone, in her costume. For the women, Dr. Manhattan and... Dr. Manhattan junior.
    • There's always the Reduplicating Dr. Manhattan Fantasy people, and somebody, somewhere is turned on by Rorschach.
    • This troper is the one turned on by Rorschach. And she knows someone who was turned on by the Comedian with his flamethrower. So hooray - there's PSL for basically every important Watchmen character!
    • I assume it was my interest in red haired guys, but his unmasked scenes in prison made me think "and he is meant to be ugly?"
  • Personally, this troper found the moment in the film where Nite Owl is beating up Ozymandias and Ozymandias just takes it distressingly hot.
    • So not the only one. After all the Ambiguously Gay moments dropped about the latter in the film, someone sitting near this troper muttered "So that's how he likes it," at that scene.
    • Just freaking Ozymandias. In every way possible. While remaining really damn formidable, and not at all camp, still manages to make Lex Luthor look dead butch. Just— the combination of brains, and strength, and the ties, and the Egyptian motif, and the accent -- good heaven above, the accent -- And the motivation. Even the motivation is kind of a kink for this troper.
    • Several visually astute fans noticed there is a "Boys" folder on his computer screen.
  • Carla Gugino in that corset! Granted, an attempted rape is about to take place, but before things go sour...
  • This Troper would kill to be beaten up by Rorschach, although she would probably wind up meeting a fate similar to Captain Carnage with the way her luck is.

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