• Laylasticked
    First of all, the girls in Winx club all have shapely hips, long shapely legs, big eyes, are well endowed, and many have long hair. This is further enchanced by several of their outfits.
    • For the first few seasons the girls all wore outfits that showed their midriffs. By the fourth season many of the girls have covered up.
    • Heels? No-one mentioned the heels yet? The Trix are even better in that regard. Too bad Enchantix loses the shoes.
      • The show has plenty of foot focus all around. All of the female characters' outfits are equipped with elaborate high heels (or other kinds of footwear) or skimpy sandals that are the next closest thing to barefoot.
    • People with a Shoulder/Armpit Fetish are lucky too, since Detached Sleeves (sometimes without sleeves at all) Appear too, especially in the girls' fairy forms.
    • Not to mention the Zettai Ryouiki.
    • Don't even get me started on the even sexier Enchantix and Believix forms. They get more make-up on, a sexier outfit, longer hair, and they wear nothing but the highly needed parts. They don't even wear shoes in their Enchantix form. Blooms Enchantix is basically a glorrified negligee. Also their wings get bigger and more beautiful wings, which people with wings fetishes enjoy. Also some of the girls their Sophiex certainly quite revealing, and in Flora's case she looks like nothing more but leaves are covering her (with only two leaves covering her breasts).
  • Every girl herself has to be someone's Fetish.
    • Flora is able to summon roots. Just let your imagination do its thing and you'll know why that is Fetish Fuel.
    • Tecna, a smart but hot fairy girl, HAS to be someone's fetish.
    • Roxy can talk to animals. So say what if she asks an octopus to do her a "Favour"?
    • Stella's a hot blonde. 'Nuff said.
    • Layla being glued to a wall in her fairy form because of a shadows monsters slime? Fetish Fuel.
    • Bloom a red head with healing powers, which she can use intimately.
  • The TransformationSequences. In Enchantix and Believix They all start naked before they're finished transforming.
    • You can't see any of the naughty parts however, either because the camera only shows only the girls shoulders and head, or because of Godiva Hair, or other objects blocking the view, or by colouring the body black (so it looks like a shadow). Also a variant of Censor Steam (mostly fairy dust) is used.
  • The Trix are probably Fetish for someone too. I mean, they are sisters, and Evil Is Sexy...
    • Some people are probably also going to like the Trix being a servants of two male guys (Darkar and Valtor), and that their fighting over the latter.
    • Also, the trix equavelant to enxhantix is a blue bikini like outfit.
  • Does the fact that Darcy can clone herself turn someone on? Think about the possibilities.
    • Layla's boyfriend Nabu has been shown to be able to do this as well, don't know if the clones are solid or not, though.
  • Two schools with only girls. Must be nice to visit if you're a guy right?
  • The Micro winx, the winx in a smaller version. For the people with a Micro fetish.
  • The Pixies. They're small, they're funny, and they're cute.
    • They're also female-only. Makes you wonder how the breed huh? Especially becuase one of the pixies mentions having a grandpa in one episode. Maybe the specialists have something to do with it?
    • This troper also really likes Chatta, with her cute little bare midriff-baring outfit, and cute personality ^^
  • Also the panty shots we get when the Winx are in their fairy form.
    • It doesn't quite count as a panty shot if they're wearing mini-shorts under their skirts instead
  • Like the Winx, the mermaids look just like the humans except they have tails instead of legs. They also wear SeaShellBras.
    • In the Episode the mermaids appear in, A giant octopus appears as well, and the winx battle it. Tentacle Rope is used here.
  • A few times hypnotism is used, for instance once on the pixies, and another time on Sky who then tried to kill his beloved, Bloom. Is it Fetish for someone? It probably is.
  • Also three out of seven girls are Princesses, for people with a fetish for princesses.
  • The Beach Episode pretty much solidify it, as usual.
  • Something I found kinda interesting in the 20th episode of season 4? Unconscious Nabu chained to a wall. Oh, and the other Specialists and the Winx fairies wound up chained to the wall as well, but they had already regained consciousness...
  • In the 18th episode of season 4, the nature fairy Diana uses roots to tie up the Winx girls, which also weaken their magic, preventing them from transforming. Later in the episode she also ties up Sky and Brandon this way.
  • No mention of the villains? Or Evil!Bloom? wow! This Troper had a serious thing for Darkar when he had Bloom tied to that slab in his lair. Might be related to This Troper's fetish for being mind-fucked by dominant men...
  • No mention for some of the other adults? Hell, Faragonda - yes, Faragonda - being first in line for me. This troper still thinks she has the best body in the entire SERIES! Shapely hips (though not as drastically as the younger generation, which is a plus in my opinion), one of the nicest and best-filled upper halves, not a wrinkle around... Give her a new hairstyle and new clothes and she could have come from a wet dream!!!
    • Taken to new levels when you see how she looked when she was young in the second movie when Sky tells Bloom why his father doesn't want them to be together! Holy Dragon!I'm

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